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  1. Absolutely or any other large MBS set. 650$ only for 5,400 pieces? Indicates for me a very large play set with tons of mini-figures. Currently my predictions are 50/30/20 =Death Star/other MBS set/ UCS vehicle or ship
  2. Do you know why the UCS razor crest have not been officially revealed yet? Only 11 days remained to official release...
  3. how many mini figures can we expect from UCS Razor Crest realistically? 8 like in Millennium Falcon?
  4. FYI Republic Fighter Tank just appeared in Lego online store. Looks like this time they limited purchase to 2 pcs... and is already gone... in 2 hours everything sold out... This is the best joke of the year together with Clone Trooper Command Station
  5. does anyone know something about set 75303? If 75331will be UCS Razor Crest can it be 75303 MBS set? or opposite perhaps I mixed numbers...
  6. I am shocked 60 euro difference between The Justifier and Spaceship from Kenobi for only 100 more pieces in Justifier? Is it the most overpriced set ever or we get something special like extra minifig?
  7. What are you talking - not everyone on this forum bought the game. Its a nice addition !
  8. Wow so we get minifig plus the extra play / display set this is the promo I was looking for So the blue milk Luke also comes as promo?
  9. Why Lego Star Wars sets have to be always so overpriced? I have bought recently Jabba's Palace from 2012 and it costed me almost 300 francs... On other hand today I was watching Lego Ninjago City Gardens and what shocked me was the price 300 chf for 5685 pieces...
  10. I wish to be true bu let's wait... Do you know when the first rumors regarding MBS Mos Eisley appeared? 2-3 months before release ?