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  1. Johann Sebastian Bach (BrickHeadz)

    I’ve not been a fan of the BrickHeadz, but as a classical musician, I adore this one!! Never thought I would say this, but Bach looks cute! Great work! Would love to see your take on other composers. :)
  2. LEGO Island 20th Anniversary - Full Island Built In Real Life!

    This brought back some memories! I used to love playing that game! Great job!
  3. [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    I'm speechless. Stellar work of architecture!
  4. MOC Modular Construction Site

    Anyone ever get around to making a PDF of the building site? I graciously found the PDF file of the crane, but wondered if anyone has taken that task on.
  5. [MOC] Bikes Shop Modular

    I built this earlier this year and it's by far one of my favorite buildings!
  6. [MOC] Library of Alexandria

    This is fantastic! I wasn't familiar with the modern building until recently and I wondered then how it would look as a LEGO model. Great work!
  7. [MOC] Nespresso boutique and bar

    This is great! I love the French styling, but that staircase caught my eye immediately. It looks so elegant and adds to the atmosphere of the café. I am curious, is access to the loft via an elevator or small spiral staircase? Great job! Keep on building!
  8. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like the animals won't be moving up and down like the horses on the Grand Carousel. Not a big deal because I think the varied animals make it worthwhile (and you don't often see an elephant or flamingo galloping like a horse haha), but I could be wrong and it could all be covered up by the upper part. Overall I think it looks fantastic! Can't wait!! Edit: I was wrong! I was looking for the moving mechanisms on top like the GC, but they are much more seamless on this model. Looks great!
  9. http://www.planet-gbc.com/ This website has been fundamental in getting me into the world of GBC. I just started dabbling in it recently, and this site has a fantastic database of GBC modules and separate sections for beginners, advanced, etc. My problem has been picking just one to settle on. Hope this helps!
  10. MOC Modular Construction Site

    This is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to do this! Have you posted it on the FB group yet? I couldn't seem to find it, if so. Thanks again!
  11. Keeping a "Lego Inspiration" photo album on your phone/computer is indeed a great way to keep those ideas in one place. I even screenshot websites or videos if I see something that strikes my eye. Before you know it, you've got a wealth of inspiration to start tinkering with the implementation. Personally, I've never used LDD for my MOCs (just haven't taken the time to really get good at it); I like the physical process of putting the bricks together and changing them out. One suggestion I would add is if you're getting stuck on a color palette (I often have this problem), try to build your "sample" area with bricks of the same color (like all tan or white or whatever you have the most of). Then when you have a design you like, you can go back and replace the "generic" color with the actual colors. Hope this helps!
  12. Architecture 2017

    Just got the Guggenheim set yesterday and could not pull myself away from building it. It was by far my favorite architecture set to build thus far (though I haven't built any Frank Lloyd Wright buildings before this). It's not repetitive at all and is packed with useful and unique building techniques. It's also very sturdy. I know architecture sets are usually pretty solid, but this one just *feels* more sturdy. I felt the price was a little high at first, but I was completely satisfied once I got into it and especially when I finished. Highly recommend!

    This is superbly done! I love the asymmetry of the buildings and the distinctive decorative elements on each building, not to mention the interiors. This could pass as an official set! Would love to build one of my own! Great work!!
  14. Our FIRST ever MOC- Police Station Modular *UPDATED*

    This is great! The outside is pretty, but your interiors are what caught me! Very well done without over-doing it. Gave me some ideas! :) great work!!
  15. Rava Town

    These are amazing pictures! I'm so inspired! All of it is great, but the Cathedral picture made my jaw drop. In the picture, is the area to the right of the Cathedral the church garden or maybe part of the monastery/convent? I notice the taller spire has the same red roof, so I thought it may be related. I love that idea and how it looks next to the other buildings.