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  1. GeoBrick

    [MOC] DOJO

    Oh my... Love how you finished the lower roof (1x2 plates reversed?) and the ski's at the top of the wall. Could you show us a detail of how you connected them, and arranged the curve of that lower roof? Clever tatami mat technique! And the blossoming tree is a nice touch on the property.
  2. GeoBrick

    Mars Jet Prototype

    That's a beauty. Have you given it a name/designation? "Lightning" (after the WWII fighter) comes to mind.
  3. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Classic Space Beta-II Refinery Base

    Very homelike.
  4. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Fabuland

    Clever use of 2020's parts!
  5. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Flintlock Pistol

    In the video, quite a bit of overkill, but so funny!
  6. GeoBrick

    [MOD] 31109 Pirate Ship Mod of Combining 2 Sets

    It definitely feels like a complete ship. Maybe just the forecastle feels out of place now, could be modded a bit larger now.
  7. GeoBrick

    Elon's Retreat.

    Beautiful build, lots of contrasts, unique furniture, airy rooms,... Man, I wish I could see it life.
  8. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Its a beautiful example of a Lowlands/Northern France cathedral. I felt it would fit in any medieval town of these areas.
  9. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Vault

    Wow, took me a bit to grasp the scale of this. Very detailed.
  10. One could wish the Lego Group would come up with such a plethora of variations itself. Well done! What's next? More Auxilia?
  11. Well, with the sampling part covered, you catched it all. Very educative creation, not to mention beautiful.
  12. GeoBrick

    The Islanders....

    When two dogs fight for a bone...
  13. GeoBrick

    [MOC] MR2400 Horizon

    Must be the most expensive desktop housing I ever saw. Cool idea and tremendous execution. Lucky for you, you didn't decide to only house the screen. Otherwise the lable 'Monitor 2400' would've been more appropriate. ;) Practical question: do you think it will be easier to keep things inside dust free? I mean, there's lots of air intake going on, and in the usual computer case dust does settle...
  14. GeoBrick

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

    Man, that's really out of this world. Splendid job!
  15. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Hogwarts Moving Staircase

    Oh, I'm sorry. Its just I'm a real slow builder myself, and since you wrote 'not in the near future' I understood it would take a while before you would have a showcase expansion for this.