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  1. Heh, the 'modularity' possibility for what pops out of the house after detonation is nice. For example, an arrest team instead bathtub.
  2. GeoBrick

    Future Castle Sets?

    That's where a modular setup could come into play. On the one hand sets created with the classic view in mind (ramparts, towers, knights, prisonblock, armory, you name it...), and on the other hand the abovementioned Great Hall, Castle's Kitchen, Servants' Quarters, Stables, Lord&Lady's room(s). And to meet both ends, secret passage in and out of the castle for the Lord&Lady's offspring latest tryst interest.
  3. GeoBrick

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Of course. I hadn't expected the Blacksmith on discount this soon. Its not even for sale in the typical toy stores in my country.
  4. GeoBrick

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    That's just the preorder discount. And maybe because there's double VIP points on And the regular price in the Benelux is €170, not 179.
  5. I love it. Makes the page more colorful and interesting. The only 'drawback' might be one could get distracted from what they were going to do on the page in the first place.
  6. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Awesome creation, Versteinert. A couple interesting design choices. You didn't take the easy way out for the windows. Those beds are masterpieces. You crammed alot in the building without it feeling crammed. I think the only drawback (for the maid that is) would be the steep climb with laundry baskets to the attic and back. I'd have choosen a more diagonally placed ladder. Heh, and that toilet! Hilarious! I can't decide whether or not to make it the most expensive room. Sure, it is a welcome amenity, but it could also kinda get smelly in the room, depending on the quality of what the kitchen's brings to the diner.
  7. GeoBrick

    Medieval Merchants' Bridge

    Oh man, marvelous! And its even with interiors!
  8. GeoBrick

    Benny's Space Squad 70841

    Out of curiosity, how many spacefigs do you think need for your own purposes?
  9. GeoBrick

    Future Castle Sets?

    On the minifigs, that's still possible, though the creator of this set is moving Heaven and Earth to get available printed minifig parts, and hopes to get permission for a recolored forestmen hat. Though you shouldn't get your hopes up on that last one.
  10. Heh, that's hilarious. Now the ship only needs a crewbaby.
  11. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Farrador Castle

    Beautiful scene. A couple interesting defensive works choices at the gate. And a nice use of those cheese slopes as windowglass at the long wall of the castle's house. Looks like this CMF wolfpack archer is a mainstay in all alot of your builds?
  12. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Sacrifice for the Forest God

    Big kuddo's on how you pulled of the stag's antlers!
  13. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Pirate Barque: The Spectre

    Our resident shipbuilder strikes again! I definitely like the muted color palette of the ship. From the pictures you shared, I can't really tell, but did you put upside-down the rounded brick used on the bow? It looks rounded all the way from the keel to the bowsprite, a very natural look.
  14. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Pilot Cutter "Lady Felicia"

    It still boggles my mind to see how a builder manages to bend a line of plates. The effect is definitely supreme.
  15. GeoBrick

    Future Castle Sets?

    True that. Something else I think wasn't mentioned yet was a Triump March from a victorious high-ranking combat commander. Could give a variety of items/minifigs in a set. Of course, there's the prisoner/slave aspect tied to it. For other civilian structures, IIRC, Roman domii often had tabernae flanking the entrances. Could be an idea of a sort of 'tack-on' small set. And the good thing is those stories aren't IP-based at all. Should make for a lesser price footprint.