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  1. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Think of the extra VIP points you get when buying in the Lowlands during a double (or even triple) VIP points days.
  2. [MOC] Mission - San Escobar, 1715

    Its an incredible creation. Love the details you put in there, like the skirt of the lady descending the rockface near the pirate ship.
  3. Classic Space Lego pile comes back to life

    Nice background. Don't forget to make a rocky-looking horizon at the back of those groundplates!
  4. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    In case its real, did LEGO just made a printed door glass then? At least, I seem to read 'Jimms' behind that cook minifig.
  5. Minifig-scale cars

    That's quite a collection you built there. Next you'll need an assembly line and parking lot to stall them all.
  6. Bricky Well! How do you even get to the idea of building such a marvelous fantasy!
  7. Marvelous creation! It looks so lifelike. I especially like the garden square with the pond and pavilion section. It looks so restful.
  8. [MOC] HAU Tiki Bar & Polynesian Restaurant

    Those doorhandles on the gate! I like how the dark green blends in with the browns and tans of the restaurant. Seen from the inside, the bar entrance looks huge though. I'd love to see a shot of the A-frame from the side though, can't see at a glance how you pulled off the broadening effect of it.
  9. Playing in Space Since 1978

    Looks like the perfect set to add some recolored Saturn V micronauts to.
  10. Galaxy Commander > Galaxy Explorer?

    Oh man, I wish my classic space minifigs were still in such good shape...
  11. Dwarves' Airship

    I simply don't know where to look first! Very intricate design. Are the screws and rotors functional? With all those technic pieces around its hard to see. I like how the lookout has a quick descend route. Though how does he get on his post again? Monkey style along the mast?
  12. Brig "Aurora"

    It's beautiful. I definitely need to keep using those flextubes in mind. I didn't know they existed in brown. Have you tried or thought working with: instead of using the flags on the upper hull at the prow? They're longer, but if necessary a clip can be put on the back to connect to the lower tube. That might make the side opening on the bow element completely free as well, giving you further options to use it (gunport,...).
  13. Deep Sea Underwater Display

    Marvelous integration of the wreck and sunken city. And I see you extended the underwaterbase quite efficiently.
  14. [MOC] RSS Korolev

    Wow. Imagine that on minifig scale.
  15. [MOC] Central city building

    Love the way you put that passage through the building leading to the park in the back.