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  1. GeoBrick

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation´╗┐]

    I wouldn't mind a medieval farm hamlet... With a goat farm! But I wouldn't mind a medieval town gate either... With drawbridge, gate house, and city guard.
  2. Except for the name, the Lion Knights Castle is completely new.
  3. Its a nice concept, and clearly well-thought out. As for a name, I'd go for "Swift Shuffle System", or triple-S. ;)
  4. GeoBrick

    Question on Pirate Sail from Enchanted Island

    Or even better, a big vessel and a small sailing sloop for it.
  5. GeoBrick

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I suggest becoming a LEGO Insider member (its free) and waiting for an Insider discount or double Insider points with a nice GWP.
  6. GeoBrick

    [POLL] Ships

    I see what you mean, Yperio. More translucent sails with the printing "on the back" so to speak.
  7. GeoBrick

    [POLL] Ships

    Would you consider the sails of the Imperial Flagship (set 10210) as printed? In my view LEGO striked the right balance between detailing on the sails and lavishly printed in this set.
  8. GeoBrick

    Welcome to the jungle!

    Very beautyful and detailed build. I'm especially fond of the tree's foliage and the ground plants. The manned bird looks just right to support a passenger and fits right in the scene.
  9. GeoBrick

    2024 Space sets

    Looks like the cap is kinda in competition with the LEGO Classic Space vintage cap available for Insiders.
  10. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Gravensteen Castle of the Counts

    Wow. That's really unbelievable.
  11. GeoBrick

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    As an Insider, you should be able to buy the set before April 4. I could buy the MTS in the nearest LEGO store. And last year El Dorado Fortress, before they were available for the general public.
  12. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Repairing the wall

    Are those... light bluish grey skates you used in the upper part of the wall? Nice! And I love those crenalations.
  13. GeoBrick

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation´╗┐]

    For me, I hope the LEGO company continues to develop medieval sets based on artisans. We now have had the MVR, MMV, LKC, and lately the MTS. Three of those are linked to medieval common folk doing their job. My next medieval 'dream set' would be a Medieval Workshop Hamlet. Just like in MTS, a couple structures/houses having a number of workers going about their job. Or else a Medieval Manor. One could put a number of guards in that kind of structure.
  14. GeoBrick

    great mixed lot (castle, pirates)

    Someone's a so-called "lucky bastard". Now go do some nice things with your luck.
  15. Mmm. Doesn't sound Blacktron at all.