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  1. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Hangar Bay 3

    Sober, but still complicated enough. Btw, I only see two elevator outlines? Or is the bay's entry hatch behind the Explorer the third one? And now you've given me a reason to build the Exosuit again.
  2. GeoBrick

    Getting into Pirates

    Ye be thanked, Sir.
  3. GeoBrick

    Getting into Pirates

    Please, elaborate then?
  4. GeoBrick

    Getting into Pirates

    That's a new one to me. Which set does it come from? Its especially interesting for the recolored hat+hair combo, but the torso is nice as well.
  5. GeoBrick

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Those are marvelous shots here. I think that, once I start building the set for myself, will switch the radar -and asteroids tiles. With that the habitation section has a dedicated entertainment console.
  6. I've been back from my Dark Ages for 6-7 years now. That (meaning the sets I bought since then) combined with the membership of a LUG and the occasional PAB buy gives me more then sufficient bricks to do a little MOCing. And timewise? It took me on average the better part of a week with a couple hours a day to finish 10305. How much time does one need to add some modifications? And should I even count the time used on a hobby?
  7. Aanchir, if you have use of a more correct translation, here's one. The text marked in red are the ones I changed.
  8. GeoBrick

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Three Siblings Island

    As far as I can see, its a combination of a Axle Connector, two bar 1x1 and pin holder, and the railing a modified 1x3 tile inverted with hole.
  9. GeoBrick

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Three Siblings Island

    Profile bricks as sideway-build stair steps? Now I've seen it all! If I have it right, a clever way to build the fences/low walls on each cabin. Definitely supported!
  10. To me, a splendid set has both a "Wow, must have it" AND a "Mmm, but I'd like to change a bit to this... and this... and this here as well". Both the Blacksmith and the Lion's Knight Castle tick those boxes for me.
  11. Just click on the picture of the element. A larger picture will pop up, with details like color group and exact color on the right of it. Some elements can even be rotated in this popup window.
  12. GeoBrick

    [MOC] Everhold Castle

    A beautiful creation. Maybe the only thing lacking are underground spaces or a rock riddled with caves adjacent to the castle for the Dwarves? At least, I only see a human and elvish section in the build. In any case, my hat is off for you, good Sir.
  13. I'll stick with them both. Seriously. There were 5 minifigs in that set. Only the pirate torso was completely out of whack. The two soldiers and the forest woman were certainly fit-ins. And the dark-red torso was in my view acceptable.