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  1. nimitstexan

    Period Imperial Heads

    The monocle is not really accurate to the 18th/early 19th century. They did not come into fashion until the 2nd half the 19th century (more an Age of Steam affectation than one for the Age of Sail).
  2. nimitstexan

    Recommended Hull Widening Technique?

    I have considered that . . . my concern is (a) the cost and (b) how well the technique holds together for playing/movement if scaled up much beyond the Creator set size (and that is an expensive dead end to go down if it turns out not to work). Well, if I got to 32 suds wide, that is getting close to 1/40 scale and would drive a 122-130 long (on the gundeck). I am consider a ship 20 to 22 studs wide. For that size, I think I am looking at the inverted bricks approach. Since I want to build in the "pop-off" spar deck on the Imperial Frigate, I am not convinced
  3. nimitstexan

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Well, still, this would be an awesome (if expensive) build if the parts list/instructions could be made available.
  4. nimitstexan

    Recommended Hull Widening Technique?

    So, I have an idea to build out a couple of frigates at a sort of 1/2 Lego scale (i.e. roughly ~1/75 scale, but still scaled internally so that minfigs can "operate" her, and my kids can play with her), sort of how the System Lego Pirate ships are designed already (other than that they are generally too short for their beam). Think of it as "if Lego built an HMS Indefatigable or USS Constitution in "System Scale" (like the System, Scale Millennium Falcon or AT-AT from Star Wars) what would it look like?" idea. To that end I have been reviewing the various hull widening techniques (such as in the Capt Greenhair tutorial, or using inverted slopes such as in the La Grenouille Blue Coat frigate) on this forum and in LDD, but what I cannot tell from just looking at it (and what I am looking for opinions on before I get too far down this process) is which, if any, of the hull widening techniques will still end with a stable/"playable" ship, and would still allow the sides to be designed to open and/or the top deck(s) to be removed (as in the Imperial Flagship) for access/play in the interior?