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  1. knight_40k

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    All boat hull parts from Bowsers Airship are now available. I just ordered them today.
  2. knight_40k

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Would you mind posting the numbers for the white lion cub, both of the monkeys and the snake? I found the other animals in this thread but those numbers eluded me.
  3. knight_40k

    [MOC] Imperial Ship (Redcoats)

    @iammac Thank you for the kind words. Building and creativity are not my strongest areas, I just build and rebuild until I am happy with the result. I just wish Lego had more variety of official cloth sails. @PxChris I appreciate it, glad you like it!
  4. knight_40k

    [MOC] Imperial Ship (Redcoats)

    @eldiano @VaneStream Thank you for your comments! I recently discovered these boat hull parts existed in white from the Lego Friends line and thought they could be used to good effect within the Pirates theme. I never understood why Pirates had red/white stripe sails. I know its a throwback to the 80's Barracuda but to me these colors suit Redcoats so much better. On my first attempt with the brown hull many years ago I found red and brown to be somewhat similar and almost blend together, which is why I wanted to experiment with a different colored hull. I also like how the subtle accents of dark red help to dull some of the red brightness while offering shading and contrast; and being the ship is all light colors, the black masts really stand out.
  5. knight_40k

    [MOC] Imperial Ship (Redcoats)

    This is my newly rebuilt Imperial Redcoat Flagship, I will let the images speak for themselves. If you would like to see how it used to look, click here. I am quite happy with the changes and how it turned out, I would never have thought hull color made such a difference in a ships appearance. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy it! EDIT: Issue with images.
  6. knight_40k

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Ordered March 16th and finally received it! Some parts were on backorder which caused an extended delay, but glad to have my Falcons!
  7. I could not believe it either, though I will not complain about getting an extra Viking or Pirate. Must be an error of some sort in one of their warehouses. I see we are neighbors, Vancouver here. In the past I have bought sealed cases of Series 18 and Harry Potter without figure distribution issues. I am not sure why this series is messed up, not to mention TWO of my boxes were this way. Once the stores reopen I will be on the search for those Space Fans, though I am glad to hear not every box has incorrect-distribution.
  8. I ordered 2 cases from a local shop which were completely sealed in the outer brown box and had an interesting find in regards to box distribution. Note I am basing quantity of each figure from just2good's review and box analysis. The first box I went through had incorrect numbers of the following... 7 Piñata Boys, 4 Vikings, 2 80s Musician, 5 Pirates, 3 Martial Arts Boy, and 0 Space Fans. The second box also had incorrect numbers of the following... 7 Piñata Boys, 3 Peapods, 5 Drone Boy and 0 Space Fans. I would be curious to hear from others if your box distributions were off as well.
  9. knight_40k

    New VIP system

    I have not used my VIP points since the new system was implemented and had a couple questions. Sorry if these have already been addressed. First, I live in Canada and previously I have been able to redeem my VIP points in the USA dollar for dollar. Does anyone know if this can still be done or will there be currency conversion now? Also, how long does it take for the redemption to process? If I am at the Lego store and know I have enough points for a $50 credit, can I redeem on my phone and give them the code or does it take several minutes/hours/days for the system to issue the reward?
  10. knight_40k

    [MOC] Redcoat Ship

    Thank you. I'm a beginner when it comes to custom creations so I'm not very creative with building techniques yet, but that's the beauty of LEGO is you can change it any time. Thanks for the feedback/criticism but for now I like how it looks.
  11. knight_40k

    [MOC] Redcoat Ship

    This Redcoat ship keeps a similar design to my recent Bluecoat MOC but is mostly a MOD of The Brick Bounty. If you have not seen the MOC of my custom Bluecoat Ship click here. I had to rebuild some parts of TBB but I left the cabin alone for the most part. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I hope you like it.
  12. knight_40k

    [MOC] Bluecoat Ship

    Here is a close up look at the ships crew.
  13. knight_40k

    [MOC] Bluecoat Ship

    Thank you. Glad you like it. Thank you. I wasn't sure how it would turn out when I first started but it far exceeded my expectations. Thank you. I got a lot of ideas for it from this forum. The only ship I have from the early days is my childhood 6271 Imperial Flagship. Thanks, I would like to be able to show a 3-way comparison between this, Brickbeards Bounty and The Brick Bounty, however I have modded all my ships so unfortunately nothing is in its original state. Thanks, and no worries Thanks, I also missed out on a lot of the older ships and wanted the Bluecoats to get sort of ship from the 2015 wave but TLG failed to deliver, so I was forced to make my own. Thank you, I suppose it is partially a hybrid of all 3 ships.
  14. knight_40k

    [MOC] Bluecoat Ship

    Hi everyone, it is long overdue but I finally got around to constructing the Bluecoat ship we never got in the 2015 Pirates wave. I have been working on this on and off since The Brick Bounty was released but time/money restraints were holding me back for a while. This ship was created using a hybrid design of both The Brick Bounty and Brickbeards Bounty as I wanted it to look like an official Lego set. After many Bricks & Pieces orders and a few Bricklink orders, I present to you my Bluecoats new home.
  15. Hi, I am looking to get one of these helicopters for my city but not sure which one. Does anyone have both that would be willing to do a comparison? What are your thoughts? Cost is not an factor because I buy what I like.