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  1. micek

    MOC Presedent Masarysk AKA Bechelaren

    One little corection. Name of the first president of Czechoslovakia was Masaryk, not Masarysk. Beautiful ship. It is nice to see some creation from Czechoslavikian history (proud Moravian here ^^)
  2. When I saw the front suspension in that video, I was like "only cab suspension missing" few sesonds later there was cab suspension and I was like WHAAAAAAAT Fantastic MOC.
  3. This is absolutely fantastic model.
  4. I am fan of Star Wars, not hard core, but I like it. But I do not know why is this ship so popular. One UCS is good, but new one? It is same as new Death Star. This is just ridiculous. Maybe it is just me.
  5. I just bought 75099 Rey’s Speeder, 75133, 75136 and 75141 Kanan's Speeder Bike. Small ones, but I like them ^^
  6. Wow, amazing replica. Those giant tires look better ^^ It has not any suspension?
  7. I was afraid when I saw the name of topic, but now I see your BEAUTIFUL!!! Daf Euro6 and I will tell you one word...brilliant. The shape of the model is really good. It is small but one can see immediately what brand and model it is.
  8. Amaman's 42036 alternate sportscar. In my eyes is this one of the most beautiful alternate model.
  9. It is not response for the question, BUT!!! I had no idea that there is such thing. Thank you for the tip ^^
  10. I built it yesterday and I have to say, this is absolutely brilliant model. It looks better in real. I love those curves and the engine and interior details are astonishing.
  11. 42069 with some crazy wheels and RC would be nice buggy. 42070 without RC, more details like Zetros or Kamaz and it would be perfect. I am disappointed by the look of 2017 technic sets.
  12. This is absolutely beautiful. All those functions and clever details. I love it.
  13. I think this will tell you what is it. Suction excavator