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  1. Surely a bonus point to anyone MOCing that in their campaign build ;)
  2. That's the one. Although Faladrin says it is a supermarket chain we are going to go with it.
  3. I will get my thinking cap on then with @Mesabi :)
  4. Infantry is made up of soldiers, and soldiers are one of the most valuable items the RoN Alliance has! True, tanks and helicopters can cost millions of dollars, but those don’t have the ability to assess a situation. A tank cannot decide, based on terrain, the best way to devise an ambush and capture/annihilate the CoAC enemy. Soldiers can! These men have devised an ambush, in the hills and forests of Briolui in grid E5 and intend to take down as many of the enemy as they can. Once the retreat is given by the command post, there will most likely be a cruise missile launch to cover the soldiers retreat. Lemar: Sarge, we've got Refnor forces inbound, small 5 man recon squad moving through the trees ahead. 1 by Phadeout, on Flickr Sgt Grimm: Good eyes Lemar, small enough for us to handle alone, Lobo, Chalk, hold until I call it. Reminds me of a joke I heard "What do you call a group of Refnor soldiers walking through a forest?" 3 by Phadeout, on Flickr Chalk: Dunno Sarge. Sgt Grimm: Hold on, hold on.. Ok green light men drop them. 5 by Phadeout, on Flickr Lemar: Four down, we've got a runner" 6 by Phadeout, on Flickr Lobo: In my sights Lemar: Five down, clean sweep. So what do you call a group of Refnor soldiers in a forest? Sgt Grimm: Corpses. Eyes open, they'll know soon enough their boys aren't going to check in be ready to pull back to the exfil site and call in the big guns, nice shooting fellas.
  5. Really good build Stash, loving so many little details, I won't list everything but special mentions to the "map room" and the street designs. Nice work.
  6. Phadeout

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I wouldn't dream of using clone stuff but it's nice to know that a small amount of 3rd party parts is acceptable. Thanks.
  7. Phadeout

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hi all, Apologies if this is written somewhere but I couldn't find anything about 3rd party pieces i.e. Brickwarriors etc. Forbidden under pain of death or allowed? If someone could help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Phadeout

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I think some of us have been spoilt by some of the other games here on EB and how many people are involved in running them - but even then they have issues - BoBS for example is great in theory but one key part has become a massive waste of space and heaven only knows how many hours have been spent trying to salvage that (and probably even more spent by other people whining about it on the boards). Stash and theBeeze are doing a lot already - I would be very wary of asking for too much more in one go, they have lives outside of this game and I think we can take it in small stages as we go and still be pleased at seeing progress. One limiting factor that I see here is the lack of opportunities to develop a character. This could be me but with the focus on conflict in the campaign builds and the varied roles a modern army uses I can't seem to find any "bond" with my sigfig - this might just be my problem though - I should probably just do more builds! BTW the two new side builds are both very good, I hope to be more active after the summer and do more than just the campaign builds, they have both captured my attention. For those asking for heads to roll if people miss campaign builds - that would be one option, at the moment I'm not aware of a lengthy queue of other people looking to get involved so I wouldn't be too quick to get rid of potential allies but I do understand the frustration - I know I should have put something out for the last campaign and I feel bad but if I didn't put something out for this one and got "punished" in some way I doubt I'd be back afterwards. This is a hobby after all, I get the frustration in losing out because of non-contribution but how do you fix it? If you win from an average score i.e Team A three builders score 8, 9 and 10 (average 9) beat Team B where 10 builders each score 8 I would be annoyed if I was in Team B to be told we had lost. But then I would be annoyed too if I was in Team A scored a ten and a load of people didn't bother at all and I got destroyed 80/27! Either way it is partly an issue with a scoring mechanism which has to deal with quality and quantity as valuable inputs - I think staff here naturally have a very tough job in balancing that, I think we all would.. The third point Jansued raises is very good - I'd really like that too - it would encourage us to mix things up a bit. I think I would benefit from it as a builder and I think the game would benefit from the shake-up - this would n't have to be something done constantly, just a few times through the year would be good from my point of view. Anyway, those are my two cents.
  9. Thanks @TitusV I found it and can work with that for sure. Will get cracking this weekend hopefully - see you all soon ;)
  10. Hello folks, I've been lurking about here for a while during a bit of a lay off from BoBS and Lego in general while I redo my cellar/man cave and I've been increasingly drawn to doing some GoH builds, Avalonia seems the right choice for me and I'm looking to get going soon but I've a quick question. Is the map on page 1 up to date, my main idea is based around a southern lord and his family living on the Kaliphlin border, if there are players using that space I might need to tweak things. Thanks in advance :)
  11. Yeah I liked the nod to Warhammer as well, oh the memories :) The effort you put into the presentation really strengthens the builds and I tihnk you have really improved the photography to the point where you are allowing us to see the best fo your builds. good job sir!
  12. Excellent! The surrounding build really helps frame the tank and adds to the overall presentation but the tank shows a lot of skill, I'm impressed, great job.
  13. *Nest, this is Magpie 1, reading over?* *Magpie 1, this is Nest, reading you over.* *Nest, are we sure about the search co-ordinates over?* *Co-ordinates are confirmed Magpie 1 over* *This is pretty deep into Refnor territory for an unarmed recon chopper Nest over* *Continue sweep Magpie 1, keep your eyes open over.* FRAGO1_3 by Phadeout, on Flickr "A-hole, no way a drone could have flown this far off target anyway - hopefully those guys in the Deland Republic will have more luck.." *Roger that Nest, Magpie 1 out* *Roger and out Magpie 1* FRAGO1_1 by Phadeout, on Flickr All the action takes place in Studica, Map tile E5 Addtional picture of the chopper FRAGO1_5 by Phadeout, on Flickr
  14. The patrols returning from maneuvers in the west of Briolui had uncovered a series of points (Grid E5) through which light troops might be able to effect a ground strike into Refnor or Erotema. As plans took shape squds were tasked to reinforce some of these areas and bridging materials were brought in to facilitate higher speed deployment at a later time. Although these areas were lightly reinforced the likelihood was that the enemy wouldn't be able to bring any heavy equipment or armour to bear either. CP1-Overview by Phadeout, on Flickr The trees and other dense foilage on the other side of the river has been cut down to improve sight line for the defenders but not so much that an enemy advance would notice the claymores wired in to tear apart a charging infantry force. CP1-Mines by Phadeout, on Flickr A fair selection of weaponry is on hand to resist any enemy advance, with both anti-armour and anti-infantry CP1---Position by Phadeout, on Flickr At this stage in the conflict the troops are already well versed in catching breaks when you can! CP1---Break by Phadeout, on Flickr A small group of the troops have the high ground to see the enemy coming from as far afield as possible and to give cover to their squad mates if required. CP1---Outcrop by Phadeout, on Flickr The troops are hoping to be given the order to advance but for now will be holding this position. Thanks for viewing :)
  15. Phadeout

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I don't think you could call it "supporting the war effort" according to the current description and tbh that seems to be trying to get around the constraints of the side builds - Spec Ops is only unlocked around level 70 so I don't think we have much chance of seeing these types of build for a bit. TheBeeze111 showed, in his build, that it is in the way you tell the story. I had half built a sabotage build, it was going to be my citizens as some sort of "cell" in another country causing trouble but clearly that isn't right so I can either change the story to make them citizens of that country that might have support from a foreign power (I said might!) or do something else. My only complaint is that then you are writing the history or local politics of somebody else's country but to be honest I will just ignore it if I don't think it fits and keep building regardless! There are going to be things like this that crop up and I guess the builders have a choice of whether they go with it or ignore it..
  16. That is some impressive high speed building @Faladrin - the vegetation is great, and I really like the figure choices. Good job.
  17. I like the strong story telling element that always comes through in your builds, it really helps the game develop although I can't approve of the story this time(!). There are lots of little details which help the build like the hoses and computer terminals, which could have been left out if you wanted, but the build is better for them so congrats! Oh and that is one seriously high powered little buggy. On a side note - you've labelled your build as - Briolui - is that because the action is set there and therefore we should be doing that or is it a mistake and it should be - Filace - as that is your country? I had been assuming the latter but as I plan on putting up a sabotage build of my own soon thought I'd check.
  18. Phadeout

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Whether or not you should have built armour or not, I think it was a close call personally but your story telling helped a lot there, I don't think anyone would say that you'd done it to try to gain an unfair advantage. These are the sort of things that happen when something is new and still being developed, don't worry. I'm looming forward to seeing more of these builds in the future, although obviously I will be then trying to blow them up! ;)
  19. Phadeout

    The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Retro spaceman all the way, some very good competition in this round though.
  20. Phadeout

    [GBW - CP1] Briolui - Hold Until Instructed

    @Thebeeze111 the water effect is a tan baseplate with a mix of mostly trans clear plates mixed with a few trans light blue to break it up with the trans light blue tiles on top. Thanks everyone for the comments :)
  21. Phadeout

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I've been very happy with the way things have gone so far. Leadership seems fair and helpful, the player's looks great. The builds have been good, the strength of the campaign will be in how much we are able to tell stories inside the restrictions of the campaign we are in at any given time. My experience with another of the rpgs on EB was soured when the builder running the story arc completely overreacted to a player led initiative and really bullied his own version in rather than let the players express themselves, I've basically not really gone back to it in the last four or five months because of this. I don't see that happening here though as the leadership is clearly interested in both sides developing and I've been very pleased with the honest approach to feedback which although maybe occasionally hard to take for a builder helps is all do better jobs in the future. If there is one thing I'm unsure about it is is how "progress" or "victory/failure" will be measured. Because we are essentially against each other will one group be made to build losses while the other is allowed to focus on the victories? Otherwise will we end up with a war where everyone is winning all the time, and that seems wrong. I'm not expecting an instant answer to that, it is quite a big concept and I don't think we will need anything decisive to happen for a while... Tl:dr all is good, curious to see how the game develops :)
  22. Phadeout

    [GBW]- Campaign 1- The Rising Tide

    oooooh over here over here! please Mr Beeze Sir, I'd like a tag.
  23. Phadeout

    [GBW - CP1 - Isle of Rahz] War Room

    That map table is one of the best things I've seen in GBW so far. Really nice build, you are breaking down my LDD prejudices more and more with everything you build. Although it just shows that I suck not the software :(
  24. Phadeout

    (GBW-CP1) Refnor-Digging In

    Nice build, Refnor looks nice and green and pleasant. Give us time.... ;)