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Found 13 results

  1. Campaign 06 - Deland Republic - Kilo Naval Base Map : Studica Grid : E9 On the hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Kilo Naval Base of the Xenor Navy was an objective The Deland Republic could not leave out of control ! It was decided to take on the base and secure the safe it contains as it could protect some WMDs, acording to the SoF intel the high command received ! The only problem was the SAM launcher protecting the Kilo base. The facility being well protected by its position incorporated inside a cliff, the only good access viable was to strike by air but the Missiles could shot down any aircraft passing by. So, the high command decided to send F. Al'Hadrin team to shot down the missile control by sending them diving through the only soft spot they could find : a delivery way built inside the cliff itself. The little diving team reached the cliff in no time and rushed upon the few guards quite quickly. The SAM was no more than an inoffensive decoration on the roof of the Naval Base. Then, a black shadow passed upon the facility... In no time, a paradropping team was launched from the aircraft and they fell upon the heads of the desoriented Xenor soldiers. Once the Base Commander down, the Xenor forces surrendered and the Kilo Naval Base was under the Paradrop control. The safe was secured and it was up to the Major leading the Paradroppping team to open it to confirm (or not) the SoF informations. Were there any WMDs in this base ? Hope you'll like this one ! It is so far the best (and hardest) rockwork I've ever tryed ! Quite piece consuming but the result worth it IMO ! Don't hesitate to tell me what do you think of it in the comments !
  2. GBW Campaign 5 - Deland Republic - At the rescue of the COST men Map : Studica Location : Somewhere in E8 Inside Xenor Territory - Here is RTE8 Rescue Team, We are arriving at the location of the COST base. We are deploying the half track vehicle here. No resistance encountered. Do you copy ? - Yes, RTE8, Here is Headquarter Command, receiving 5/5, you are authorized to look after the survivors. If you find Xenor troups, you are allowed to defend yourself ! Over. - Thank you HQ ! Apparently, there is not much left of the outpost; everything is ruined or in fire... We will quickly assist the survivors and leave the area. Over. The bombed outpost was nearly totally destroyed but the team managed to find a hurt soldier on the snow. He was a COST special force officer and had his leg wounded in the bombing. The medical officer took care of him in order to prepare his evacuation. With just one men to rescue, the team concluded to a terrible fact : the COST outpost was definitely lost... They evacuated the man to return him safely in his country and left the area without any problem. In the spoiler, I am adding some single shots of the half track vehicle and another overview of the build. Thanks for reading !
  3. GBW - RC1 : The Deland Republic - Hercynian Hunters crow nest Bricklandia continent map Map Grid F7 To counter the progression of the New Brickika tanks on the South east border of the Deland Republic, the Federal High Command decided to send their best Mountain specialists : The Hercynian Hunters. Here you can see a team taking position in a crow nest at a top of a reach to target the tanks passing by.
  4. GBW - Campaign 4 RON Operation Battle for Carrefour Map grid : Studica F4 Division 3 operation team, The Deland Republic : In road to Checkpoint Pontsureau In the light of the morning sun, the Deland Republic team was moving through the Industrial part of the city of Carrefour. It was a crucial move because securing the Industrial part of the city would help all the rest of the startegy the RON Central High Command established. So, the Armored Personal Carrier of The Deland Republic was on a dangerous pass around fabrics and warehouses that could hide ennemy nests in every corner... Unfortunately, it was not an ennemy that initially slowed the vehicle, but a splash of toxic waste which damaged the road and the front hull of the APC making it stops. The on board engineer managed to try some repairs but it was at this time a COAC team surprised the team and engaged fire. The engineer quickly finished to repair the hull and the APC deployed its combat team. The fight was hard and the team lost a man on this ambush. The Sargeant took the Radio Operator apart behind the safe hull of the Armored vehicle and deployed with him the brand new Radio Sat Comm the RON High Command recommended to use as it was obvious the COAC spyed the RON frequencies... - APC Division 3 to report here. Said the Sargeant. We are facing a strong resistance here in Fabric zone, just before our goal of Checkpoint Pontsureau. We will need the Special sweeping team from Swintoc. Do you copy ? - APC 3 ! it's Swintoc Sweeping Team here, backup on its way ! I repeat, Backup on its way ! Over ! Answered the Swintoc team. The APC once repaired and the ambush secured thanks to the Swintoc Elite, Checkpoint Pontsureau finally finished under RON control. The rest of the Operation could continue. This is my Campaign 4 entry inside the RON coordonated Tactics. Thanks for watching !
  5. [GBW - Cp 03] - Deland Republic - RON Part A3 - The Wiwaxia Studica Map Grid D6. Somewhere on the internal lake of the continent. As prepared as the forces of the RoN are, there will always be surprises in combat. The goal is to have a reliable counter ready for those surprises ! Designed for quick movement in all kind of waters, including rivers and lake, the FREMM (FREgate Multi Mission) named The Wiwaxia is just such a counter to the CoAC forces. As a FREMM, this Frigate with the ability to launch cruise missiles can totally defend itself with automated 100mm gun on main deck, anti-aircraft missiles on the top roof of the cabin and with anti Submarines mesures, including drifting mines and also with a constant Navy SEAL intervention/boarding team on the breech. She is one of the newest vessels the Deland Republic has launched in order to replace the older and heavier Destroyers still active around the Common Wealth of Southern Territories. With all that equipment, the Wiwaxia, named after the south western county (Land) of The Deland Republic has become a force to be reckoned with. The Deland Republic has sent the Wiwaxia in a counter move against Filace by anticipating their move in Studica E4 and E5 and passed through all Refnor detecting systems thanks to its revolutionary Stealth system. With such a stealth system, she is able to pass through any radar detection and cannot be detected in a civil fleet. Even, during Anti submarines trainings, the crew had to attach some warning systems at the hull in order to mark her for their own subs to avoid collision ! She is now at sea around the shores of Refnor in D6 and is preparing itself for battle. Currently, there is a call from command to launch cruise missiles into multiple locations in grid E5. - Sir We have confirmation of the target in E5 ! Can we begin the firing procedure ? Asked the radio operator. - Yes ! Open the hatch ! Target coordinates ? Answered the Commandant.. - Studica E5 in sub Area A1 and A2 + C1 and C2. Targets aquisition complete. We are waiting confirmation from RON Main Comm-Link... So, since the order from the RON Comm-Link has been transmitted the vessel of nearly 70Studs long aligned itself for fire and prepared its 8 Long Range Cruise Missiles located inside the front main deck, just behind its automated gun. - Targets confirmed sir ! - So let's begin the danse ! FIRE ! SWOOOSH ! SWOOOOSH ! SWOOOOOSH !
  6. (GBW) Patrol - The Deland Republic - A nice shot Sargeant ! World Map N5, at the Large of the coast line between The Deland Republic and New Brickika. A Light Helicarrier Corvette of The Deland Republic is patrolling. : Nice shot Sargeant ! : Haha ! Thank you sir ! : You're welcome ! But it will be hard for me to beat you now ! : Don't be so modest, sir. You're a crack at this game ! : Golf on the Helipad is not a game, it's an art ! : Yes sir, you're right ! : Sir ! May I interrupt you, sir ? : Don't bother me when I golf ! I said it earlier already ! : Sir, I know, Sir. But you precisely said that I had to interrupt your party when the Helicopter would be back, and, sir, it is exactly what it's happening, our helicopter is in approach, sir. : Oh ! Ok ! Crap of this Helicopter, no way to have a good golf party in this ship... Let's go gentlemen ! Be ready to the landing pad ! Sir, Report of the patrol team, sir ! The New Brickikan tanks are still on our borders, sir, but no sign of a vessel. We don't know if Filace is sending them Naval support yet. We will need better surveying devices... : Well, it seems it will be up to F. Al'hadrin then, We will need the Drone he found on our shores... Ok ! Gentlemen ! Let's finish this mission ! We need to see if our new drone is ready ! Machines back to Port !
  7. Bricklandia, Map Grid F7, Deland Republic territory, South of the Hercynian mountains It was at its south the Deland Republic had to face the invader from New Brickika. Their tank column was assaulting every village of the border and was threatening now the main road access ! Since the New Brickika Army relies on mobility, with great use of armored vehicles, it was obvious to cut this mobility off ! An easy task for the Hercynian Hunters ! The 12th Regiment of HH, nicknamed the Wolves, had been sent to stop the tank column while they had to pass through a reach to access the main road. The 12th HH is commonly deploying the standard PAV with its Anti Tank cannon on roof top but they are also capable of deploying MILAN Missiles launcher ! Greatly more dreadful for an armored vehicule than the light AT cannon, these vehicles are also more mobile and faster than the heavy New Brickikan tanks ! That's making those vehicles virtually unstoppable ! - Comm link to MILAN 01, Target in sight. Said the comm link operator. - Ready ! yelled the officer to the artillery men. - Sir, yes sir ! - MILAN 01 to comm link, ready to fire ! - Comm link to MILAN 01, traget acquired and marked, do you copy ? - Roger ! Target acquired ! Ready to fire ! - Fire ! - FIRE ! SWOOSSSH ! SWOOSSSH ! KABLAM ! - Comm link to MILAN 01, target destroyed, the tank column is stopped ! Good Job ! - MILAN 01 to comm link ! Thank you ! over Sorry for the little build, I had no time to make a better one ! Hope you'll like the vehicle ! In the spoiler, more pics of the vehicle itself :
  8. Spec Op Task # 001 - Blowing the missile factory The Deland Republic managed to gather some intel around the Tosul Missile incident. The Spy Reports are situating the Factory in an hidden place along the tundra coast in their south border with the Deland Republic. The Mission Report the Headquarters gave to the SEAL team ready to be sent in Tosul is clear : Blow the Missile factory ! Here is the complete report : "The Deland Republic has felt slighted by the government of Tosul. After New Brickika has gotten cozy with the communist country and deal has been brokered with Filace for metal materials. Through intelligence gathering and sharing between RON Nations, Deland Republic has discovered the production facility in Tosul where the ballistic missiles are being created. Deland Republic has decided to strike the facility and take it out. Your mission is as follows: Deploy a SEAL team to the facility located in E2. Luckily the ice has broken off the northern coast and we can use the sea again. Your team will rendezvous with a submarine off our coast and make the trip up there. The team will launch in an SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle) and make the trip inland on foot. You have a 2 Km Hike through the tundra once you land. The main plant is 1 of 4 buildings carved out of the woods. Our satellite scans indicate that the facility has light security consisting of roving patrols around the whole area. Your team will infiltrate the facility and blow the plant. The goal is to try and keep your presence undetected for as long as possible. The charges should be set for time enough for you to slip away before they go off. If you are caught out in the wind, troops are just a 5 minute drive away and they will overwhelm you. Once completed, you will exfil the way you came in. If all goes according to plan, you should be out before the sun comes up." So Major Tom and his team, the best SEAL team of the Country, also known as the Sharks, has been sent by sea and is landing on Tosul with their SDV. - Hey Major ! Said Private Waters, the radio operator. Do we need to change our helmet too ? I am really comfy on this one, I think I'll keep it ! - Yes, we should use night vision googles, but as I am keeping my good old Beret, you can keep your actual helmet ! -Thanks, Major ! After been changed to the 2Km Treck they had to do with their material, the team arrived at sight of the factory. It was easy to identify the main building through the forested covers the Tosulese used, Major Tom decided, after escaping to the surrounding patrol, to take on the building and prepare the explosive charges in peace after killing the building occupants. The major analysis seemed to be the best : The building was quite unguarded from the inside and was peaceful. It seemed to be the end of the factory chain and a place where the missiles were armed. The best place to use explosives ! The attack was fast and deadly ! The Major lead the move by the first kill at the door when the rest of the team achieved their objectives in a breath move ! Even the poor lad who surrendered had to be kill as it was clear there were no prisoners on this mission ! The Charges were dipatched at every corner of the build and, of course, on the armed missiles ! - Are we ready, Major ? - Yes ! Sargeant ! Blow that missile factory ! KABLAM ! Here is my Special Operation first task ! I hope you'll like it ! It was a real pleasure to build the little SDV and the landing site. The Factory gave me some headache ! Well, the crane is quite original and its design was not really simple... Any Comment or Criticism is welcome ! Thank you for reading !
  9. Supporting the war effort : A new Tank design Deland Republic, One of the new Armament Factories around Edrin, the Capital, Map Grid D7 - Here it is ! What a beauty ! Claimed the Chief Engineer Applestewssen - Sure, it is a superb mechanic ! Affirmed the Chief-Sergeant operator "Cat" Terpillar. - It is my proud ! I redesigned entirely the turret to add more comfort and manoeuvreability. It is now the top notch Assault Tank we can have in The Deland Republic ! Concluded Applestewssen when the armored vehicle emerged from the hangar of the factory in a Roar. More pictures of the tank alone in the spoiler : Thank you for watching ! C&Cs are welcome !
  10. FRAGO Mission 01 : Bothering the Seals The Deland Republic, The Marchy Fjörds, extreme South coast, Map Grid E10; World Map M5 The Seals we can encounter at the Southern coast of the Deland Republic have been disturbed by another type of SEAL... In fact, the Navy SEAL of the Deland Republic were not the only ones who had been sent to this protected area. It was an entire specialized team ! Sam Grumbrick, the Corporal in charge of the search party was one of the rudest men the Deland Republic Army could hire and he was arguing with every team member on any subject, just a way to show he was not really happy to babysit newbies on such a mission. - Grmbl... It is not the best place to find those drones parts... Grmbl... I can feel it ! Grumbled the Corporal. - Erh... Sir... If I can speak... I am reminding you we had a complete analysis of the Maritime Streams by our best scientists and they confirmed that the Spriznulo Drone parts could have been carried away here on our coast. Plus, we have the best portable radar we can have and I am a Pro with it ! interrupted the IT specialist, Mike Rosoft. - Grmbl... I already know that, I had the same briefing as you... Grmbl... You're only allowed to speak to me to tell me what you found soldier ! Remarked the Corporal. - Sir, yes, Sir ! Answered the IT specialist returning on his keyboard. - Grmbl.... Arhhh... Soldier... lamented the Corporal looking at a Soldier "fighting" with his equipment, What do you think you are doing here ?! ...Grmbl... - Erh... I am deploying the metal detectors, erh... Sir ! Answered the Private K. Lumsy, visibly not succeeding in assembling the device in his hands. - Grmbl... Private Al'Hadrin did it well, him ! Grmbl... Why are you stuck ?! Grmbl... Hurry up ! Find me that Piece of Crap from Spriznulo and get away of my sight ! Yelled the Corporal to the moustached Soldier. At last, The Corporal had to admit that the Navy SEAL were doing a good job searching on the sea bottom. Bothering the Seals (and the SEAL) was probably the best thing to do to have a chance to recover those drone parts. He just hoped the scientists in the Deland Republic were right and his team will quickly find what they were looking at. Honestly, him babysitting newbies ! It was under estimating his capabilities... Grmbl ! Here is my FRAGO build ! Hope you'll like it ! It was a real challenge to build quick and without loosing on quality ! Great challenge ! Of course, C&Cs are welcome ! In the Spoiler you have more pictures of the team, and of the figless build :
  11. The Port of Edrin One of the major activity of the Deland Republic Capital Edrin is mainly focused on its Port. The recent troubles of the world accentuated the activity on the quays and it reached a such intensity that the Port laborers were at every corner preparing anything the Army or the Oil Companies wanted ! It is here, on those buzzing quays, F.Al'Hadrin was assigned to escort the Colonel MacIntosh supposed to inspect a delivery the Army was supposed to send to Toohati. It seemed the Port manager was troubled by this delivery... - No ! No ! No ! I will not mix this crate of Bombs with all the rest of the Chemical and Oil deposit ! Army or no, I am in charge here ! And I don't want an accident ! Said the Manager to the Colonel. - Yes ! Of course, Sir. But, we would really like to deliver these little gifts to our RON friends quickly... Do whatever it takes to secure it but it has to be in the next ship ! Do you understand ? Said coldly the Colonel. At this words, the manager saw it was pointless to argue with the Army and prepared the security mesures for this Special Delivery. Meanwhile some men of the Navy where going to the training. Here some men preparing a patrol : And there, the Sub attack workshop with a worker arming a little attack submarine : With all this Military preparations, the Port of Edrin is really bustling of activity now !
  12. The Non Proliferation Act Consequences : Hello dear citizens of The Deland Republic ! I am Verobricka Spiegelssen for DRN 1, your first channel of information on all Bricklandia ! I am actually facing the first Nuclear wastes train the army is sending to their recycling sites since the Non Proliferation Act has been signed by our Prime Minister. Those trains are the direct consequences of the de-nuclearisation of our armament that was recently decided and announced in the Brick Of Nations conference. More trains like this one, of course, under good escort, will cross the country. But Are they safe ? We asked to Pr Radium, a Nuke recognized expert, if there is a risk of Radiation leaks on those trains and he unsured us that those containers are strictly controled and are the safest we can find in the Deland Republic. But he is not excluding the probability of a low level gravity incident... Time will show us if those trains are the best way to evacuate radioactive wastes from our old nuclear bombs... It was Verobricka Spiegelssen for DRN 1 ! To you the Studios !
  13. The Deland Republic, Bricklandia continent, near the Tosulese border, Map Grid D4 : Deploying the Electronic Warfare At the northern border of the Deland Republic, during end March and begining of April, when the last snows have difficulties to leave the lands to the Spring flowers, some lumberjacks were surprised to see convoys of heavy trucks with good escort : Since Tosul try out of a ballistic missile, the Deland Republic government reaction was strong and at the same time fair. The country ratified the Non Proliferation Act like announced at the Brick Of Nations siege and made a step forward to the Peace by getting closer to New Brickicka on the epinous problem of the Tosulese missile. The Military High Command needed to follow the politics and so, it had been decided in high places in Edrin, the Capital, that the best way to answer to this Tosulese crisis was not to be aggressive but to build an effective defense. To do so, the best "weapon" the Deland Republic has at disposal is its high tech Electronic Warfare. The 1st Regiment of Transmission and Electronic Warfare (TEW) had been sent to the border to deploy its specialised trucks. Those vehicles can jam every AWACS systems; Airborne Guiding Radars AND Missile Guiding systems at a range of 160 miles (near 250Km) and are also capable of destroying low altitude satelite devices. With those systems at the border, no missile could pass to threaten the country. Of course, such vehicles are quite fragile against a direct attack. So, the 7th Regiment of the Hercynian Hunters (HH), also known as the White Devils, have been sent to escort the 1st Regiment of TEW. The Hercynian Hunters are Mountain and frost Specialists. They are capable of hiding for days in the snow for recon and guerilla missions. They are also equiped of the best mountainous materiel and their polyvalent assault vehicle (PAV) is almost unstoppable ! Those big Jeeps are literally stuffed by snow equipment and weapons. Plus ! They have a 45mm Anti tank canon which can be deployed at the roof top of the vehicle. This is making the HH regiments the most feared in mountainous assault. The rumour is saying they are descendants of the old tribes who lived in the Hercynian Mountains along the actual border of the Deland Republic and New Brickika. Here is my first side build for The Great Brick War ! I hope you'll like it ! It took me more time than I thought to build the Hercynian Polyvalent Assault Vehicle ! I started from a Russian Tigr M vehicle for this one and had to stick on its angular form. I am quite happy of the result even if I wanted it a little smaller, but the deploying canon took some precious place... On the EW truck; I stayed on the Russian inspiration and simply try to render a Krasukha 2 EW truck of the actual Russian Forces. I think it is recognizable enough. Hope you'll like it like I enjoyed to build it !