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  1. I do put the blame towards the copycats myself, just feel robbed of a good look at what is coming our way.
  2. So now we won't see them till about May I bet
  3. Just got my dirty paws on 42077 for £75 or 20% off
  4. Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    looks cool
  5. Where did you get that lego sizing guide from?
  6. Do we have a date for the official images of the H2 releases
  7. I don't know why they got rid of it, I have sourced 3 over the last couple of years last one was for 42009
  8. I'm getting a metal hook for the 42082, I prefer that type.
  9. [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    Ah the Ford focus a nice car no matter which model you get in
  10. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    A drilling rig for doing the holes for high rised buildings
  11. The shipping to the UK would cripple me alone , really sorry to see you need to do this to your collection.
  12. Does the 42082 use 3 x 11 plates or 5 x 11 plates on the boom settle the debate once and for all