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  1. Hi guys, sorry its been a while. The review was excellent as usual that bike is beautiful
  2. Glad we can finally see the pics offically now
  3. just read about this Ford raptor 150, looking interesting
  4. ctx1769

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    i.m looking at getting the pirates of barracuda bay and the creator pirate 3 in 1 set. Rebrickable tells me i have 90% of the parts before i get those sets. .
  5. I asked for Ford in the brand question eg a Ford Model T in black of course , I asked for steampunk as a theme and said Lego should let the designers go mad. also for more pneumatic and a physical control+ device without being too expensive.
  6. I believe as members of this forum, we have a moral duty to protect lego from the sweaty dirty hands of children. These horrid little humans only abuse and bite the bricks and pieces, yes they lose the bits as well. So keep your lego safe, happy building is what it is made for. Seriously though I do enjoy building the bigger technic sets. The only one that I felt was rip off was the 6x6 mobile tow truck (42070) it was over priced and lacked quality for what it was, in my opinion. Anyway back to the lambo
  7. i got the education set 9641 from amazon about 2 years ago not opened it yet and thats got the white air tank.
  8. As technic builder how many rebuilds of the porsche gear have we seen and other mods of other sets have been done. So if the cab proportions are not right i'm sure we will soon see a correction to put the proportions right.
  9. I have about 16 of the tractor tyres so i have plenty for now :).
  10. I love the 42082 TLG just got lazy with the B model, I was not going to bother with 42070 but the wife got it me it ended up in my stash. This set next to 42030 yes i can see that happening. We might not see yellow in Technics again for a few years after this years binge.
  11. Robin Reliant for 2022 technic UCS, 1 out run 3 police cars for 90 miles before it ran out of fuel in a car chase
  12. lambo might make only 63 in lime and every other colour it produces
  13. A 250 kph tractor that's something
  14. I got 2 claas tractors hmm could I build this.......... No
  15. Ok I have the Porsche and the Chiron, this HAS to be added along with the land rover and the new haunted house and the tree house and pirate bay. OH the Gods save my credit card.
  16. I was wondering if Lego would do those wheel arches in orange to replace the porsche ones.
  17. I hope that the car isn't a Lambo body with a Skoda chassis , seriously it does look better than the previous cars with no spaces. I did think it would be olive green instead of lime, but it still looks the part.
  18. OK I hold my hands up, I have not seen the new parts to the Ducati, but i saw an image of the ferrari a few days before the tease from a source which I was an international seller from Ebay i think. I can't remember where though and despite a search zero results, that's why i thought it a was a fake. So a public apology from me to all offended, I hope you forgive me.
  19. I think that's a fake image, just look at the wheel arch its curved on top. The previous Lego arch is straight on top unless its a new mould. I have seen the full image of this box on Instagram on #Legoleaks . On the Bonnet/hood there are more new Technic pieces so I think this is totally fake.
  20. Yes I was just going to to post that info
  21. That's a good C model of 42039, i think that was my first Technic kit coming out of my 32 year dark age.
  22. Are TLG trying to get a similar colour to the stock picture of the Sian?