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  1. Nice review, could you please explain the shift order? On race bikes the shifting order is: 1 N 2 ... 6 on street legal bikes it is: 6 ... 2 N 1 Overall, it is not my favored bike. Too big, too few functions. Taking design too much into account. Big, nice but i am not impressed... PS: facebook loves children
  2. This is my contribution. I hope you find it useful, Its not fully(!) studless but smaller than small: If anyone could convert this to studless ill be very happy! 01 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr 08 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr 06 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr
  3. This is my winner bike for the Rallye Dakar 2018. 2017 i got disqualiified. They said LEGO bikes are not allowed :-( Lets race together! animated 1 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr see also:
  4. BMW 42063 Dakar Race Bike First, thanks to LEGO and BMW giving me a great basis for developing this bike. As always with race bikes, this is not only a modified version, it’s definitely a complete new bike. And of course: You cannot buy this bike, it’s a race bike. There is only one bike produced, especially for me to win the Dakar :-) Let’s go to the key facts: Motor: Four cylinder 180 degree V New cylinder head Two studs narrower Frame: New geometry Reduced distance between the undersides of motor to the upside of the tank Massive improved ground clearance Suspension: Rear: More travel: 4.5 studs Better spring angle, smoother Front: Travel improved to 3 studs! New (worldwide first) spring linkage gives fantastic bike control Exhaust: Complete new Dual pipe, fixed (of course) with the frame (not with the swing arm) Quad outlets with yellow cross axle fire coming out ;-) Handlebar: Grip, position and new mounting Tank: Two additional rear side tanks positioned near the centre of gravity Optics: Shorter rear with red (not white – what’s up with you LEGO?) taillights Weight: Reduction through elimination of some parts Some other minor changes… So come on! Show me what you can offer to beat me! But I must say: On the Dakar 2017 you will definitely eat my dust! And this is the last time you will see this bike (except the red tail lights) J Have fun racing! Thanks for watching! (FLOGO: happy like 25 years ago when he drove his first dirt bike…) Some pics: SS854484 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr SS854486 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr SS854490 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr SS854489 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr SS854491 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr SS854493 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr Testing hard: animated 1 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr Parts used: 42063 + Motor parts for 2 cylinders with fan Exhaust parts 5 x ½ L liftarm 2x 6 x ½ L liftarm 2x 2 x ½ L liftarm 4x 10L axle 2x Pin pin perpendicular pin pin axlehole 2x (strange part for the cylinder head) and maybe some extra pins/connectors
  5. http://shop2.porsche...go-technic.pdds Also works for Austria/Österreich: Als Rechnungsadresse Österreich wählen
  6. As a pure LEGO technic fan, i did some mathematics based on the AutoBild time lapse video: at 8:30 the pure chassis with all the technical functionality is ready and 323 steps from 850 are made: so ~1000 parts are used (3 Race Karts ;-)). at 12:40 chassis and some additional parts are ready and 495 steps/850: so ~1600 parts are used. This is the point were i will build it, and then put F1 tyres and my own framework on it. LG
  7. 299€ - 20% = 239 Euronen for ~4k parts = deal (I am still hoping that the B-model will be a Ferrari ;-))
  8. The motor cylinders in the new car have to be (are definitely) studless!? If not, i will not buy it ;-) hello to everyone!