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  1. Ok........bottom panels now attached but man.......what a pain in the big behind....... First panel seemed to go on ok.....could feel It 'clicking into position. Bit of resistance on the pins but got them popped into place. Second panel.............would it go in.....would it hell......tried a bit of force and bits were singing off everywhere. Took it back off and built it again......tried again. Nose in clicked into place but rear stand part was fighting me all the way. Finally it seemed to slot in and I got all the pins located. Rear left side seemed a bit lower and I then realised that the 1 x 2 black wedge on top of the stand had fell off....... Got it refitted and all seems fine. Can anyone who has built this let me know if the gap at the back is normal? Praying that it is as to go through that again is not appealing.....
  2. Hunter003

    [WIP] Yellow frigate

    These are great
  3. Does this vertical stand also suit 10179?
  4. No issues with drooping pieces on the Aggressor however at that temperature I have found that some pieces are more difficult to push together. Placing the rear section with the gears into place was far more difficult than it should have been. I have almost built the 2 lower panels however I am going to wait until this warm weather drops a bit before placing them. As for drooping on other models, my Mirko U-Wing is showing a fair amount of droop on the wings for a short period of completion from build. I will need to put some trans-clear supports in. Also the UCS B-Wing and Y-Wing suffer from a bit of drooping in that heat however I rotate these models about every 6 months to counteract this. Unfortunately my loft is the only place I have to display them. The Aggressor build is amazing btw. Very satisfying and I enjoy going at a slower pace rather than building in a weekend. Instructions are very clear and concise. One small thing I could not get to work was the length of the axle that goes through the cylinder thing located below the stairs. It was 1 stud length too long. Once I substituted this it all slotted into place. Never noticed that Nebulon pic
  5. Few more progress pics...….progress is slow as it is currently 40 degrees up in loft......
  6. Some interior shots.......these were fun to put together..
  7. Took me nearly a year to source all the pieces!😃😃
  8. Hunter003

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Just WOW!!!!!!!.........Looks amazing bricksmarlin!!
  9. Bit more progress last night...........
  10. Finally have all the pieces and build is underway.......hardest part so far is gathering the pieces for each stage. Build going great tho. Decided to build a temporary table as was not convinced I could lift it into my attic room when complete.
  11. Hunter003

    [MOC] Assault on Hoth

    That micro AT-ST is superb!
  12. Hunter003

    Constrictor II - Imperial Interdictor (w Instructions)

    The interior!
  13. Aw crap.......are there many more changes to parts list?. I'm almost done with gathering them........ Found changes on rebrickable
  14. Hunter003

    [MOC] Mos Espa Arena

    The cost of this would be horrific The minifigs alone!!!! Great looking model
  15. Hunter003

    MOC SSD eclipse

    Photos or it never happened.....