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  1. Hunter003

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Cant believe its been nearly 6 years since building this beauty.....still in perfect condition. No drooping etc. As good as the day it was built. My favourite model in my collection.
  2. Hunter003

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    I initially built it with mostly second hand parts......looked terrible. I would always try and go for new pieces with white lego. Black and DBG second hand is fine.
  3. Hunter003

    [MOC] Invisible Hand with Full Interior

    Great job!
  4. Hunter003

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Selling my book and model on ebay at present. Got a huge project in the pipeline so hoping this will go a long way to funding it. Just seach for Starbricks and i'm sure you will find it
  5. Hunter003

    [MOC] Would you hurt a fly?

    This is a great MOC. Are the skirt pieces actually attached to the model or are they just held in place with the yellow band? If so that must have been a pain in the backside to place!
  6. Hunter003

    [MOC] Boarding of the Tantive IV

    absolutely love this...........
  7. Hunter003

    (moc) tattooine.

    Looking good
  8. Hunter003

    Braunschweiger Schloss

    This looks great. I love the little ships.
  9. Firstly, what a fantastic in depth review. Extremely informative. Secondly, what a terrible representation of the Ford Raptor. I had big hopes for this as i own an orange Ford Ranger Wyldtrak and thought that this set would look good sitting in the office. I'm really disappointed at the final model design. If i was to single out the things that annoy me the most i would say the roof and door pillars. Its a shame as i felt TLG made a great job of the Land Rover.
  10. These are brilliant. Would love them in my Lego collection
  11. Hunter003

    [MOC] Rebel Alliance Corvus - Instructions available

    This is a thing of beauty
  12. This is wonderful! So much detail to take in. A fantastic MOC
  13. Hunter003

    Lego Star Wars scenes

    These are great....they really capture the Star Wars feel.
  14. Hunter003

    A whole lot of Transformers

    These are absolutely incredible!...….how you would even begin to design one of these is beyond me......
  15. Absolutely incredible! The size of the thing is unreal.
  16. Hunter003

    AT-ST MOC by A_C

    This looks fantastic
  17. Hunter003

    Jack Skellington House for my Halloween Village

    This is incredible! One of the best mocs ive seen for a while. I'd love to build this. Great job!
  18. The suspense is killing me.....
  19. Hunter003

    Moc Tower on Mandalore

    Looking good
  20. Hunter003

    DOOM Slayer!

    This is just incredible! Great job
  21. Hunter003

    [MOC] Asterix & Obelix on LEGO Ideas

    These are great. I'd buy them in a heartbeat!
  22. Hunter003

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

    Absolutely incredible. So much to look at. As a real world building this would look amazing!
  23. Hunter003

    [MOC] Kef Bir Sea Skiff - Rise of Skywalker MOC

    This is amazing. I love how light and delicate the 'wings' look. Great job!