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  1. Somebody asked for more details of the main building:
  2. omnihash_cz

    [OKT] Annual Oktoberfest mini-challenge

    Large residence - Westward square
  3. I totally missed this one even thought I am pretty sure I copied your floor to my roof couple weeks ago :) Firstly: the colours are great, this yellow-reddish brown-brown give it great monochrome vibe. Secondly:great first entrance to to Hilto settlement! Omni-al-hash and Sanjeev will definitely use this service in near future on regular basis. Good forger always comes handy in riskier enterprises.
  4. omnihash_cz

    [COR-FB] Oktoberfest Regrets, Punto Sur

    That's some witchcraft sir! Just kidding, I never played with Technic (if you wanna play with cogwheels use Merkur ffs!) so this techniques are quite a blackbox for me. I am not sure how to achieve this result in lego studio but boy I'll try!
  5. omnihash_cz

    [COR-FB] Oktoberfest Regrets, Punto Sur

    Cool I didn't know the 3macaroni exist! How do you flex the tree? Is there some hinge inside the trunk?
  6. Small square on the edge of the city was been temporary refurbished as a location for this year Porto Sur's oktoberfest. Couple tables, large beer keg from Punto Brau brewery, little something to eat, some makeshift dance podium and the party can start! Snacks are always welcome to compliment local ale in tropical heat. No one can refuse proper pretzel and chicken drum after couple pieces. And if you are more into women you can always hit the dance parket. Omni Al-Hash is already trying new pirouettes with governors daughter. The hours in Molokai evening dance school are finally paying off themselves. Gunnar is the leader of the silverhair gang. His first oktoberfest was 40 years ago but all he needed was couple jugs and nice bartender with promising smile to dance on the table like there is no tommorow. Licensed as large residence and hopefully selled to @Capt Wolf
  7. Oy mate, welcome aboard and have fun!
  8. I see I completly lost this side of the building... @Ayrlego well, you get me hooked, what job involves travelling to places like Kandy? Religious history research? Hospitality bussiness? Doctors sans Frontiers? Arm deals with Tamil Tigres?
  9. New enterprise started in Poppy Port this time focused on younger customers - first New World boat rental.
  10. Ad colors: both lime and lavender are my favorite, they enable much more subtle and cozy colors when they stand alone as primary build colors. Ad roof:Well it was customary in Europe to have propper colourful church roof and I think it's about time to bring this tradition back. For propper murals I would need a bigger roof, maybe next time.
  11. omnihash_cz

    [SR - FB - Oct 21] The frigate Magnetic North

    This is frickin awesome! Great shape, I love the horseshoe cross section curve. As mentioned above, the color scheme is fantastic. I would prefer the lateen sail on the foremost mast but that's definitely creator choice. The white bottom front is some one piece?
  12. ------------------- ‐--------------------
  13. Travelling geologist setted up his tent on spare firewood shelter empty since last year, He doesn't need much to crush most of wannabe golddigger dreams. Sorry man, that's coprolite. I am pretty sure you will not get rich on that stuff. Nah, I can't even imagine who would be interested in that. Maybe some more excentric nobles in Oleon?