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  1. Here are recreations from the town of Flatbush Gulch in The LEGO Movie.
  2. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    The saloon This was a tricky one. I worked on this over the course of several months. It has a very irregular shape. The video game version is very different than the screen version, so it wasn't much help in filling in any hard to see areas. I'll post another view of this and then I think I'm finished with recreating the buildings of Flatbush Gulch.
  3. Assembling Bricksburg

    edited to put all final images in the first post... After seeing the LEGO movie, I wanted to re-create buildings from Emmet's neighborhood. While researching, I realized a great deal of what was in the movie was based on previously-existing sets. I thought it would be interesting to do a project that compared the original LEGO sets to the modified movie versions. Knowing how much time, money, and physical space it would take to build these out of real bricks, I decided to try my hand at LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). After having created a couple of the buildings in LDD, I ran across the post for Bluerender and used it to generate photo-real renderings. Here are my results: .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...logo_final_.lxf The latest image posts: Downtown Bricksburg and the Kragle antidote. Octan flying cube. The latest WIP of Emmet's Mech (with BlackStar): .lxf file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-07-20.lxf Emmet's apartment Emmet's apartment interior How Emmet fits a 50-stud-wide apartment into a 30-stud-wide building: A variation on Emmet's apartment (green with a slanted roof) Pet Store (right) Pet Store (left) Plumber Joe's apartment .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...the_plumber.lxf Condemned building Fresh Fruit market Sherrie Scratchen-Post's apartment Emmet's street Emmet's street in micro scale Fire Brigade .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...ire_brigade.lxf Fire Brigade tower (original) Fire Brigade Tower (updated) Filling Station Garage Street Corner Rooftop garden 1 Rooftop garden 2 An example of the reuse of building parts Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 (Fire Brigade) Mega Green Grocer Bricksburg Castle Bricksburg Castle back Cafe Corner / hotel with clock tower Fish (market?/restaurant?) Office(?) Building Office Building Church It's not mentioned in the images, but the the ice cream cart in this image, the giant Green Grocer, and the "fish" building comes from 10211 Grand Emporium. Cheese Slope building Fire Brigade Radio Station Plaza with Bob's Kabobs Here are some Bricksburg accessories from the Movie, including garbage containers, rooftop details, a street corner, billboards, and the mosaics from the "fish" and "fresh fruit" buildings, including the LDD file, for you to use in your own MOCs: lxf file: http://www.brickshel...accessories.lxf Condemned building Condemned building Ma and Pa Cop's house Highway Overpass Monorail stop Skyscraper ground level The Coffee Chain Skyscraper 1 Skyscraper 2 Skyscraper 3 Skyscraper 4 Skyscraper 5 Skyscraper 6 Skyscraper 7 Downtown: Flying cranes Downtown: Larry's flying coffee machine Skyscraper under construction 1 Skyscraper under construction 2 Construction site Small cement mixer Tipper Truck Cement mixer Dump Truck Crawler Crane Instruction Tube Large crawler crane Instruction Holder Building cranes Building crane Construction helicrane Brick sorter Front end loader Back hoe Heavy loader Emmet's mech Emmet's mech compared to the official set Rush hour traffic Small car Public transportation, monorail, and Surfer Dave's car SUV Small van Delivery truck Police cruiser SWAT van Octan HQ micro scale upper floors Octan HQ micro scale Octan HQ from Finn's basement Octan HQ minifig scale Lord Business' relic room Octan corridor with MetalBeard and Benny Octan sound stage--news conference stage Octan sound stage--80s-something technology Octan sound stage--Where Are My Pants? Octan offices. Octan Control Room. Octan DJ booth Octan Executive Conference Room The many moods of MetalBeard MetalBeard's strong, virile body MetalBeard's "Down on the Farm" form Mrs. Scratchen-Post's kitty sled lxf file: http://www.brickshel...post_sleigh.lxf A Christmas tree assembled by The LEGO Movie Master Builders Emmet's snow sculpture Nathan Sawaya's Oscar statue from the 2015 Academy Awards. Mark Mothersbaugh's LEGO energy domes from the 2015 Academy Awards Awards given to all Emmet Awards nominees More on the way!
  4. The Town of Rock Ridge

    Rock Ridge, Rock Ridge, splendid! What a great project--and very well done!
  5. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @lostdriveway Thanks so much! The pig barn posted above is actually three of these smaller barns placed in a row. Both the larger and smaller versions of this barn are seen on screen.
  6. lostdriveway challenged me to create the Haunted Mansion from the LEGO Scooby Doo short, "Knight Time Terror." Here are some pics he sent me: I'm starting off with the greenhouse. Here's what I have so far: More soon!
  7. @Wesley D Does this help? I don't think this would be an officially approved technique, but it's the closest I could get to what I saw on the screen. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  8. Assembling Bricksburg

    @NDLG80. Thanks! It's 32 x 32. Whatever you end up with, it would be great to see!
  9. Assembling Bricksburg

    @gotoAndLego. Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Here's a thought: Is it possible, while attempting to be politically correct, to offend people through what is omitted? I've added buildings to the downtown plaza I originally used in my Christmas raffle entry. I'd like to show more in the image, but this pushes the boundaries of what LDD will do on my machine.
  10. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    Here's the other side.
  11. [MOC] Vignette: the Griffin monument

    You may feel your brick supply is limited, but it doesn't look that way at all. Very nice vignette!
  12. Assembling Bricksburg

    I've just about wrapped up my posts in the Old West topic. There aren't nearly as many good references of Flatbush Gulch as there are of Bricksburg, so there aren't as many models for me to build there. For now, I made a quick detour back to Octan. Here's Lord Business' flying cube from Finn's basement.
  13. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    Here's a covered wagon.
  14. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @NDLG80 The submarine has been on my "to do" list for quite a while. If I can wrap up a couple other models I'm working on, I may just get to it! For now, here's the church from the center of town.
  15. The gang surprises Bad Cop with a Christmas tree made out of chairs and decorated with police paraphernalia in downtown Bricksburg. As always, thanks, CopMike for all of your work putting this together every year!
  16. Brickton harbour

    Wow. I like how each building has it's own unique personality. And so many detail that make the scene come alive. Very well done.
  17. Wasabi District 2017

    Nice looking towers! They look great together--very impressive.
  18. [MOCs] New Castle and Bethy's Castle

    Great castles! I especially like the last one. The interiors are very well done.
  19. Fantastic! So many details to explore. Really well done!
  20. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @NDLG80. Wow! Great job! That looks spot on! I really like seeing that built out of physical bricks. Your photography really shows it off well, too. Thanks so much for sharing!
  21. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    Ya gotta like horses that are so well trained they don't need reigns.
  22. Long live the 4-stud wide [MOC]

    There's nothing wrong with old school. These are very creative! I like them.