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  1. Hallo, thankyou for the fast answer. I think, your Helikopter is awsome, I am going to collect the pieces and want to build it next time. Greetings Udo
  2. Hallo Steph, the original AW 169 has 5 mainrotorblades and the backrotor is on starside, not on portside. What is the reason of your version? Greetings Udo
  3. My name is Udo and I come from Graefenhainichen in Germany. I had a lttle Stroke (TIA) in the year 2020 and had many time at home alone, thats why I came to LEGO. It was beginning with old GDR-bricks from my Children from the 1980 years (PEBE 2000), on Christmas 2020 I got a present from my wife , the Lego Bucketwheelexcavator 42055, because i worked from 1975 to 1996 in a coolmine. The next set was the crane 42009, I like LEGO Technic, especially 42009, 8258, 42030 or 8043. Im looking for modifications in diverse forums, so i found also Eurobricks. This week i decided to be a member. Best Regards Udo