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  1. I think Paz Viszla’s armor appears a bit darker than it actually is in photos, some of the shots from the show have really dark lighting. Also, it has sort of a weathered quality to it, where I think if the minifigure used dark blue, it might look a little bit too clean. It’s not perfect but I think it looks alright, the lighter color makes it have more of a matte quality.
  2. Kit Figsto

    The future of Back to the Future?

    So, does anyone know if the rumored D2C DeLorean is dead? The set number (10290) had the correct price point at $130, but is now the Creator Expert Pickup Truck. Plus, there's rumored to be a Batman Tumbler D2C this fall, which I presume would fall in the $180-200 range. I feel like there's too many vehicles in the $120-200 range to where another licensed one just seems less likely.
  3. Agree, I think the internet skews it to where some corners of the net may say that the PT may have reached OT levels of popularity, but the OT is definitely still on top.
  4. Also worth nothing that the consensus opinion on the prequels didn't seem to change as much until around 2014-2016ish. If you watch YouTube videos or whatever from the early 2010s, the consensus was still absolutely "the prequels are absolutely terrible" which I think is partially because TCW hadn't become as popular. Obviously there's still division on some of the prequel films, but there's a whooole lot more support behind them now than there was 8-10 years ago, and I think most people, even if they disliked the movies, are more open to the idea of sets based on them and stuff. On top of that, they were still producing some stuff in UCS form that either needed a remake or hadn't been done at all. The Star Destroyers, Falcon remake, those are all sets that probably would outsell just about any prequel UCS (not a slam on the prequels, they're just that iconic). At this point, it'd either be into more obscure vehicles or remakes of sets if they kept going with the OT, so it makes sense to explore how prequel UCS stuff will sell.
  5. Kit Figsto

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    One thing that I think is kind of cool about those original sets, too, is that some of the figures almost were their own design, separate from movies or comics. Like, there were some that were pretty accurate (Bane was pretty accurate, Joker looked a lot like the early 2000s cartoon Joker), but some (Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Riddler) were somewhat different from most portrayals of them, which almost depicted them in a new way. Some of it was just limitations with pieces, I'm sure, but others were some really cool designs that i think are almost better than some of the other adaptations of them. I think they still do this, to some extent, but man, those original figure designs are so nostalgic for me.
  6. Y’know, I’ve decided that my #1 pet peeve of the Lego fandom is the amount of pure, unadulterated junk that gets posted under #legoleaks. Got a set you built that’s been out on shelves for a year? Put it as a #legoleak! Custom minifigure that is 100% not coming as a real fig? #legoleaks is the perfect place! Want to post a photo of your entire collection of SW vehicles? You guessed it, that’s what #legoleaks is for! Sorry, rant over. I have no problem with people wanting to share photos of their builds or customs, but can those people PLEASE stop mis-tagging them to try to get more attention?!? Anyhow, about the AT-AT, I’m still a bit confused on it, just because some reliable individuals on here have hinted that it may or may not be an AT-AT. I know jdubbs said something a few pages back that may have gotten lost in the shuffle, but I sort of took it to mean that nothing is confirmed (at least publicly) as to what the set actually is.
  7. It's on #legoleaks on IG, has a pink background and white text. It's sort of the classic formula of "A couple of sets that are plausible/logical in real life, an OT set due for a remake, a prequel set that would sell really well due to the minifigures, and then a few other price points where the set is conveniently unknown."
  8. Kit Figsto

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    From what I remember, they've been super high for a while now. I definitely remember at the very least the original Batcave was $400+ for a new copy circa 2010-ish. Even stuff like the original Catcycle Chase or the Mr. Freeze buggy from 2008, I remember those being like $100 for new copies around 2012-ish, when they were only 4-6 years old. I have a similar story, I remember reading a post on, I think Brickset, about a guy that found the original 2006 Batman wave at some retail closeout store (I wanna say Tuesday Morning, may have been Marshall's or something though) in 2007 or 2008 for, like, 80% off everything.
  9. Kit Figsto

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yes, PLEASE! I remember always wanting a lot of those sets, but the secondary market price has always been high. Even 10-12 years ago, Arkham was like $300+ and the Batcave was at least $500 for new copies.
  10. My two cents are that a highly desirable/exclusive fig shouldn't cost more than like $120-ish. I think the Cantina kind of broke that being $350, but on the flip side, I'd say Ponda Baba was the main one that was really desired, and I felt like the hype on him had cooled a bit. I remember maybe ten or fifteen years ago, people REALLY wanted a Ponda Baba figure, but that seems to have subsided in recent years in favor of Rex/Cody, Bo-Katan, Ahsoka, et cetera. The other new figures in the set (Garindan, Dr. Evazan, Hrcheck, Momaw Nadon, Kabe, and Labria) were varying stages of desired to "I didn't really know they'd ever make a figure of this character" to me. Plus, I also think it's likely that the next system scale Cantina, whenever that may be, will throw in a Ponda Baba, since they did make a new, very specific mold for it. For some of the releases of fan-requested characters recently, I think they've found a good price point. Paz Viszla, the Armorer, and Ahsoka are all pretty cheap ($30-40), Bo-Katan and Gar Saxon are on the higher end but still relatively affordable at $60-70, and the most expensive are the Bad Batch, but we at least get all of them in one set (minus Omega, but I'll give them a pass on that since new characters in SW sometimes get mixed reception and I'm almost positive she'll turn up eventually), as opposed to having to buy five sets to get all five. For a guy like Cody, I think the Grievous Starfighter still made way too much sense to include him in. I had little to no interest in the set as it is now (it looks nice but $80 is just too much for it for me), but I probably would've considered it at least if it had Cody, and I'm not even a huge Cody fan.
  11. But that's the thing, if you (not you personally, I just mean "you" in a general sense) want this ship in true UCS scale, it's way bigger than pretty much every other ship they've done a UCS of, except the Star Destroyers and Death Stars, so a UCS version is going to be priced accordingly. Yes, they could've done something for $200-250, but either proportionally it wouldn't work at that scale, or it wouldn't be that much bigger than a regular playscale version, and then it's no longer a UCS version. Sure, they could've done what some suggested and did a $200 Gunship that's minifigure scale with some terrain and a Geonosian cannon or something, but then people would've just complained that they could've done a $140 Gunship and skipped all of the filler. And from there, it's basically the same debacle as the Hoth thing, where adding a handful of related vehicles and scenes doesn't necessarily make something "UCS" in my opinion.
  12. Thing is, that’s not really UCS. The Gunship models we’ve gotten (retailing for like $100-120 in the past) are already pretty detailed and are at a good scale. I think their length is a bit short, but if you scale that up, it might not look right proportionally, and making it any taller/wider would just be silly next to minifigures. Similarly, there’s only so much detail you can add, and it’s not $80 worth to justify a price gap between $120 and $200. Like someone said a few pages back, they could’ve done a Gunship plus a bunch of side builds (speeder, Geonosian cannon, etc), but then people would’ve just been mad because they could’ve left those builds out and made it cheaper and/or complaints akin to those directed at the Battle of Hoth UCS for being too many side builds. Also, about the Imperial box art - I almost wonder if this was a purposeful mistake to see if any LAN individuals leaked it. I remember there was some speculation that the images of the Bad Batch shuttle given to LAN members were intentionally slightly different from each other to try to catch any leakers, and wonder if this was similar or truly an oversight.
  13. I can kind of agree, I think it looks really great, but it is definitely different from other UCS sets in that regard. I feel like there's a few UCS ships that aren't too much larger than the normal playscale version (the Naboo fighter from the early 2000s, the X-Wing, I think the TIE, though I've never seen it in person), some of which work better than others, but this one was sort of in an awkward limbo where the normal playscale version is already really big, so scaling it up to an even bigger model is going to result in a massive set, but they couldn't realistically go much larger than this, since I don't think a $500-700 Gunship would sell well in the same way that they can justify that much for a Falcon or ISD. And to your point about people getting exactly what they voted for, I feel like EB has been extremely level-headed about it on here, knowing from the beginning that it was likely non-figure scale, but there's way too many people on YouTube/Instagram/Reddit that think UCS = More stuff, and therefore this set should've had at least 12 clones. In that regard, I would love a playscale Gunship and was almost hoping that the Nebulon B would've won the vote, so that a playscale Gunship would be more likely, as they seem to rarely keep a UCS and playscale version of the same vehicle on the shelves at one time (with the exception of the Falcon). In regards to the figure selection, I am definitely a little bit puzzled about why they didn't include a pilot.
  14. Well, we've known for quite some time that it wasn't going to be minifigure scale, and even before then, there was a very strong possibility that it was going to be larger than minifig scale for a while now. The only minifig scale UCS ships/vehicles are ones that can't be done at true minifig scale at a system-scale price point (Sandcrawler, Slave I, Falcon, etc), and the Gunship at $120-150 is more or less minifig scale. There's going to be a bunch of complaints about why the minifigure selection is bad or it's too big, but that's to be expected for pretty much every UCS model. That said, it looks really good. I don't get the orange thing either, but it looks like a really cool display piece. I won't be buying it, UCS-scale vehicles aren't my thing (and I'd rather put that $350 towards some Ideas sets and summer wave SW stuff), but it does look good.
  15. I assume the "Free" space on the BINGO card is something about P2 Commander Cody?