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  1. Kit Figsto

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I love this idea, it's really overdue, as even the UCS Death Star IIRC doesn't include this scene. It would also complement the "Death Star scene dioramas" they've been releasing the last few waves (Bridge swing, tractor beam). In fact, I think there's quite a few that they could do in that same vein. Detention Block Shootout, $49.99. Comes with a sliding elevator door, the small control area with comms panel, and a hallway using forced perspective to look longer. One side of the hallway has Leia's prison cell, the other has a small hatch leading down into the trash compactor. Includes Leia, Han Solo in Stormtrooper armor (comes with hair and helmet), and a Death Star trooper. Trash Compactor Escape, $39.99. Fits underneath the detention block set, similar to the Rancor Pit with Jabba's Palace. Has a gear-based closing function (turn a knob to close the walls), that way it can close more slowly than in the Death Star set. Also has a sliding door to exit. Comes with Chewbacca, Luke in Stormtrooper armor (comes with hair and helmet), and a Stormtrooper, as well as a buildable dianoga. Death Star Control Room, $39.99. This set would be divided into two parts. One side would be the room that Luke & co capture when they first make it onto the Death Star, the other half would be the Imperial meeting room that we see two or three times during the movie. As far as play features, there could be a raising door between the two (not movie accurate, I know), maybe some hidden weapon racks in the control room, and some sort of changing holographic display in the meeting room, sort of like the one they used in the Death Star set to show targeting Alderran or Yavin IV. Minifigures would be C-3PO, R2-D2, Grand Moff Tarkin, and a Stormtrooper. Imperial Inspection, $109.99. Comes with an Imperial Shuttle (they made the landing craft for $90, which is basically the same size) and a diorama of the DS II hangar area, maybe with some of the random crates or barrels on the sides or some cargo sleds. Minifigures are Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, 2x Royal Guard 2x Stormtroopers, 1x Imperial Shuttle pilot, and 1x Imperial Officer. Maybe a mouse droid or two as well.
  2. Kit Figsto

    Future Star Wars Sets

    That's pretty much exactly how I envision the set. I also think the floor between the stairs and Palpatine's chair thing could maybe have some sort of function either to attach minifigures and they can "duel" (with a little help from the hand of a user), or something that can make a figure get knocked down.
  3. Kit Figsto

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think this partnership will last more than one wave almost regardless of sales. Nintendo is one of the biggest IPs LEGO has ever partnered with, I would guess they've probably entered an agreement for more than one wave.
  4. Kit Figsto

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Of course, I phrased that poorly. This set is one that I see more geared towards collectors, for a few reasons. First off, it isn't a set packed with action features or tons of playability in the same way some other sets are. Second, I think the film is one that they're marketing a lot on the appeal to nostalgia, people who grew up in the 80s, making this set possibly more appealing to an adult. When I say geared towards kids, I mean pretty much everything (with the exception of Hidden Side, for the reasons I listed in my post above) that they put out, but I see this as more of a collector's piece. It may have appeal to kids, but I think most kids would prefer something with more play features or that they can swoosh around if they're going to buy a $40 set.
  5. Kit Figsto

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    On the subject of the box art, I wanted to say two things. One, I would assume LEGO, as a multibillion dollar company, they have a top-flight marketing department who researches these things. What's working, what isn't, etc. So if this sort of thing ends up affecting sales or completely flopping, I would guess that they won't keep doing anything like this. Two, I don't really see this carrying over to many other themes, especially ones geared towards kids. No way would they do this for City or Ninjago where it would be important for a kid to actually see what they're buying. Hidden Side I feel is an exception because it's trying to show that there's the AR component, but I also really dislike those boxes because there's an entire wave of 6-8 sets that you basically can't see. In this case, just being one set, so it's less confusing as a consumer. I do think it looks good, and it really reminds me of a SDCC-type exclusive.
  6. Kit Figsto

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It’s either a grammatical error or it’s referring to the “seven different action bricks for different interactions” that are exclusive, but is worded poorly. I agree that it makes sense for Mario to be in the castle. I don’t think I can think of a time we’ve ever gotten a set (not counting a baseplate) that shows a figure or brick-built structure on one of the main promotional pictures and isn’t included.
  7. In regards to the Anakin figure, the only issue with the Mustafar figure is that his clothes are burned/tattered, so the best thing to do is just take the head from that figure and put it onto the figure from the 2018 Anakin's Starfighter or the one that's to be released this summer. And I agree about us not having a normal Anakin figure, I'm surprised we haven't gotten a set that's Anakin and Obi-Wan vs. Dooku on board the Invisible Hand yet, it's got all the hallmarks of a duel set (good figure selection, a collapsible balcony section, probably could be done for $60 or less), but that's another discussion altogether.
  8. From what I've seen (and granted, I haven't been in a store that sells LEGO in about 4 weeks now), a lot of stores still can't keep some of the sets on the shelves. I've yet to see the Mandalorian BP (I found it at Kohl's after Christmas in the US, haven't seen it since), for some reason both Ben's Hut and Luke's Landspeeder have been really tough to find around me, I've seen the X-Wing and TIE, and most of the stores around me have had the Mustafar set in stock, but my guess is that if the sets as a whole are selling well enough right now, no need to discount them yet. I'm sure by the time the summer wave rolls around we'll definitely see some markdowns at Target/Walmart-type stores, at least in the United States, where that's been somewhat common the past few years.
  9. I remember thinking that set was overpriced, since we had just gotten the ship for $30 in 2007! At the time, I wasn't paying too much attention to the fact that it was a little bit larger, but just funny to look back and see sets where the pricing was considered off at the time and now would be more than welcomed. That said, I'm just really puzzled by this price. The only thing I can think of is that there must be some new and larger molds that are keeping their costs so high. The ship itself is very rounded on the edges, so maybe some larger pieces to be used for the wings? I dunno, usually there'll be a set that's dramatically overpriced for no reason, but this one seems a lot worse than the typical $10-15 overpricing.
  10. I still think the best was the stormtrooper heads we got around 2012-ish, only for a couple of waves, that were basically like the original Jango Fett head with black printing all around the head and then a small cutout for a face. I know that the colors could sometimes be a bit off, since I guess the black contrasted really badly with the tan of the face, but it really helped with the flesh peeking out from the bottom. With people like Vader or Boba Fett, or even a Sandtrooper, it really doesn't matter since the neck accessories block most of it out, but on clones or stormtroopers it's really obvious. Phase I clones are probably the worst, since the stormtrooper and phase II clones have more of the front covered, but the back is fairly exposed. I'd love if they could do something with the dual-molding technology, since that's been used a lot more for arms and legs recently, I dunno if a dual-molded head would screw up the strength of the part, but it would be amazing as far as keeping the colors bright but preventing that tan from peeking out.
  11. Kit Figsto

    New Constraction line concept

    I did actually think that Darth Maul worked surprisingly well as a contraction figure, but yeah, a lot of the other humans didn't quite work as well.
  12. Yeah, I have sitting on the table near me both the most recent starfighter (Anakin's Clone Wars version), which was $20 and marked down to about $16 at Target by the time it had been on shelves for a year (you can actually still find it at a lot of stores) and an older version of an Eta-class Jedi starfighter (which is from 2007, so I know there's been a lot of upgrades to it since then), but size-wise, the Clone Wars version is just so much larger, it seems strange that the movie Eta-class fighters go for $25-30. I'd love it if they gave us a buzz droid or something for Anakin to fight in the set, since we haven't gotten one for a while, but I think expecting anything beyond just Anakin/R2-D2 and the ship is wishful thinking. I do find it to be an odd choice that they're giving us a different version of Anakin's starfighter when you can still find the most recent version on shelves. I can't imagine a lot of kids would be clamoring for the new one since many could have the 2018 version, and I would guess a lot of parents could end up saying "You already have one just like that!" if a kid asks for it. I realize that they're different ships, but they're both cheap, small fighters, same figures, and same color scheme. To someone who isn't paying a lot of attention to the specifics of each set, they may as well be the same.
  13. I mean, we can't exactly say that there's no changes since we haven't seen it yet. There could be new parts involved, more figures (IIRC the most recent one only included Jar Jar and some B1 droids). I would withhold judging the price until we actually see it.
  14. Kit Figsto

    Would Creator 3-in-1 sets fit alongside modulars ?

    I think that architecturally they'd fit in for the most part, but scale-wise you may have to change a few things. Either alternate modular-creator-modular, or something so that the smaller buildings don't look horribly out of place, or do what a few others have suggested and remove a floor from some of the modulars. On a semi-related note, if you happen to have the City parking garage from a few years ago (I would guess around 2014), that's one of the few City sets that does fit in very well with the modulars for a layout.
  15. Confirmed in the sense that some users on here who know what they're talking about have heavily, heavily hinted that we're getting it. Plus, we just had a new A-Wing pilot leak, despite the fact that the only unknown set we have at this point for the next ~5 months is a $100 set in August (which is just to say that there's really no set I can ever come up with at a $100 price point that would contain an A-Wing pilot). It's also been a fairly "guessable" set, since the UCS stuff tends to lean towards the OT and it's pretty much the only major vehicle from that era that has yet to be made into UCS form.