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  1. Kit Figsto

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    F1 has a larger following than drag racing for sure, but they've done a lot of F1 cars both in the Speed Champions line and in the past with the Racers Ferrari stuff. Other than one City set, we've never had any Top Fuel dragster, and this one is much more detailed and realistic. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I think that set is a lot better than most people are giving it credit for. Frankly, of the cars, I think it looks the most accurate by far to the source material.
  2. At this point, I would make the argument that LEGO is the marquee SW toy. Action figures probably still rival it, but there's fewer figures out at one time compared to the number of sets (or, at least it seems that way, because whenever I go into the aisle at Target/Walmart that has SW toys, it seems to be the same 5-6 figures everywhere). I feel like, more than any other license that LEGO holds, people associate the two brands, a lot. It's not like other licenses aren't as big - Marvel/DC is likely a bigger brand than SW at the moment, but it doesn't seem like it's got the same implicit association with LEGO that SW holds. Ditto for Harry Potter, though I would say SW is bigger than HP still. Maybe it's because there's a big overlap between fans of Star Wars and people who collect LEGO, maybe it's because it's been around longer than any other license, I don't really know. I would suggest that who are millenials/older Gen-Z might even make the association because the LSW video games (I say this as someone on the younger end of things, I know that myself and many of my friends from ages 6-10 were pretty much obsessed with the LSW video games, I think I'd gotten the plot of most of the movies from that before I'd even seen all of them).
  3. I really think the idea of LEGO not listening to fans is a case of confirmation biases. If you look at times when they don't make everything people keep asking for, sure, but there's plenty of times in the past couple of years that they really have made stuff that people have asked for for quite some time. Just in the past 3-4 years, there's been a number of highly requested remakes, figures, or sets in general being made. 501st BP only happened because of fans, ahem, requesting, it. This entire wave of summer stuff is basically going to be everything that fans have been asking for, including Bo-Katan, Gar Saxon, the Armorer, Gideon, and Paz Vizsla. Large version of Cloud City and a Cantina had been common wish-list items for some time now, as well as Ponda Baba, Dr. Evazan, and Garindan. People wanted a prequel UCS, LEGO gave the option in the poll for a ship that people have been clamoring for. People complained about the prices of stuff like the TIE or X-Wing, they've almost halved the price of both for the latest releases, while still making some very quality builds and including a couple of interesting/rare-ish figures (Dodonna is new, the updated ANH Leia was only in a $200 set, and the protocol droid, while not as exciting for most, was only available in the Death Star). I do agree, at times, their inclusion/omission of certain figures or characters can be puzzling, but I truly don't think they just ignore what fans ask for.
  4. I think that's it. The Razor Crest was also directly referred to as "Razor Crest" multiple times, including in the first five minutes of Episode 1, Season 1. I don't believe I can remember anyone referring to the Bad Batch Shuttle as the Havoc Maurauder on the show. (and to be honest, I don't really think it matters much what the set is called. They could call the Millenium Falcon "Giant circular gray junk" and I'd probably still be interested in buying it )
  5. Kit Figsto

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yep, they did have the Legoland exclusives too, which I assumed was Covid related. I know that Disney Parks had similar stuff with their Cars and Star Wars merch, as a lot of stuff that was supposed to be park exclusive in the summer ended up getting sent to Target stores. Anyway, I know I've seen some of those sets on Target's website before, but I was under the impression that the modulars and winter village stuff was Shop@Home/Lego brand stores only.
  6. Kit Figsto

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not sure about other countries, but I do know in the US that some sets that are technically D2C have ended up at big-box retailers. I was just at a Target store today and they had some of the 18+ Mosaics (Marilyn Monroe, Star Wars, Marvel), the Book Shop Modular, Elf Clubhouse, Ford Mustang, and like one or two others sets that I thought were Lego exclusives. I don't think every store carries them, but it does seem as though they're trying to get sets like this Frozen Castle into stores where their customer base will be less specialized than just those shopping at or in a Lego store.
  7. Gotcha, thank you for clarifying. Do you know if there was any credence to the talk that the AT-AT was cancelled, or was that just someone making things up? The only reason I ask is because that'd make 3 UCS sets in a year, which, from what I can remember, is a first?
  8. Like some others have said, I just still don't know if I buy it. It's possible recently that the license changed, given that there was some smoke around that lately, but l can't really believe that Hasbro has never had exclusivity. On top of that, as others had said, leaking sets is one thing, but I think the legal consequences of breaching an NDA or something as part of a licensing contract would be much more serious, and it might be easier to trace where the leak came from. But, I digress. So, just to get this straight...75303 and 75369 are both listed as unknown on that site, with 75303 given a $200 price point and saying it's a UCS set. 75369 isn't given a name but other people have reported that's Vader's Meditation Chamber? I don't really understand 75303 being ANOTHER UCS set. We've got R2-D2 and the Gunship pretty much confirmed, Vader's Meditation Chamber is listed as 18+ so I assume it's a D2C, and then there's rumors of the UCS AT-AT and whatever 75303 is supposed to be. I know there was some talk of the AT-AT not being a thing, but it doesn't seem like the source was that reputable (I think it was someone on Brickset?), and that $800 price point set has been there for like, 6+ months now. Did something get lost in translation and 75303 isn't a real set (like, maybe it was R2-D2?). I just can't see them releasing four UCS-type sets in one year.
  9. I wonder if the Rebel Pilot helmet was a cost issue rather than a feedback issue. I know there was a lot of backlash about it, which was probably part of the reason for the switch, but it could've been a scenario where it was significantly cheaper to just use the old mold, whereas there's not a sizeable cost difference between the stormtrooper helmets.
  10. Well...yeah, there's no other sets scheduled for release unless we get a surprise exclusive or something. I'm sure we'll get some more Bad Batch sets in the January wave (or, if it's a similar schedule as this year, maybe one and then some remakes, with most of the new stuff coming in the summer), but it's not really a question of their decisions not making sense, that's how it's always happened. We didn't get Grogu until a year after the show came out, and my guess is that with the Shuttle, they weren't necessarily sure how or when Omega would tie into the story, or how she would be received.
  11. To be honest, and this is just my conjecture, I sort of doubt that this information is publicly available. I think the exact details of licenses (that is, the financials, the specifics of exclusivity, in which areas they're limited, and so on) are probably kept deeply under wraps to both appease the licensee and perhaps make it more difficult for competitors to come in and poach a license (which is unlikely with a major partner like SW or Disney, but for their smaller licenses, it could be a concern). On top of that, they attempted to sell minifigures alone twice and both times cancelled the lines (the early 2000s minifigure packs, then the magnet sets pre-2010ish, when they switched over to glued figures). Now, you could argue that those were simply not profitable, but I think the magnet sets were like $15 or something, which essentially boils down to $5 per figure, plus 3 magnetic bases. Even if that may have cut into sales of some larger sets, I don't think it would've hurt profit enough to warrant discontinuing the line outright. I have no idea what their costs per piece are, but I'd imagine it becomes an economies of scale sort of thing, and I would imagine those magnet sets were probably almost pure profit. Furthermore, the fact that they've had a HP minifigure series offering characters that are also available in larger sets (rather than the Lego Batman movie wave, where most of the figures were exclusive to the CMF series) suggests to me that offering figures by themselves in addition to large sets wouldn't necessarily cut into their revenue from selling sets. I think it's possible that the license has changed recently, especially considering how much smoke there's been around it, but there's no way that it's been the case for the entirety of LSW - that minifigure pack line from the early 2000s definitely would've continued if that were the case.
  12. I think we got factory leaks from the cantina...I'm not 100% positive but I seem to remember Ponda Baba leaking early. And about the latest Bad Batch episode,
  13. Kit Figsto

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Realistically, while most would probably classify all of the GTs as American, they've always stylistically appeared more similar to European supercars than anything to me. They just don't really have similarities at all to any other American sports cars from the same era.
  14. It could be a quality/ease of playability issue. I was going through some sets recently that I hadn't gotten out in a while and found one from 2016 or 2017-ish that had a Snowtrooper with a cloth kama. It looked absolutely fantastic, but I can see where it might get annoying/tedious for kids. You can't make the minifigure sit down on studs or use a vehicle without taking it off, and sometimes with their cloth pieces, I think taking them on and off again repeatedly could tear them or make them lose shape.
  15. Kit Figsto

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Both are fair points, I can agree that they probably should've gone with 2 American and one European/Japanese pack just so the market wasn't so exclusive. I think my impression of what was more well-known around the world was wrong, I assumed the Corvette and Challenger were still somewhat known in other parts of the world. I guess I'm pretty biased because both the Dodge and Ford sets are the ones I'm super excited for out of this line, but I can see why it's disappointing, since the TF dragster is pretty niche, and none of the other vehicles are super relatable to those outside of the US/Canada. I thought of this as well, I think the reason they scaled it down a little bit is because any larger of tires and they'd be bigger than the minifigure. I know dragsters have huge rear wheels in real life, but they'd just be way out of proportion with a figure (realistically they're probably going to look big next to a figure already, but it's hard to really capture the big tire without it looking like that in Lego form). I am, however, excited they went with the Angry Bee graphics, and it even looks like the driver in the set is based on Leah Pruett, which is kind of an awesome little Easter Egg, even if it's not officially NHRA licensed.