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  1. Kit Figsto

    Disney Properties 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm predicting that these sets will focus more on the early Disney stuff, with Mickey/Mickey-adjacent characters, rather than specific movies from later on. Maybe a set based on an Oswald cartoon with Oswald and Ortensia (okay, this might be my wishful thinking, but it seems plausible), something with Sorceror Mickey from Fantasia, and then if they were going to do something based on a princess movie, I'd bet Snow White (because it's the earliest one) or Cinderella (just because it's probably the most famous.
  2. Kit Figsto

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Since we didn't get any news from D23, I wonder if the February Toy Fair (I forget if that's New York or Nuremberg?) would be when they might unveil a set. That seems like a really good opportunity to show one of the large sets based off of the original movies, since it won't have any spoilers and will get people excited about the theme's return. Then again, I don't remember if they even have the Toy Fair anymore, and if LEGO still unveils sets at it or not.
  3. Yeah, I don't really see him being that much. I'm thinking initially Kuill and Mythrol will be like $40-60, but once the set's been out for some time, it will likely drop. We saw that with the Cantina figures, and I realize that Ponda Baba or Garindan aren't the same level of popularity as Kuill, but they were also fan-requested characters only available in an expensive D2C set. I expect the same price occurrence from Cad Bane, honestly, as that set has only been out for a couple of months, so there's plenty of time for that price to drop. Interestingly, Cad Bane is actually cheaper on Bricklink than P2 Commander Cody, which is REALLY surprising to me, since Commander Cody has been highly requested for probably 5+ years now, the sets are only $20 apart in price, and also the AT-TE still hasn't really shown up in America (at least not at Target/Walmart type store). Now, if there's no other release of Kuill, then the price will likely skyrocket once the Razor Crest retires. I mean, just Lando alone from the Cloud City set is $200, then you've got Boba Fett costing like $125, Han and Leia are each $50+...those four figures already are the original cost of the set plus tax, with a little bit left over...
  4. Not sure on exact value, but in the past, with exclusive figures in expensive sets (such as figures from the Cantina or Cloud City), it seems like the resale price starts off very high when the set initially releases, then drops a little bit and eventually stabilizes once the set has been out for some time and is widely available (with the Cantina, for example, it sold out almost instantly and was out of stock for a while, so minifigure prices stayed high for a little while until it became easier to get the set). However, once the set retires, resale prices are likely to go back up. Essentially, I would suggest waiting a little bit before you buy (the set itself is likely to have a shelf life of at worst a year, but more than likely at least two years or more) in order to get the best deal. Just don't wait until it retires.
  5. 15: 2 points 9: 1 point
  6. Kit Figsto

    Horror/Spooky Themes

    Sort of exciting on this front, right now on, there's a VIP promo for a Pirates accessory pack with purchases over $50. If you go onto the offers page with details, it says to be on the lookout for the next one, a Halloween(!!) themed accessory pack coming soon! I would assume this might be starting October 1st, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm curious what this might include. I'd guess some of the new-ish pumpkin and jack-o-lantern pieces, probably some spiders, maybe a buildable tombstone and a skeleton?
  7. I assume they'll use the Bib Fortuna head mold from the past, since the BOBF one is a bit different. I also am guessing that they'll do the Carbonite mold, since at this point it's only been like 3-4 years since they last used it (Cloud City and the last OT Slave I). I'm assuming the bricks from the Mandalorian sets are just because they're not going to make a mold that large when it's literally only going to be used once. Storage is also a bit of an issue, especially in the Razor Crest. It can work with the Slave I, like they did with Cloud City, but I think having two of those carbonite pieces standing up in the Razor Crest would just take up way too much room. If the diorama depicts the Boushh scene, I feel like Chewbacca pretty much has to be included, as it would look a little half-empty to have Boushh standing in front of Jabba without Chewie.
  8. Not sure if this is still the case, but I was at WalMart a couple of weeks ago and found they had a lot of LEGO on clearance, including SW (which, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to happen often). They had the Duel on Mandalore for $13, Trexler Marauder for like $30ish, and the Mandalorian Starfighter for $40. This specific location had a lot of each set, though it was also in a smaller town, so that might be why. Anyway, I grabbed one Mandalorian Starfighter, as I'd been waiting for a price reduction for a while, but figured it could be worth checking your WM if you haven't already.
  9. Kit Figsto

    4432 Secondary Market Prices?

    Hi, A year or so ago, I was downsizing and selling off some older sets on Bricklink. I was surprised when I looked at listing 4432, the 2012 Garbage Truck, as I was able to get about $30 for my used copy of it (a set that originally cost $20). For an unlicensed City set without any real unique parts or unusual minifigures, this seemed really odd, since most used City sets I was selling, I was usually either selling for less than I paid, or for some older ones maybe selling for about the original price. Come to find out, a sealed version of the set is at least $80, sometimes upwards of $100. Why is that? It wasn’t an exclusive and didn’t seem to have a short production run or anything. While it’s older, there are sets even older than it that are roughly the same size that can be had for cheaper (7991, the 2007 Garbage Truck, which arguably looks better in my opinion, can be had for like $60 brand new), and there are similar vehicles from the same era that are also way cheaper (Dump Truck is about $40 new, Ambulance is about $60 new, Cement Mixer about $60 new, 4x4 Fire Truck is about $40 new, etc). It’s also not something like farm, where we almost never get them - it seems like we get some form of a garbage truck every 4-5 years (if I’m not mistaken, there’s one either currently out or recently retired). That seems even less frequent than something like the Ambulance, and yet this Garbage Truck costs more? Anyway, I was just curious if there was something I’m missing about this set, or if anyone knows why it in particular costs so much?
  10. Kit Figsto

    The future of Back to the Future This came out in March from a credible source. However, given that these sets come out in a week, I assume it's either cancelled or being released another way (probably the former, though).
  11. Kit Figsto

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    So, I'm going to assume that third set is cancelled, given that these come out in a week and there is still zero information? That seems odd, because wasn't there a price and part count for it? I know set numbers will be cancelled all of the time, but how often do we get info on a piece count and price and never see the set?
  12. Kit Figsto

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Also, Indy doesn’t have nearly the same amount of source material as something like Star Wars or even HP (I know Indy has the TV show and the comics, but realistically I don’t think we’re getting anything from those). On top of that, the nature of the movies seems a lot less conducive to tons of sets like SW, just because there’s a lot of time spent in locations where sets aren’t super feasible (either due to a lack of playability, the actual source material, like the tanks in Last Crusade, or spending a lot of time in one location that doesn’t require multiple sets, like the Temple of Doom). If you go through the movies, there’s probably 3-5 vehicles or locations each that are definitely going to make good sets, and then you start getting into things that either have very little screen time, or aren’t super realistic as sets. If they didn’t do ANY remakes for this wave, I honestly don’t know what they could even do. The Grail temple is the only one that sticks out as something that would both work well as a set and wasn’t made in the first one. I think the bridge fight in ToD would be a good option. Then I guess the plane from the intro of ToD? The map room? The circus train? Something from Castle Brunwald? Anyway, point being, I feel like most of the sets that they chose were stronger options than pretty much all of those except the Grail temple (which technically could still be that large set). While I think the collector market is there for Indy (as evidenced by the eBay prices of almost *anything* Indy, not just LEGO), I’m not sure it’s on the level of SW where you could pretty much pump out a set or action figure of anything and people would buy it.
  13. Kit Figsto

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm surprised we got descriptions this early! I feel like there's a high chance of a second wave, assuming this is a January release, especially since the movie is a summer release. At the very least, I'd be surprised if we didn't get 1-2 more Indy 5 sets after the movie comes out. There's definitely enough from the first four movies to do at least 2-3 more waves of sets, too. They could do remakes of the motorcycle chase, Shanghai car chase, Venice canal chase, possibly the Flying Wing, Jungle Cutter, Cemetery Battle, Crystal Skull/Raiders temples, and I really, really hope we get a remake of the truck chase, that's one I wished I had from back when it came out, and it's just too expensive on the secondary market these days. They could also do the ToD bridge fight or the Grail Temple, just to name a few possible new ones. I'm happy about the selection of sets here. I missed out on the original Well of Souls set, so I'll definitely be getting the new one. I'll have to see on the others, but am definitely interested in the fighter plane and Temple of Doom. Also, the prices seem really good for these, at least based on the piece counts and my assumption on the general size of each set.
  14. Kit Figsto

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    I just built my Hideout today, and I have to say, I'm super impressed. It was a very enjoyable build and I liked a lot of the techniques used for the branches and leaves. The only thing I didn't like about is it that I had some trouble with the far right side's rounded green plate (the side with the mushroom on the front, on the right hand side of the tower if you're looking at it from the front). I built my set on carpet, which I know can be kind of tricky when attaching things onto plates, but that specific plate seems to really not attach to the rest of the set very well, since it's basically a round 2x2 plate holding it on. It seemed like if I tried to attach anything to that side of the build and pressed hard, the whole thing popped off.
  15. That must've been it, because I was pretty sure I recalled Chewbacca referenced in mention to this set, but I guess it was just speculation since he makes sense as a main character you'd include with an Endor AT-ST. That said, I am a little bit surprised that they didn't include a main character as a 4th minifigure in the set. It seems like all of the 4+ sets except for the TIE came with one (even the A-Wing had C-3PO thrown in). This seemed like a good set to include a Han or Chewbacca just to add playability, but I'm glad Wicket is in there at least.