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  1. Kit Figsto

    Indiana Jones Making a Come Back?

    On the plus side, I think the chances of a Lego wave just went up exponentially! I was loosely following the news of filming earlier in the summer, I wonder if this is related to Ford getting injured on set and delaying things, or if it's just them needing extra time to film?
  2. Kit Figsto

    Indiana Jones Making a Come Back?

    The other thing that, admittedly, doesn't look great for the existence of an IJ reboot is that it would make a TON of sense for them to do some sets based off of the first four films. Even if they didn't have as large of a wave as last time, some of the classic scenes would absolute deserve to either have their sets remade or made for the first time. Those wouldn't need to wait, since the source material already exists.
  3. Kit Figsto

    Indiana Jones Making a Come Back?

    I think there's still an outside chance of a theme, but only if they were keeping it under very deep cover. I remember this time two years ago, we didn't know what "Leaf" was (the assumption was that it was the action/adventure theme that eventually became Monkie Kid, which was confusing for everyone, since that didn't seem worthy of a ton of hype) until the reveal in March that it was Mario. It seems a little bit unlikely that the same is true for IJ, since they probably would've wanted to keep the Mario license under wraps, given the fact that it's a brand new partnership and the new technology involved, whereas there's already a ton of Disney themes and they've done IJ in the past, but it's still plausible. I would be surprised if there isn't anything, though, I expect that the movie will have a ton of hype and the prices for IJ stuff on the secondary market are nuts, so there's definitely demand for a reboot of the theme, but it's also possible that the appeal for a full line may not be there and the prices are just high because the sets are old and the IP is still fairly popular.
  4. I don't want to put words in your mouth, but also, it seems like you were making the point of "If you made a pack for one clone legion, then released another one six months later, the second one will probably sell worse, because to a lot of people, they're all clones, so why bother with the second one if they already bought the first?" That to me is a little bit different than having a clone available in a minifigure pack as well as a set at the same time, since the minifigure packs are sort of supplementary. It would be like them releasing a set with Stormtroopers at the same time as a minifigure pack that comes with Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Ben Kenobi, versus them putting out that minifigure pack at the same time as a minifigure pack that's two Sandtroopers and C-3PO. The figures are different, but probably not distinct enough to warrant choosing one over the other to a casual fan or a kid.
  5. If I had to guess, I don't think this is super feasible within their business model. As far as the recycling goes, it would certainly work for molds, but they rarely, if ever, like to just re-use the same design. Even when it's a BARC or Jedi Starfighter, there tend to be slight differences in each iteration of the vehicle or set. I'm not sure if you meant literally re-making the same set with different clones or whatever, but it just doesn't seem like something they've ever done or shown an interest in doing. As far as the shelf lives, the seasonal stuff or promotions, I would assume, are produced in smaller quantities and tend to be a lot smaller. When they produce regular sets, I'd guess the production runs are a lot larger, because they're assuming that the shelf life is longer. Plus, most of the seasonal stuff generally doesn't have any new prints or molds. I don't know the specifics of that Spiderman set, but it seems like they really don't want to have sets with short shelf lives if they're part of a specific theme. I would also guess that anything larger than, like, $30 needs to have a longer shelf life.
  6. I think it's likely that one or multiple TBoBF sets are revealed during this toy reveal. Last year they did that with the Trouble on Tatooine set, when the toy reveal weeks were Mandalorian focused. It would only really make sense for them to reveal a toy based on TBoBF. And one last thing on the action figures, I don't know if my previous comment really articulated this well, but people are pointing to "These clone figures sold out instantly" which is probably true, but I'm also looking on a site right now with all of the Black Series releases from the past 8-12 months, I've legitimately never seen 95% of these in stores. I think I saw Cal Kestis, Bo-Katan, Chopper, Celebration Luke, Greef Karga, Wrecker, K-2SO and Hoth Han. Everything, whether it's OT, PT, ST, or expanded universe (with the exception of Rogue One, because I swear there are still toys from the release of that movie sitting on shelves) they put out seems to sell out, which I think is more of an issue of them underproducing figures than anything else.
  7. I feel like something that tends to be forgotten when discussing sets is that there is a long shelf life for many products. Longer than action figures (which seem to be "if you don't get it when the store restocks during the one wave that figure is available, you're never going to get it at retail"), for sure. So when you look at the January 2022 wave and say "There's nothing that appeals to kids, what are they doing!", that may be true for that wave specifically, but from there are at least a dozen system scale sets that are also still on shelves and have a very good mix of characters, from basic OT Luke and Leia to Bo-Katan and Ahsoka to the Bad Batch. Anecdotally, it seems like a LOT of sets from the past year have been selling really well. The X-Wing and TIE Fighter are still not always on shelves near me (especially since Target and Walmart seem to have these permanently marked down to $40 and $32, respectively), and the summer wave is still iffy if I can even find those sets, despite it being two full months since release. I'm pretty sure I've never seen the Arquitens in stores, and I've only seen the Bad Batch Shuttle once, I think. Point being, those sets will still be around when this January wave hits. Therefore, there's still system scale playsets on shelves that have more appeal than dioramas or helmets or sets without minifigures. I would bet MOST kids definitely have not acquired the full summer wave, considering how expensive that is and how much this stuff has been selling. It's not like they're just abandoning their core consumers. It's also easy to point to "This set is selling well, so LEGO is dumb for not making more sets from [insert movie/show here]" but there's some confirmation bias in that. A lot of people reported the summer wave sets selling out, but a lot of people also reported the X-Wing or the most recent helmets selling out. It's impossible for us to know what the demand truly is, and I would really argue with the idea that LEGO's idea of what sells well is flat out wrong. Of course, companies make mistakes, but there's a difference between a new theme not selling well (when they're relying mostly on speculation) and them looking at actual, concrete data of "This is how well this set sold, compared to this set" within the SW line. It seems fair to assume that they did a big summer wave full of stuff that had been requested for some time, and are now going with a wave that seems targeted mostly towards adult collectors, then will probably do another large summer wave that's system-heavy. Finally, not every wave is going to please every person. The summer wave had some nice builds, but a lot of that stuff wasn't really for me. I enjoy The Mandalorian and TCW/BB, but only the Mandalorian Fighter set was one that I really feel like "Yes, I'd like to buy that," and even then, I haven't purchased it yet. This upcoming wave, I'm definitely interested in quite a few sets from both the diorama-style and the system-style. I am surprised, however, that this wave doesn't have any prequel-era stuff yet (it wouldn't surprise me if there's a Bad Batch minifigure pack that comes with Omega, or something like that), but the summer one was all prequel era and Mandalorian, which was also a little bit surprising.
  8. Kit Figsto

    Is this a fake pack?

    I thought of this too, I've seen it one some collectibles, but in this case, it just doesn't make sense. The firefighter torso was extremely common and goes for like 10 cents on Bricklink. The Legoland one is about 50 cents (cheaper than I thought, honestly) and is considerably rarer since I think you had to get that from a park, whereas those forest firefighters were available in every set from that subtheme, some of which were extremely cheap. So the re-selling angle is out, which suggests that maybe someone desperately needed some firefighters, but at that point, why not just take the entire figure and swap in generic ones? It's also way too random to be an error or mispackaged thing. The mixture of things here is just too weird, and I assume these figure packs might be assembled by hand? I mean, I can't see a machine being able to align the accessories and stuff in such a way that fits in the package, but I don't know. It's just super bizzare.
  9. I'm definitely very curious as well, since there's at least a couple of things both could be. The Yoda set, to me, could be either a remake of the 2003 Yoda's Hut + X-Wing (which I think makes sense as a set, but not right now, we just got Yoda's Hut like 3 years ago and there's a Red Five X-Wing on shelves right now. They've doubled up X-Wings before, but only when it was sequel and OT, not two versions of the exact same ship), the Force cave thing (maybe attached to Yoda's Hut?), or something from the Jedi Temple (Though I'm not as sure how playable this is, I definitely think a Jedi Temple set would be popular). Assuming the Death Star set is minifigure scale, the Detention Block/Garbage Masher makes sense, because we've gotten all of the other major scenes from the DS as sets within the last couple of years, but it could also be the Rey/Kylo duel from TRoS. It could also be ship-based, maybe an A-Wing + TIE variation + some external structure of the DS. I'm excited to see what these are.
  10. Does anyone know the price that these figures sold for? I have no interest in buying them, I'm more just curious. Presumably, the seller knew what they had here, but I have no clue what something like this would cost.
  11. If it's anything like previous set bundles, they won't be very common anyway. At least here in the US, I think I've maybe seen those like three times at most. I think Costco/Sam's Club occasionally will get them in the winter time around the holidays, I think Toys R Us used to stock some of them, and then infrequently they'll be at smaller toy stores, but that's really it.
  12. Kit Figsto

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well, I struck out three times on the Tumbler today. I hit my local Lego store this afternoon, thinking it was probably 50/50 if they'd have it or not. Probably should've called first, but I figured I'd go anyway, and sure enough, they were out of it. No problem then, I pulled up on my phone and found two stores that were on my way home, one listed as having one in stock, the other apparently having three. Neither of them had it, which was rather frustrating, since it'll probably be another week or two before any of these places re-stock. At this point, I wonder if I'd be better off ordering online.
  13. Is it possible that 75325 is another statue? Those seem to hover around that $60-80 price point and we've had them for two years in a row now with D-0 and the Probe Droid, so I feel like there's a nonzero chance that's what that set is, especially considering the helmet info has also leaked. The numbers seem weird since it'd be right in between a bunch of system scale stuff, but the helmets are also before a couple of sets that we're assuming are probably system scale.
  14. If I'm interpreting the info correctly, I don't think these two are January wave sets. The Landspeeder is supposedly the May UCS (which fits the pattern, those tend to be the oversized vehicles, and also it would be way too soon to put out a UCS in January, since the A-Wing, Cantina, R2-D2, Gunship, Falcon, Star Destroyer, and AT-AT would all be on shelves at once. That's 7 UCS/D2C items on shelves at once. I'd imagine the A-Wing will retire soon-ish and the Landspeeder will fill that price point. The Lightsaber is unclear, but given that we have pictures of it, it would make the most sense for that to be a GWP for the AT-AT.
  15. I'm not disagreeing with the breakdown of sets at all, nor with the fact that at least two of those three should probably count towards OT (RO for sure, Rebels with a lot of stuff, Solo I'd say is a bit more debatable, but if I'm counting CW towards prequels, then I'd say it's fair to count Solo towards OT ), but in fairness, the reason that we were getting those sets was because they were topical at the time, and none of those properties have gotten really any attention at all other than their initial waves. I believe RO got a couple of sets released after the film wave, and then Rebels had a handful but nothing since, like, 2017. So, believe me, I see where you're coming from, because I am a huge RO fan and absolutely want more sets from that movie, and same deal with Rebels.