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  1. Kit Figsto

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    The most difficult part would be determining how people voted that didn't have any of the final four on their initial ballots. I personally voted for Adventurers, Model Team, and Rock Raiders, then went with Castle in the final vote. My intuition tells me that the system themes likely picked up most of the voters that didn't vote for any of the finalists, since I think most Bionicle fans would've voted for it in the first place, and I think there's fewer people that are just "meh" on Bionicle - for the most part I think you sort of either like it or you never really got into it. The biggest question for me would be, did the three system themes rob enough votes off of each other to prevent a majority and then Bionicle won?
  2. It's coming, and like someone already said, the only summer set we don't know about is a $30 set that's apparently a Target exclusive in the US, will likely be exclusive to a different retailer in Europe (plus LEGO stores/online shopping). There's always a chance of other sets that may pop up, like last year the IT-S ship was a surprise, but given the size of this wave, it's probably less likely? Anyway, what we know we're getting: Ahsoka vs. Maul duel from S7 of Clone Wars Unknown $30 set Imperial Troop Transport from Mando episode 12 Slave I, apparently based on ESB Mandalorian Starfighter, apparently based on Clone Wars Bad Batch Shuttle Gideon's Light Cruiser Vader's Meditation Chamber 18+ set, no one's really sure exactly what that is UCS R2-D2 in May UCS Gunship at some point UCS AT-AT in the fall I think that's it?
  3. Agree. The problem is that a $150 playscale gunship is already relatively close to the scale of the source material. They can't really make it any taller without being absolutely ridiculous in height, the width is decent, and scaling up the length, okay, that's maybe going to get you to a little more expensive, but not a UCS-size set. Minifigure proportions are weird to where you're never going to get anything exactly right. Any sort of wheeled vehicle (City, Speed Champions) are perfect examples. The 6-stud wide City vehicles tend to be too small and very minimal in terms of space and detail, but when you scale up to 8-studs wide in Speed Champions, they look more detailed on the outside and can more comfortably fit a minifigure, but they look way too wide or way too long. The playscale version of the Gunship is as close as you're going to reasonably get to minifigure scale, so there was no real justification to make a UCS version that's the same size, since the price would be basically the same.
  4. Kit Figsto

    these figures are original?

    I also would imagine that they do the prototypes at LEGO's HQ, rather than at their factories, which may or may not be in another country. I remember a while back they did videos showing their process of designing sets for the Cars line about ten years ago, and I think they did their initial prototype production in their offices in Denmark. Now, that may have been a simplified version of it just for the videos, and this was also a decade ago so the process may have changed as technology has changed, but it would make more sense than the element designers saying "Hey we need to test this new mold" and having to call their factory wherever, get them to set up the new mold, produce a handful of parts, and then ship them back to Denmark. I think sometimes these colored figures are legitimate prototypes, but when all of these come up at once, I doubt that they were prototypes. I mean, why would they need to make a clear version of the figure?
  5. Kit Figsto

    these figures are original?

    I think some of the weird colored figures that pop up on eBay or wherever else are prototypes, but I've never seen a full rainbow like this. Interesting.
  6. Kit Figsto

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    They got around it before by just putting Boushh instead. A sail barge would be tougher to avoid, since she was kind of a key character in that scene and they can't exactly give an alternate outfit. And as far as my wishlist:
  7. I think if there was any group of people that fell into that category, it would most likely be people from Instagram/Reddit/YouTube. EB, from what I've seen over the past year, had pretty realistic expectations for the model and/or minifigure selection. The comments on the other social media platforms are where most people are complaining.
  8. Kit Figsto

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The weapon seems to be this machete pieces, available in 23 sets: That torso appeared in 5 sets, two of which (30225 and 60011) had the sunglasses head, so it's likely from one of those, though the head is so common that it could be a mixture of figures very easily too. Either way, the weapon definitely was from a different source than the rest of the figure. Hope that helps!
  9. Kit Figsto

    Fifth Indiana Jones Movie- 2019

    I don't see why they couldn't do it again, I'd frankly be super disappointed if they didn't make any sets. I highly doubt we'd see anything like the tank chase from Last Crusade, as much as I'd want to, just because they've never really directly made a tank, but they did a fine job with the original sets of just removing any insignias or logos from vehicles or minifigure designs. Plus, I would hope that they see the secondary market prices for the sets and know how popular these are, it was probably one of the few licensed themes that lasted only a couple of years but wasn't considered a flop, if I remember right, the rumor was that they put the theme "on hold" after 2009 and that we'd get more in 2010/2011, but obviously that never happened. I think it'd be a mistake not to do it, Lucasfilm/Disney related LEGO stuff seems absurdly popular, and I don't think IJ has the appeal for other licensed toys that Star Wars does. That is, with Star Wars, in addition to LEGO, they have like five different lines of action figures, plush toys, toy lightsabers/weapons, trading cards, and other types of toy too. With IJ they can maybe do one line of figures, some whips/hats, and maybe one line of trading cards. LEGO would be one of the few opportunities for an almost guaranteed successful tie-in. At the very least, please just give us a Sallah minifigure!
  10. I am curious to see if the Scout Trooper helmet lifts up in the front. It's unlikely, because then they'd have to actually build a stand underneath it and probably would require making the helmet hollow (and thus much less stable) but it'd be cool... Anyway, I wonder if them cutting back to two helmets was always the plan or if they decided to change it from three. I think it makes more sense to do two per year, the sets last year seemed to sell okay (at least around me, they seemed to be selling really well at retail stores), that way they don't run out of potential candidates for helmets as quickly, since there's only really a dozen or so characters that have helmets recognizable enough to actually sell a $60-70 set of.
  11. If I remember right, someone in the Castle subforum brought it up, I believe Mark Stafford said something to that regard talking about why smaller sets can often have a lot of that kind of stuff and sometimes they don't always bring out new molds for expensive D2C/UCS stuff. I don't have the exact quote, so I have no idea what constitutes a cheaper set (like, is it any system set under $100, or is it just the more "impulse buy" stuff that's $25 and under?) but it was kind of interesting to think about. It's possible, but I don't know if they would want to have both on shelves at the same time. The last version of Anakin's fighter from the Clone Wars show was out for seemingly two years, so I'd imagine the ROTS version would have a similar shelf life, and if you've got both on the shelves at the same time, they might run the risk of cannibalizing their own market. Collectors or completionists would buy both no problem, but if a kid is in the store, they're probably just going to pick whichever color they prefer or whichever character they prefer, since they're essentially the exact same model outside of that. I do think we'll get a remake of it at some point, though, since it's been like seven years, and it'd be nice to get one some buzz droids.
  12. I'm also someone that prefers all of my pieces are new, so you're not alone there! Buying the Ninjago Gardens and parting it out sounds like a good idea, especially if you do what you said and sell the figures to make back a bit of that money. If you get lucky, too, sometimes you can find the bulk brick "sets" on sale, I remember here in the US there was one of the large $50 sets of random bricks that people were finding at Walmart for incredibly cheap. Those are a bit more unusual to find on sale, but if you are able to get those, it's nice for just basic bricks of different colors, which are sometimes more difficult than you might think to acquire. As far as acquiring more specialized or rare elements, your best bet is to use Pick a Brick or Bricks and Pieces, there's a topic over on the Licensed Themes subforum where people talk about specialized parts from sets (printed tiles, minifigure accessories, that sort of thing) available on Bricks and Pieces. It's fairly affordable to order off of there, the biggest downside is that once they run out of parts to sell, they almost never restock (my guess is that it's extras that they had from their inventory of replacement parts, so they need to retain some to send out as possible replacements and can only sell a certain amount).
  13. I could also see them adding a certain spoiler-y figure, since it wouldn't require a new design or anything, but it depends how soon after the release of the season finale that they still consider it to be spoilers. A second Darktrooper, to me, is probably the best choice, since there were multiple onboard the ship and we're not going to really have an opportunity to get more of them in any other sets unless they did something based on Episode 14 (the first one with Boba Fett). Plus, keeping Bo-Katan exclusive to the Mandalorian Fighter entices people to buy that (and thankfully it's only $60, if I remember right).
  14. The May UCS (which I believe is the gunship?) tends to usually get a reveal in late April, typically UCS stuff doesn't really leak or if it does, it's very close to the official reveal date. For example, the cantina had one of the promo shots leak like two weeks before the reveal and I think a blurry picture of the set as a whole came out about a week before the official reveal. I would assume that the Lars Homestead is indeed a vignette, since I highly doubt they would make one of the most requested locations into a set that is super limited in quantity and only available with the purchase of a UCS set. Last year, we got a very blurry picture of General Grievous' fighter right around this time, but that was highly atypical if I remember right. We had the 501st set officially revealed in April, I believe the AT-AT revealed in mid-May, and then everything else leaked at like the end of May/early June. I would assume some stuff might trickle out in the spring, but the safest assumption is just early summer for pictures.
  15. I think if they want to go for total accuracy, it would be a new mold, worst case scenario they just give us a black bar piece and a lightsaber hilt. Most likely is probably just a black katana piece, though, at least in my opinion.