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  1. Same issue here. Not to mention I used to browse daily simply looking at where I left off of the previous day from my mobile device. Now I have to jump 30 pages every time just to see the newer posts in a single thread. I don't follow along nearly as much as I used to say the least.... I probably missed a ton of fantastic creations because of this site update....
  2. I prefer digital. Helps free up space on my building desk. I can't stand the glare from lighting on paper instructions. I did however notice the instruction color quality this year has improved. I store my instructions in file folder hangers in a filing cabinet so size doesn't matter.
  3. Hardbody Stance Pickup

    Nice. Do you have a photo of the underside? I checked your blog and flickr but didn't find one.
  4. The truck looks great and what a wonderful step outside of the super car category.
  5. [MOD] 42036 Super Sport

    Looks good but real chains have some slack.
  6. I called my local lego store today to find out if they had them on the shelf and what the price was. Mind you I know three of the employees and spend good money at this particular store each year. He said to me, not shelving until Aug 1st and price is unknown. Drove to my local Toys R Us, two were sitting on the shelf for $119.99 USD. Today there was 20% discount on Technic. I went to the register to purchase the set. She said it's not part of the sale. I said it's technic like the sign says. They honored the discount so I got it for $94.99 USD. My thought is the sale ends today and they accidentally stocked this set to fill shelf space. I hope I got a good deal at that price. I feel I did....
  7. Instructions Question

    Stick with mocs from Madoca, and Nico71 if you can't afford buying instructions. Both builders combined will give you years of building for free due to how many mocs and free instructions they offer. Otherwise spend the $10 on instructions of your choice and be happy you did.
  8. I built the RC version. The gearbox alone is over 1000 pieces. It is a fantastic modular building experience to say the lease.
  9. Porsche 917K

    Thomas Zettl. You can find him on Rebrickable.
  10. Looks nice. I actually printed the color 3d renders from Rebrickable on to Avery mailing labels then cut them to size to fit on my akro mills containers.
  11. Hey Grum great progress. You may want to review the steps involved for the head rests on the seats. I think they are positioned wrong. I did the same thing on mine.
  12. Why are Eneloop Pro batteries good?

    In 2012 I bought a 16 pack of 2000mah eneloop NiMH batteries and a PowerEx MH-C9000 charger / conditioner. To this day they charge full, hold charges extremely well and discharge at correct rates. I recommend these batteries. I went with that PowerEx charger because of the break in cycle and conditioner cycle.
  13. Simply incredible. Very well done!!
  14. Wheel slippage

    Add a second receiver and second battery box??