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  1. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    anime is weird to me, but i suppose a medieval version of the anime style lego sets around knights kingdom 2 would be interetsing ( or would it be knights kingdom 2 agian ? )
  2. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    technicly it is not anime, but i see your point a lego of a saracastic cartoon would not work well
  3. same one but the image is really quite a good minifigure behind the cheiftien you can make your own minifgure, there is a a place n new york and florida and some other places were you design it and it is printed i built one, it is a good process
  4. EPIC i want that minifigure !!!! in january obvuiosly
  5. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    a blackfalcon king would have been cool actually a 12th century city sers could do well, there is a cartoon about a fanatsy medieval time with hsitoric looking citys and castle alongside fanatsy ones called disenchanment that lego could make a seires simlair to, but the cartoon is far to old for lego, there is alcholol and jokes about murder in it
  6. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    ah, i should have been specific i ment the viking set, but i am exited for the forest
  7. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    is it releasing summer or winter ? i hope it is winter
  8. hi, i saw a article here a while ago about how we might have gotten a green dragon in kingdoms and i am going to write some of my theorys for what kingdom sets we might have gotten. If you do not know what kingdoms is ( i would be suprised if you do not, form what i know it was well liked ) it was a castle theme wit 3 factions fighting each other. Green dragons, red lions and a black falcon in one set. The first thing i did when guessing what other sets we might have gotten, is by comparing kingdoms sets and elements to older castle themes Red lions: the kingdoms red lions, have a very similiar sheild to the crusders from old castle sets, the sheilds bot have a lion on them and have red as part of the it green dragons: the kingdoms green dragons, have sheild with a curled dragon on a green one could argue that they could be ment to be a black knight updated, but the green and there being led by a wizard suggest tthat they are a contuntaion of the dragon masters On other thing is that many kingdoms sets are very simlair to classic castle sets, the king castle to kings castle tower rescue to majetsos tower catpukt attack to the battering ram set and blacksmith to black smith what could we have gotten: based of the simlateries told castle sets, i think had kingdoms continuied we may have gotten sets simlair to majestos magic workshop, fire breatthing fortress and kings mountian fortress somehwat like these mocs
  9. valon

    The Problem with Lotr and Elves

    sir rascus might work as heavy infantry
  10. the hogwarts castle is epic !!!!! also the hogsmead can be used as a peasant village sort of
  11. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    there are themes of that for worldbuilder, castle does not have as many, i get your point though
  12. cool !!!! i have built ( and i am building ) islands on meg blocks baseplates that float, i have never seen a ship that floats, execpt for duplo and city hulls, that is very epic !!!! 40 cannons !!!! i would not want to be a pirate fighting that ship !!!!
  13. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    almost the entire theme is about attacking villages, it would have been epic if they built a village set, because it could have been used i normal castle, the vechiles that they had really huge sets of made no sense, because they were in the series not as much and If they had built the knights vechiles as smaller sets and had the meduim sets be villages and monster castles, it would have been a a better castle theme nexo knights had good sets for space, so definatley it is not them
  14. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    i think that nexo knights, if the knights looked normal and if instead of vechiles they had mythical creatures would have been cool, the bad guys were good for normal castle and i am very suprised that they did not have a village set, most of the show is about monsters attacking normal medieval peasant villages