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  1. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    no, star war is in space and has space ship and minifigure that work. Harry Potter has castle, but there are no knight the current ninjago theme is castle partially nexo knight was good for space but not for castle johnny thunder i guess
  2. i hope it is castle pirate or Johnny Thunder. most other theme excpet bionicle and the one i mentioned have a theme like it unless you count harry potter as castle
  3. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    quite !!!! most of the other themes have something excpet castle pirate and johnny thunder
  4. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    very good !!!!!!!! i wish lego only put in castle and pirates and johnny thunder, mosts of the other themes like space and town have city and star wars, only castle pirate and bionicle have nothing !!!!!! ( bioncle is not one of my favortie themes, but it has nothing )
  5. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    i hope it is a castle like the looked like in the medieval times, with wall panel or not i am worried that it will be how a castle look today or be a microscale castle
  6. i am probaby alot younger then you and i like fantasy castle, but knights that i have one minute might be fighting fantasy enemies the next minute be fighting knights and then i might use them in a diffrent game were they fight custom historical factions or Arabs
  7. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    that would be good, but i am worried that it will be microscale, or how a castle looks today. I hope it looks like a castle in the medieval times though, fantasy or not.
  8. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    i wonder if it will be fantasy or historical. I like both, but since nexo knights only had good fantasy parts and the good guys were stupid, i hope it is historic. Also, just curios, i have read on other threads that you like historical only what did you think of 2013 castle ? beside the dragon and wizard it was historical
  9. valon

    Future Castle Sets?

    maybe mythica would be a code name theme were there any theme with code name
  10. valon

    lego castle theory

    hi, i have noticeed a pattern in recent castle themes. After knigthts kingdom, we got the fantasy era theme, wich used the crown knight sheild this design is the same with diffrent color as the yellow castle sheild then with kingdoms we had the red lion sheild wich looked like the crusader sheild and then we had the 2013 castle sheild wich was like the royal knights sheild but with colors like knight kingdom what i think is that lego since knight kingdom has been trying to use sheilds simlair to a older theme. Then nexo knights wich was a story based theme with colored named knights simlair to knights kingdom 2 ( but with modern technology and not medieval looking and worse ) after that lego has not made a castle theme. wether or not you agree nexo knight was a castle theme, it was inspired partially by knight kingdom 2 and after knight kingdom, lego started copy old themes wich i think is part of the reason that lego has not made a new castle theme. Lego has been copying old sheild desgins. ALso, i think lego, who appear to be trying to be less violent have not made castle or pirate themes, because unlike ninjago, were you see the enemy get chased away and not killed, in castle and pirate wich are not story based it implies people being killed. Those ore to things that i have noticed in lego castle and though it would be interetsing to tell people
  11. yes i think that is what he means. I think that could be really cool !!!!
  12. valon

    [LEGO IDEAS] Cedar Hill Junction

    nice set !!!!
  13. valon

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    i really like the set, it is cool has new knight minfigures although red lion knight would have been better then falcon knight it is a cool building and can be in a fantasy or historical setting. Even if the roof is not completly accurte to the medieval time it is ment to look good not be completely accurte. Some of the parts of the medieval village are not accurate to the medieval time but people like that set. I like it better then the idea. But even if you do not, if people bu it it will show that people like castle and hopefully they will bring back ( probaly story based ) castle