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  1. That's a fantastic scene, MKJoshA! Am I the last one with yellow figs now?
  2. SoNE Episode XII: Alliance Intelligence New assigment! Something went really wrong during one of the last missions! They tried to get rid of Luke Skywalker. Really?! What do we have to do now?! Send a message to all our bases. Explain the situation. We must find the one behind this! Give me 10 minutes! And then the guy said: "Over my dead body". They simply called that wookiee and it was done in 2 seconds. They haven't found the second arm yet, though. Haha. Ah, I miss good old times. Anyway, what ... Wait, I'm receiving a message. To all units! There's a traitor between our lines! Her name's Maran Tuden but the name may be false. You will receive her picture in 5 minutes. Alliance Intelliegence offficers have to ask everyone in their base about her. Good luck and may the force be with you. It seems I have to go. Thanks for visit. Send my regards to other guys. Good luck! Come on, boy! There're many of those still waiting in the warehouse! It's too late when you can already smell the rancor! What rancor?! Where?! No! My father used to say this when we were working in the mine and the bomb was set and we had ... What bomb?! Where?! Take it easy Brem. Oh, Aland, what's going on? Nothing good. You heard about the Suprosa mission, right? Well, they tried to kill Skywalker, a female technician was involved. Do you know anything about this? No, we haven't left this base for long time. Ask in the warehouse. Oh, and can you please ask them if those bombs have arrived yet? WHAT BOMBS?!! 80-BbY, has the food supply arrived? Beep - Bop - Baap! Stop! Use the voice box! Okay, okay Quibbey! And stop calling me Quibbey! My name's Quib! Okay, okay. Yes, it's behind those crates. Quib, can you spare me some time? Yes, what is it? A female technician sabotaged equippment and Luke Skywalker was endangered. Do you know anything about this? No, but Damon probably does. He knows every woman in Alliance. Damon! Hello Aland, hello Quibbey! What's going on? Damon, do you know technician named Maran Tuden? It's important. Yeah, ofcourse! She worked as a technician on the set of When Trandoshan met Wookiee. I think she has a flat on Corellia. I maybe even have her adress. I'll give it to you as soon as I find it. But excuse me now, I have a date with Patricia. Good, thank you! Huh, how does he do this, Quib? Well, he acted in Sleepless in the Shuttle, didn't he? Well, now I need to find someone who'll locate that flat on Corellia ... ------------------------
  3. Aland1916

    (WIP LDD) Building a larger StarScavenger

    I think you have the right windshield.
  4. Aland1916

    [SoNE Freebuild 03] They Always Listen

    Great build! I like everything on it: the door, blue-red color combination, hologram... Well done!
  5. It looks great! Well done!
  6. Aland1916

    [MOC][ALT] First Order Twin Snowspeeder

    I like the middle section.
  7. Aland1916

    [MOC] AT-PT

    I like it very much! It looks great with other machines around it.
  8. Aland1916

    [MOC] Boga – Obi Wan's Varactyl

    It surely looks fantastic! Details on the head are really stunning.
  9. Aland1916

    [MOC] Rebel U-Wing Troop Carrier

    I like the shape of the cockpit, but those engines look great too!
  10. Aland1916

    [MOC] [LDD] Naboo N-1 Starfighter

    I like it very much, especially the tail.
  11. Aland1916

    [MOC] Imperial Bastion on the planet Valrar

    Great build! Amazing scale and nice details.
  12. I'm not in the group-chat. Can someone please add me?
  13. Aland1916

    [Freebuild] Through the Sky

    Very clean! I love the ship!
  14. Aland1916

    [Freebuild] In the Wellcity

    Great ship!