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Found 1 result

  1. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Freebuild 03: They Always Listen Forresto's Journal: Three months have passed since the Empire brutally suppressed the many alien worker's riots that thrust the planet into chaos. The protest that ended in slaughter that my brother and I witnessed was merely the beginning of a month long series of successful planetary uprisings. Dissidents apparently managed to sabotage half the Imperial starships in production in the orbiting shipyards. While official Imperial channels indicate the riots ended with amnesty given to those participants who surrendered peacefully, more reliable sources inform me the reality was far more severe. Several hundred thousand protestors at minimum were caught and sent to off world hard labor camps, where reports tell laborers lifespans are not much more then a year at best. That is not to mention the thousands of disappearances where notable individuals to simple workers simply vanished without a trace, unlike the riots these occurrences haven't ceased. I am coping, although I remain in a constant state of stress. My boss and several other coworkers at the Office of Urban Development for Esra Sector were amongst those to have disappeared. Rumors are nothing more then whispers but what i've heard concerns me. If the whispers are to be true the Empire has brought in a specific subdivision of the Imperial Security Bureau, the SSF. I do not know what the acronym stands for and I don't wish to ever know. However my brother Dann is frightening me more then any rumored Imperial boogeymen could. Ever since our experience at the massacre he's grown distant. At first I thought this was just him growing older but i'm not so sure now. He transferred to work at another Urban Development Office and returns to our apartment late into the night so I rarely see him. He barely eats, we barely talk to each other, and anytime I catch him on a communicator he immediately hangs up. His paranoia has only gotten worse in recent days. I don't understand what is going on with him. Is he homesick? Traumatized by witnessing so many deaths? I feel he's gotten caught up in something far bigger then he understands. At first the endless cities and limitless skyscrapers seemed appealing in comparison to the contained urban centers of our homeworld. Not any more. Sky traffic has all but ceased. The city is hauntingly quiet, a silence only broken by the scream of TIE fighters patrolling the skyways. I am constantly saving credits for transport off world for when the Imperials finally lift the planetary quarantine. Fondor has become a prison. Nobody talks anymore, they always listen. 1 ABY: Office of Urban Development for Desa Sector "Sora! Scanners indicate a massive failure in the life support systems of Tower 1-3B" "Again?" "We were just there! I thought we cleared out all the mynocks?" "Apparently not. We must've left a den mother still twitching. Well if we don't go now the filtration system will be full of larvae and we'll have a three week cleanup to deal with." "All hands on deck sir?" "No, you stay here Dann. This should only take the three of us. God knows how long we'll be gone. Why don't you take the night off?" "Thanks sir, um, good luck sir!" "Good with them gone we can turn off this annoying alarm." Speaks into communicator "Coast is clear! Come now!" Bleeeeeeeep! "Does this have everything we agreed on Dann?" "A full layout of Governor Pycelle's Palace and the surrounding sectors. Out of curiosity wha-" "I'm afraid that is privileged information. Needless to say if the information on this drive is accurate your recruitment will be finalized. The organization i'm affiliated with will be most plea-" "Is your staff back so soon?" "Impossible, they shouldn't even be at the tower yet. I'll check the security cameras." "Imperials! They're going to breach the door!" "It's the SSF! How?" "Sergeant restrain the rebel spy and his conspirator" "I'll never talk facist scum-" "Your silence is quite adequate for the mean while Leftenant Corbyn Doras of the so called Rebel Allance's Intelligence Division. Oh yes we have been observing your precise movements for the past three months now and squads are eliminating every individual in your network as we speak. What I want is the names of your off world contacts." "I-" "Tsk tsk, I already stated I do not need any verbal response. We will talk, soon, besides our methods of obtaining the truth are far more accurate then your stammering. Leftenant Geiger take them away!" "Yes sir, Commander Orellios!" Hours Later: "Brother I was waiting at the station where were you?- Brother? Dann?! DAAANNN!" Behind the Scenes: Episode List: