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Found 16 results

  1. Just in time for the end of the contest - here is my entry, the former crown jewel of my MOC collection: The K-Wing! The photos sadly aren't as good as I'd like them to be, but I think everything should be recognizeable. FXT29913 by Ephseb FXT29921 by Ephseb FXT29839 by Ephseb FXT29857 by Ephseb, auf Flickr FXT29932 by Ephseb FXT29887 by Ephseb FXT29905 by Ephseb I built this five years ago, but never uploaded it anywhere in order to save it for a contest like this - I hope it's enough to finally scrape my first win!
  2. First of all, I'm a little sad that most of my custom figures - which I can assure you are much better than these - aren't eligible for this contest. But giving up? That's not the Jedi way. I present: My tribute to some of the Expanded Universe's most famous characters, in this case, straight from the comic series Tales Of The Jedi and Knights Of The Old Republic, and of course the KOTOR videogames. Because Lego still hasn't made yellow lightsaber blades, the old „green" ones were used instead. Picture 1 From left to right: Zayne Carrick - Darth Nihilus - Exar Kun - Darth Malak - Bastila Shan Picture 2 One more, with better lighting: Picture 3 Again, I swear this isn't the best I can do - I hope you still like it and get inspired to make your own Legends figures! We can always help and learn from one another, like true Jedi. May the Force[4th] be with you!
  3. Being a huge fan of the Expanded Universe, which I grew up with as a kid, I decided to create the super star destroyer first seen in the 1997 PC game Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. It also has been used in some mods for Empire at War, which was another great Star Wars game, enjoy!
  4. I am so excited with Lego's news about their reselling the Taj Mahal, because there's always the possibility that this is just the start of something big, and we could be getting an affordable chance to buy classic sets that we missed out on, or don't want to pay the current online prices. I remember with the arrival of the internet how cool it was to go to places like Lugnet, and then to Ebay, and being shocked at how much trains had gone up in price, even just from 1980 to 2000. Then after everyone complained online about how they missed out on the Metroliner, it suddenly reappeared like a legendary phoenix. With the Club Car in tow! At the time, it made perfect sense bringing back the first 9v train while 9v was still going strong. 10 years seems to be the magic number for rereleases with Lego, as seen with the Legends line, and now Taj Mahal. So I was wondering, what if any trains do you think Lego could/should rerelease? Could they take old 12v and 9v sets and swap in Power Functions? What about the Train Shed, or Santa Fe Super Chief? Emerald Night? Are there any regular retail trains sold after 9v that people are clamoring for a return of, as we saw with the Metroliner almost 20 years ago? Is a train related rerelease even feasible with Lego today? I would love to hear what others think is possible / desired. Personally I wish I could buy more Santa Fe cars for regular retail price!
  5. Well, my build is Mk2, though it could be the in-universe Mk2! Last year I designed this, but I was never happy with the size. I've finally scaled it down AND built it. It's a little tall! I still need to build a stand, or hang it, I couldn't tell where the centre of gravity would end up. :P The livery is based on Maul's half of Death Watch, with matching pilot. Here's a shot of the engines. The short cone near the back of the cockpit rotates to open and close the wings. Hope you like it!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm finally back with a new model! This is was built on impulse from all the medium-light-nougat-brown (?) pieces I had lying around. It's a Yorik-Et, the main starfighter of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire. All biological data can be found here: You can find more pictures on my flickr page. I'll add some with better lighting this upcoming weekend. Yorik-Et - main by Ephseb, auf Flickr Yorik-Et - w/ pilot by Ephseb, auf Flickr If you're wondering why the MOCs I posted on EB so far were all of a not-really-high quality, the answer is rather simple: I'm saving my best models for upcoming contests Hopefully it will pay off... In the meantime, look out for my next post - a medium-scale Victory-class star destroyer.
  7. Max_Headroom_23

    [MOC] EBTZ-01 Starfighter

    Hi all! This is my first MOC on this site. I present to you the EBTZ-01 Starfighter based off of the E-Wing fighter from Legends. I used an all Light/Dark Stone Gray color palate for the whole fighter since it gives it a fresh out of the factory feel. Here's the link to the photo gallery: Thanks! -Max
  8. Ephseb

    [MOC] TIE Raptor

    [spoilers for the X-Wing series and Courtship of Princes Leia] The TIE Raptor or TIE/rpt was a starfighter design used by Warlord Zsinj's Empire during his reign from the Battle of Endor until his final defeat at the hands of the Hapan Royal Navy. A fast and manouverable design, it was not a regular SFS product like other TIE models, but was produced from Sienar components at the shipyards of Zsinj's hideout - Rancor Base - over Dathomir. Raptors are known to have participated in the battles of Vahaba and Selaggis, and were most likely used in many other missions and engagements, since Zsinj's elite troopers (also named Raptors) used them for space combat. The TIE/rpt was equipped with 4 laser cannons and 2 concussion missile launchers, but like most TIE models, lacked shielding, though some prototypes were produced. I admit my design is far from perfect, but I hope you still enjoy seeing my take on the Raptor. Pictures can be found on my Flickr page: Technical data and history of the TIE Raptor: You can learn more about Zsinj here:
  9. Hello My and of my family last work: Dreadnought Class Harrower by The Old Republic videogame. 4000 pieces of black for a year of work between design and construction, we used a photo and a screenshot to create it. Presented for the first time to Verona Model Expo Italy, it had a very good success and we are so proud. We have created an internal structure with Technic pieces to keep it light, first with a MLCAD project and then building it and modifying it until we found the solid final structure. Then we created the 4 wings, always starting from a basic project through MLCad and then construction and modifications. Finally, the 3 upper decks and side finishing created "free hand". Difficulties to overcome? Wings and bridges are inclined, we also wanted to keep the two lower wings fixed (for easy transportation) without use magnets. After a lot of tests we found a hooking made with Technic that would allow to keep the wing connected in each point independently by the angle required. Other photos: We are proud, we like it so much, Harrower and Knight Hammer: our "Bad girls" :laugh: Many thanks for watching!!! Comments are welcome!!!
  10. Yes, it's another X-wing. I wanted to experiment with giving the T-70 full wings like the T-65, and this was the result. Not as elegant as the split wings, but I like it. It's meant to be an updated design for the Legends continuity. The T-68 X-Wing Starfighter was the successor to Incom's venerable T-65 X-Wing that saw extensive use by the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War. The T-68 received extensive technological upgrades to bring it up to the requirements of the New Republic's elite fighter squadrons. First flown by the legendary Rogue Squadron in engagements against the Imperial Remnant, it quickly proved itself to be every bit the workhorse Incom's developers had hoped. Since it was such a basic mod, I decided to build a little diorama around it, representing a Rogue Squadron hangar. Minifigs are two ground crew members, Jaina Solo, and her wingmate Anni Capstan. The cockpit has a slot for Jaina's lightsaber or Anni's blaster. Feedback always welcome!
  11. ootkaman

    MOC: Round Table Hall

    After 3 years of design in LDD, and 1 year of accumulating parts, I have finished my Round Table Hall. It is based on the ordering of the Round Table at Winchester Castle, as shown here: https://childrenofar.../roundtable.jpg These are a few general photos, and I will take some more with detail later. If you like these, be sure to check out my Robin Hood MOCs as well: My Flickr account also has these photos in higher res (although I am a busy person, and the photos aren't too great)
  12. Hello Eurobricks!! I'm new to the forum and this is my first Star Wars MOC. Me and my fiancé have rekindled our lego passion over the past year and after amassing our collection of sets from TLG, we have begun the MOC frenzy now to satisfy our creative side. As I've immersed myself deeper into the SW universe, I recently listened to The Thrawn Trilogy audiobooks, and I must say they are PHENOMENAL and Marc Thompson is an extraordinary narrator. His portrayal of Grand Admiral Thrawn really won me over and now is my favorite villain, although he is now 'Legends' and not official canon. First, I picked up a stunning Thrawn custom Minifig from Christo, and after that I knew I needed an awesome display scene for him. I built this MOC completely from imagination aside from the nostalgic star destroyer bridge viewport. Below I have included an excerpt from the book to give reference to the design: "...The Grand Admiral's new command room was two levels below the bridge, in a space that had once housed the former commander's luxury entertainment suite. When Pellaeon had found Thrawn, or rather when the Grand Admiral had found him, one of his first acts was to take over the suite and convert it into what was essentially a secondary bridge. A secondary bridge, meditation room, and perhaps more..." "It opened at his approach, and he stepped through...into a softly lit art museum. He stopped short just inside the room and looked around in astonishment. The walls were covered with flat paintings and planics, a few of them human-looking but most of distinctly alien origin. Various sculptures were scattered around, some freestanding, others on pedestals. In the center of the room was a double circle of repeater displays, the outer ring slightly larger than the inner ring. Both sets of displays, at least from what little Pellaeon could see, also seemed to be devoted to pictures of artwork. And in the center of the double circle, seated in a duplicate of the Admiral's Chair on the bridge, was Grand Admiral Thrawn. He sat motionlessly, his shimmery blue-black hair glinting in the dim light, his pale blue skin looking cool and subdued and very alien on his otherwise human frame. His eyes were nearly closed as he leaned back against the headrest, only a glint of red showing between the lids." "'Come here captain, lets take a look, shall we?' He touched a switch; and abruptly the art show was gone. Instead, the room had become a miniature bridge monitor, with helm, engine, and weapons readouts on the display circle. The open space had become a holographic tactical display; in one corner a flashing sphere indicated the invaders. The wall display nearest to it gave an ETA estimate of twelve minutes." Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Below you can see how the bottom of the 48x48 plate opens up to reveal the storage below for the interchangeable bases per the text (for interchangeable art museum/tactical bridge command settings) Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Here you can see the use of 1x6x5 swivel door panels to switch from tactical to art displays Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr As you can see, the main display has the holo-displays in the double circle, with other tactical displays on the wall. I used the Avengers tower type of displays - I was actually completed with this MOC with larger 1x4x3 panels, until I saw that design and liked it much better, and those translucent blue pieces are quite rare, and gave it a more holographic look. I will probably use the stickers from the Avengers set for the inner ring just with the buttons and keypad, but am debating on some kind of custom stickers or decals for the display ring, something with maybe a tiny star destroyer readout, or something that will go better according to the text. Additionally, I am torn with how the art museum display looks. While it says there are sculptures scattered around the room and on pedestals, I get the feeling from other excerpts in the book that the art is all holographically displayed as well. That being said, I searched Bricklink for any stickers/details pertaining to art. I am happy with the mix of alien/human art on the walls, but I think I would rather make custom artwork decals and duplicate the holo-display from the tactical command displays, so both interchangeable bases are identical in form, but different content on the translucent pieces themselves. Also I may go with some type of translucent custom minifigs and microfigs if possible, to replace the grey and dark grey sculptures in the middle. I definitely prefer the tactical bridge monitor scene more, considering Thrawn was a tactical genius, although the art section still needs something more to pop, and Thrawn's study of cultures and species' artwork is what gave him the insight on their strategies, enabling him to have the upper hand and be a few steps ahead. I added some more pics below, including the greebling technique on the outer viewport side of the display, making it look more star destroyer-esque. Need to add some greebling above the windows, and I also need to Bricklink another few trans-blue panels to complete the display rings. So it's 98% done, but I still consider it WIP for now. Once it is complete I plan on taking much better pictures to really do it justice. Lemme know what you think!! Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Untitled by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *UPDATE: Below are the pics of the finished product as shown further down the thread: Important changes include: Stickers for tactical holo-displays, redesign of art display scene for more accuracy, and additional greebling on the outside. Enjoy! 012 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 003 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 002 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 004 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 007 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 009 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 010 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 001 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr
  13. Hey there fellow Eurobricks members and Chima fans. I’m happy to present you my review of Vardy’s Ice Vulture Glider from the new summer wave. Hope it will help you decide whether to get the set or not, or just have fun reading it. Set Information Set name: Vardy’s Ice Vulture Glider Set number: 70141 Number of pieces: 217 Number of minifigs: 2 Age range: 7-14 Price: 19.99 USD / 6000 HUF Box Let’s start with the box it features the new design, with the icy chima logo and the blazing background, they make a good contrast together, also the dot on the ’I’ in the logo is a Fire Chi. This time we have the bad guy in the upper right corner, and I have to say it’s an amazing artwork. The frozen effect on Vardy’s face is beautifully done and very detailed. At the top left corner as usual the figures are presented, now they have fire and ice background instead of the regular blue/good - red/evil signs. I also made a pic with all Chima logos we have so far. Here you can also see that, the box is the same size as Lavertus’s Twin Blade and Lennox’s Lion Attack, however the latter has a deeper box, the other dimensions are the same. A shot from the top, Vardy is shown here in 1:1 size, and we can see the figures in a different pose. Now take a look at the back, the flame theme continues here and the play functions are shown. The main splitting function got a simple blue background while the flick missiles and Lundors flamethrower turret has a nice winter landscape. We can also get a little hint what the official website will look like with the new ice theme. Contents of the Box and Build With the box wrapped up we get 3 bags, one bigger (which includes a small one) and 2 from the smaller size, a thick BI and a DSS with 5 stickers. Here are the parts spilled from the bags, you can already see some great parts, like the dark brown feathers or the 2x2 inverted tiles and the trans light blue goodies. I did a shot with all the trans parts too, on this pic you can see the new spike and claw pieces as well, the spike looks like the same as the ones used for Spynlyn’s legs but they are bigger and got a technic axle instead of a simple pin. And a comparison shot with the regular (now it’s the Ice) Chi and the new Fire Chi. Okay now comes the greatest part of the set, the minifigures. We get 2 of them and they are both exclusive to this set! Lundor a cat guide among Phoenixes and member of the Leopard Tribe, and Vardy the leader of Vultures. Lundor is beautifully detailed, you immediately recognize that it’s a Leopard from the rosettes. (according to wikipédia Leopards are the smallest of the big cats, it’s good to know what ate you in Africa or Asia) He also has a little skirt and I really like the furry knees, those kinda look cute. He comes with a double-sided head on one side he has a grin smile on the other he is angry and ready to roar. Here he is with full armor and the new Fire Chi print on a 1x1 round plate. It looks very nice and you get a spare one. The headmold is great too, it makes him look bulkier and stronger, it has a serious expression. I really like this headmold and it’s great for Lundor and Tormak, but for Liella it gives a muscular look which takes away the feminity. He has a weapon called the Blazeprowlor, which is quite simple, but looks effective. Now let’s see Vardy the star of the set for me, he is my favourite from the Ice tribe members. He comes with a translucent left arm (thanks JEK-14) which looks great, it’s great to see that TLG begun to use trans limbs. Just look at the body print, sand green and gray, with a purple head. He also has exposed flesh and ribs which are glowing by the power of the Chi that resurrected him. I really like the bones used for knee prtectors, it’s a nice touch. Only the head print looks a bit off because of the beak section but that will be covered by the great head mold. He doesn’t have double sided head which looks like a tradition since the Outland wave, that bad guys don’t deserve a second chan… I mean face. Here he is in his trans light blue armor which is amazing, and he also has the wing pieces in new color. The head mold is printed nicely and has a freaky look. He has a weapon too called the Bonezythe. Before the build let’s take a look at the BI, it has the same image as the box itself. On the back side we can finally see that they got rid of the WIN kid and put a WIN Laval instead. There is a great picture at the end of the BI showing (almost) all of the summer wave figures. They left out all cat guide members, Foltrax and Vornon. An action shot can be found after the figure list, probably it’s going to appear in Lego catalogues. And a pic of all sets. Another with only the main system sets divided into the 2 factions. The build went smooth, there weren’t any problems with color differentation. It was enjoyable and fast. Here is the result: And the spare parts. The Set and Play Functions First take a look at Lundor’s little turret, the base is quite simple but it does it’s job, it has some great sand orange parts including the brick pieces, there is one extra clip where you can store his weapon as well. On the back you can see the Fire Chi attached which probably gives the power for the flamethrower . The Turret has legs and can be detached from the base and used as a little walker vehicle, however the front is very heavy and you have to lift up the „nose” of the structure, otherways it’s not stable. Now onto the Vulture Glider, I think it’s on of the best bird-like vehicles that this theme has. The color scheme contains mostly brown, dark tan and trans blue and they work really well together. The design is very nice and the vehicle has great ariculation. One of my favourite parts and a very essential one for the overall look is the head, and it’s done greatly, I really like the stickers used on it. As you can see the wings are attached via ball joints so you can fold or turn them into different positions. I show you the main function, the splitting, as you can see in the picture the little Glider is attached via clips to the Vulture, and that’s the only connection point between the 2 vehicles so you can lift it up for easier access, and detach the glider. It’s simple but cute, I have to say I like it very much, but with the feathers inverted. Like this: And the Vulture looks almost better without the Glider, it’s really a great build. The Mammoth stomper looks awful without the detachable aircraft, but this one is still cohesive and awesome alone. We also got 4 flick misisles 2-2 on each sides. Say hello to my little friend Rating and summary Overall I’m really satisfied with this set. I don’t have personal experiences about the other sets from the wave (yet) but this is got to be my favourite. A beautiful Vultue aircraft with a detachable glider and a fire turret, with 2 astonishing minifigures, who are both exclusive to this set. it has some minor flaws like the claws, it looks a bit weird on the foot that there is no claw on the inner side, but I’ve tried i and they would seize, so it’s better this way. Also Lundor’s turretchair is not a big deal but a great addition for playability. The only missing thing from this set is a clip to the vulture where Vardy can store his weapon but it’s not that necessary. Rating Design 10/10 It’s well deserved, the Vulture is amazing in any aspects and the little fire turret looks cool too. Parts 10/10 Lots of trans light blue parts, some new parts, recolors, mixel joints, lots of useful stuff. Minifigures 10/10 This is where all Chima sets stand out, beautiful prints and great molds, this is no exception. Price 10/10 I got the Lavertus’s Twin Blade for the same price (15% cheaper than the S@H price) and compared to that this set worth every ’penny’ Playability 10/10 It’s rather good for a set this size, 2 figures can battle, the Vulture has flick missile, articulation, split function, and the Fir turret has a Fire Chi mode and can be used as a little walker. Hope you enjoyed my review, it was quite objective because this set really grew on me. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion about this set!
  14. I noticed there was no topic on one of the world's most popualr games Are there any other League players here? Personally, I main Aatrox, Sona, and now Vel'koz
  15. Seeing all the efforts TLG put into advertising and all the hype around EB and the net, I recently decided to check for myself the quality of these LEGO Legends of Chima sets. As always, when I start to look into a new theme, I chose a couple of small sets to test the ground. I suppose I'm not alone in this. Being curious about the croc minifigs, and mainly interested in the aesthetics of their unique head-piece, I decided to pick 70001 Crawley's Claw Ripper. Theme: Legends of Chima Set name: Crawley's Claw Ripper Set Number: 70001 Price: 14.99 $, 12.99 £, 14.99 Euro Pieces: 139 (+ 9 extras) Minifigures: 2 Year of release: 2013 Links: Peeron, Bricklink and Brickset The Box Front This small set (actually the second smaller standard set of the line after 70000 Razcal's Glider) has a rectangular box (size 26 x 14 x 4.6 cm, or 10.24 x 5.52 x 1.81 inches). The front of the box has a very eye-catching representation of the model in action on a Chima landscape background. The upper rim sports Crawley's snout as well as the standard set info, theme logo and LEGO logo. The lower left corner has the character shots we have come to know, first in Star Wars sets, and later in many other themes as well. The colours are vibrant and very evocative of action and adventure in a jungle environment. Back The back is a patchwork of small shots showing the model's features, with and unusual amount of text describing almost all of them. In the upper right corner, the characters can be seen in action poses; notice that while Leonidas actually has a weapon in this set, Crawley's one is not included. Sides As we are used to see, the sides sport LEGO and theme logos, legal notices, LEGO Club ads, and the 1:1 scaled mugshot of one of the characters, in this case, the proud owner of the Claw Ripper, Crawley. Contents Inside The box contains two bags of different sizes, two big tyre pieces, two rubber small tracks, the instructions and a sticker sheet (more on the latter two in the relevant section). Recoloured parts Recoloured parts are all in the new Olive Green: Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3, Slope 30 1 x 2 x 2/3, Slope, Curved 4 x 1 Double No Studs, Slope, Curved 4 x 1 No Studs, Tile 2 x 4, Vehicle, Mudguard 2 x 4 with Flared Wings and Wheel Hard Plastic with Small Cleats and Flanges. All these parts are pretty rare in this colour for now, but I'm sure we'll see lots more as Legends of Chima and other themes will use them in the future. For now, this is the cheapest set you could choose to get them. New pieces There are 2 new pieces in this set: Flat Silver Minifig, Weapon Sword, Double Blade with Bar Holder (this is the only set including this part in Flat Silver; the other two Legends of Chima sets use the Partl Gold version), and Trans Light Blue Rock 1 x 1 Crystal 4 Point (CHI crystal). Rare parts For those looking for cheap sets with rare parts, 70001 Crawley's Claw Ripper includes a couple of those too: Dark Brown Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Triple (which can be found in this colour only, from other 3 sets [1 from 2012 and 2 from 2013, like this one]), and Dark Green Window 1 x 2 x 3 Flat Front (only know from other 4 sets so far, 3 buildings from previous years and one Galaxy Squad from 2013). The usual extra bits include small Technic parts, some round plates and tiles, a cheese slope in Orange Green, horns and a lever. Instructions The instructions are divided into 2 small booklets, as seems to be common in smaller sets nowadays. In this pic, you can also see the sticker sheet. Since I do not apply stickers, you might want to take a look at it now. There are 3 stickers that go on the crocodile head/mouth of the vehicle to give it a scaly and more rough look. The instructions are standard fare for a the current trend. Most pages include one step that uses 1 or 2 pieces at a time. I'm sure this explains the need for 2 booklets in such a small set as this one. The parts' summary is split in two non-adjacent pages. I suppose someone in Billund had a hard time trying to squeeze all the parts in one page, or to spread them on the two pages to make them look more full. In the end he/she must have give up, and left almost half ofthe second page blank. In the final pages, there are a number of ads. This one is for the sets (in a classic sense) of the theme, with Cragger's flagship under the spotlight. This second ad is for the Speedorz only, which, just like Ninjago's Spinners, are considered in a separate category form standard sets. It would seem each Speedorz set has a number (in addition to the actual set number) to tell it apart from the others. You can also see the code in the lover left part of the page. It seems that by scanning the code and going to the Legends of Chima site, you can access additional media about the set. Minifigures Just a pic to show an interesting detail: while all the body parts are loose in the packages with the other pieces, Leonidas' head piece comes in a separate bag. At first I thought it was because his mane was made of the softer, rubbery plastic TLG sometimes uses. When I opened the bag, I notice this wasn't the case. I can only assume Leonidas' head piece is manufactured in another factory and shipped in his little bag to be added to the other parts at a second time. As we know, LEGO designers put a lot of effort in these figures, and I think they hit the mark pretty well. My favourite is Crawley (as I'll repeat again and again in the following paragraphs), as he looks more detailed to my eyes. It is true Leonidas has the same amount of printing, but it looks more basic and less characteristic to me, while Crawley gets a better aura of trashed wandered from his decorations. From the side, we can see how the head pieces are shaped to be reminiscent of the actual animals they are based on. I think the LEGO designers did a great job with these parts and they add a lot to the LoC theme. Both figures sport back printing, as is common in most LEGO themes lately. I like how Crawley seems to have the remains of a shirt or cloak on his right shoulder. I think it is a nice touch and it looks reminiscent of Cragger's actual ripped cloak. On the other hand, I do not particularly like the fact that his lower jaws is visible under the head piece, as I do not understand why the latter had to be that short. The above pictures show the difference between the two sides of the dual face heads. Personally, I think both faces work well for Crawley, while Leonidas first one looks like he just got served the wrong dish at the restaurant. Building We start by building the lower frame of the chassis. Then we put together the lower jaw and... ...mount it on the chassis. Notice the controls are part of this passage as well Not much in here, I just wanted to show the box containing the CHI crystal for transport. As you'll see in a little while, it will be quite hidden in the completed model. Adding some details to the rear. Upper jaw is almost finished. With the last part in position, the mouth can be seen in all it's teeth-y splendour. I really like how the designers made it so effective with comparatively few pieces. The last steps involve the addition of the tracks/claws and the roll bar. The tracks/claws combination is quite nice, actually. And they turn from the 'defence' to the 'attack' position when you move the model from froward and get back to 'defence' when you move it in reverse (or at least they should do it; for some reason, in my set only the right track changes position. The left one is always, stubbornly fixed in 'attack' mode). Crawley is ready to move on his ride and go hunt for Lions and CHI. Finished set Here we see the complete set. Not sure how safe Leonidas feels with just a sword (albeit a CHI-powered one) against this mass of steel, claws, teeth and huge tyres. Front Again, we can see how reminiscent of a real croc this vehicle is. The new Olive Green colour helps a lot, as I'm sure we wouldn't get the same feel from a Lime, Green or Bright Green version of this model. Back As I said before, the storage box is almost invisible from most angles, as it's surrounded by the cockpit and these huge tyres. Only small problem is, it is totally unguarded in the only portion of the vehicle which does not sport weapons of sorts! Have a nice meal! Leonidas learns the hard way how the Claw Ripper's mouth actually works. Bonus images Uncle Sam Not your ordinary Croc Raider... Lion Army - only the finest! Er... Never mind! Eagle or ... Egyprian plover? It's all fun and games Until you need to change a tyre. By the power of Grayskull... ...I have the power! Final comments Overall, this is a nice little set, full of interesting parts (mostly the Olive Green re-colours, but also others), with a fair amount of play value and two really excellent (albeit weird for some) figures. Design & Colour scheme – 9/10 (Very well proportioned and efficient. The colour scheme works well both for a crocodile shaped vehicle and its jungle environment.) Minifig – 10/10 (Superb printing and funny animal structure make these two very collection worthy.) Parts – 8/10 (Great variety of useful parts, a small amount of new pieces balanced by the large amount of re-coloured parts in the new Olive Green. Not bad at all for such a small set.) Playability – 9/10 (The play features are funny both for kids and not-too-serious adults. I spent some time today opening and closing the croc's head and shifting the tracks between 'attack' and 'defence' positions.) Build – 8/10 (Nothing too complex, but some efficient solutions are used. I especially like the croc head and the tracks/claws combination.) Price – 10/10 (The pieces/price ratio is good, and the addition of the very detailed minifigs make this a very good set to buy.) Overall: 9/10 Excellent As always, questions, comments, and pic requests welcome! If you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy:
  16. CM4S originally posted this link in the Historic forum but seeing as it is about multiple themes, I figured this is could also go here . If you didn't know, LEGO seem to be re-releasing some 'classic' sets with the collective name 'Legends' Now the thought crossed my mind that possibly this could include Minifigures although they aren't already listed. The website is Dutch but after a Chrome Translate Job everything became clear. The Link is as follows... http://www.brickshop...go/legends.html