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    <p> My favourite LEGO theme is Technic. My most recent purchase was the 76112 Batmobile so I could investigate the new Powered UP platform.  </p>

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  1. JayDee96

    Limited Slip Differential

    Typical mass produced LSD actually have clutch packs under heavy spring tension holding the centre gears to the centre casing, giving them the limited slip quality. This is why OEM limited slip diffs require special friction modifiers in the diff oil to stop the clutch packs "sticking" (causing a clicking or jumping while cornering), the friction modifiers actually reduce the LSDs effectiveness. So typical LSDs are never actually completely open, its engine torque that's helps the diff lock (as best it can), however if one wheel is in free air, no torque can actually be applied to the diff because there is no traction to apply it to. This is where the spring tension helps apply some torque to the non lifted wheel. I have built a makeshift LSD by inserting a thin rubber shim behind the three centre gears in a LEGO diff. However this virtually locked the diff and makes cornering as hard as with locked diffs, but will let the diff distribute torque enough to not break parts. I think the idea is sound if more effort is put into finding the correct thickness and friction of rubber used.
  2. JayDee96

    Liebherr LR 11000

    Dawid recently posted the full configuration test to his youtube channel. Its nothing short of amazing.
  3. JayDee96

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    Im glad Kickstarter doesn't have a 'flexible funding' option like some other crowd funding platforms, but in this instance it'd be comfortable with it. Coaster seems more than committed to producing these track pieces and I assume if the kickstarter doesn't reach its goal it'll only delay the project, not stop it. If the goal isn't reached id be happy to preorder the switches from brick tracks and help the project that way.
  4. JayDee96

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    I know this is off topic to the post intention, but there is lots of good discussion here. At the risk of scaring off LEGO with third parties, I think releasing their protocol would be great for companies like Sbrick, and BuWizz. I have invested a fair amount into Sbrick and very much like their solution and the profile designer. It'd be perfect if those profiles could then run both LEGO PU and Sbrick. at the moment im on the fence determining if ill have to abandon one for the other. If I can run all my "old" PF stuff from an Sbrick and buy into the new PU system and have them work in harmony that'd be my perfect solution.
  5. JayDee96

    Liebherr LR 11000

    I can only echo what the others are saying and this is amazing. Your smaller models (if they can even be called that) are also outstanding. On your YouTube channel you’re pretty firm about not having instructions for any of your models, but I have seen members here help out many builders with producing and selling instructions. I have a big catalog of instructions im waiting for the space and funds to work through. So if your courisoty peaks you’re in the right place.
  6. JayDee96

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    Love how well you captured all the centre entertainment controls.
  7. JayDee96

    Some Inglenook nonsense

    I once found a modeller online that completely rebuilt the Bronx terminal in HO scale. All track hand laid, bent, filed and soldered. All the frogs hand built, ties laser cut and copper coated. Give me a moment and I'll supply a link. He had a YouTube series. Edit: links http://www.bronx-terminal.com - Blog - VideoTrack work is beautiful.
  8. JayDee96

    Unbuilt Set Backlog...

    Having them stored away definitely isn't my ideal. Since having made my last post I have been inspired to make room and force them into a spot. I have no set budget currently so money out varies a lot, it stretches a lot further when not purchasing at retired prices though. Try to get what I can while they are still retail, even if they can't currently be displayed. My Town Halls I found in a local toy shop after being retired, had I properly missed them and had to pay what they go for now, it may be the only regular building in my XL modular collection.
  9. JayDee96

    Unbuilt Set Backlog...

    Sets get retired too quickly for some of us to build everything we like. I too have a handful of sets I couldn't imagine passing up, but currently dont have space or time for. Seeing my twin Town Halls still in their box bothers me less than paying $700 plus for them when I have the space.
  10. JayDee96


    These are absolutely beautiful. I like how the cars aren't full scale length, perfect renditions but still give a nice Lego feel. Do the trucks use Lego wheels or are they from a model?
  11. JayDee96

    Conrail GP40 building instructions

    Very well thought out zephy, this could be a nice trend if it catches on, will likely end up getting stickers in the future.
  12. JayDee96

    [MOC][WIP] Layout with turntable

    Very much looking forward to following this layout, your last was awesome. Off to a very good start.
  13. JayDee96

    MOD: "Blue" Horizon Express

    This looks fantastic. The centre jakobs bogey and squared off undercarriage finishes it nicely.
  14. JayDee96

    Red Lion 1940's in LEGO

    This is a fantastic model. I love how everything is at an off angle to the lego standard 90°. And your transport case is also very well thought out.
  15. JayDee96

    Custom Long Pneumatic Actuators

    Europeans seem to just be a whole other breed of lego builders. There are some fantastic models in that Flickr folder.