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  1. Schneeds

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Too bad the movie wasn't a fraction as amazing as this beauty. It feels like you can see the rivets. Wonderfully made.
  2. Schneeds

    The Defender of the Empire

    I'm not a fan of the ship within the Star Wars universe, but your build itself is excellent. The 'struts' with the wedges to recreate the bladed parts look great. The cockpit looks awesome as well. I'll second Hollander; I know I'm going to be impressed before I even load the link :)
  3. Whatever the cause, you definitely can no longer simply use the easy buy function without drastically over paying. Back when I built the Aggressor, the easy buy function came up with a nearly identical price that I was able to achieve manually. More recently with Onecase's Executor, it was nearly $700 more. The method I used was to start at the top selecting the stores with the greatest number of lots and just compare the totals. It's not a perfect method since the lots types differ, from store to store but at least you can a relative cost per brick number.
  4. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    If you're planning on using Bricks & Pieces, just beware that the graphic for the Clips is wrong; and they are actually shipping the new version even if the picture shows the old verison. I had ordered some as the cost of the old version can be on the high side, but discovered upon arrival that Lego is actually selling only the new ones.
  5. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    1 3L bar, and 1 inverse loop bracket. Keeps the panel nice and straight :)
  6. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    I finally finished building this tonight. Final thoughts: This thing is unbelievable in person. Despite being the same length as Lego's official version, having it built to the proper specs makes it seem twice as large. The greebling is amazing, and people literally think it's a model when they first walk in the room. It is a true show piece. Onecase's photographs are excellent, but they just don't do it justice. The instructions are great work as usual, and beyond the changes that Bricksmarlin suggested, the only ones I made were a simple one to the snout to keep the bottom panels from drooping, and some minor greebling changes for personal taste. Highly recommended.
  7. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    It's quite a bit heavier than I thought it would be, but it could probably be done. The other issue then would be how you would move it; you would be putting a lot of stress on the frame picking it up by just a single strut.
  8. A 50" Home One with interior... where do I send the deposit for instructions?
  9. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    I love the underside greebling. Might be my favorite part of the ship. I need to make some progress this week.
  10. Didn't change the generator position. Just modified the "windows".
  11. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Just finished the legs so I've got the frame upright now. No issues so far except for user error. I like how robust the legs are. I always thought they were flimsy and a poor design in 10221.
  12. Schneeds

    Which UCS sets to keep and which to sell?

    I would keep the Shuttle for sure, and I personally love 10019 so I would never sell mine. It's like owning a vintage corvette. Sure it's not as fast or aggressive looking as a C7, but its got style ;) Rasko's ATAT is leaps and bounds better than 10178 and is very affordable. If you're building Oncecase's Executor (which is a stunning model) you might as well scrap 10221 which is horrifically inaccurate. As for 10030, I'll be the lone dissent. I considered selling it after building the Aggressor, but instead just ended up making lots of modifications and now I have the makings of an imperial fleet. If display space is an issue, that could be a factor. I was never a fan of any of the small star ship models like the snow speeder, x wing, tie etc. as I prefer minifig scale and I think there are better minifig versions out there than the actual UCS ones. Slave I being the lone exception. Jerac's Ties are great. Jerac/Inthert's x-wing is the definitive x-wing. A few great y-wings out there; I love Brickwright's. Anothergol's ATST is excellent. Renegade's b-wing, Jerac's a-wing, Lildime's snowspeeder, etc. Lots of options.
  13. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    24299 / 24307 4070 3937 30383 99563 3703 3743 3070b 3069b 2431 3068b 87079 47397 / 8 41769 / 70 2555 99780 61409 I'm sure there are others. Those are just ones I generally knew to look for based on past experience. The wedge plates alone save you a ton.
  14. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Got everything ordered. A little over $800 with shipping, most of it new pieces. If you're planning on building this in the USA, using Bricks and Pieces for select parts will save you a lot of money. Also, the easy/auto order function on bricklink is not all that great for this particular build. I'm not sure why; I've used it in the past (The Agressor) and wasn't able to beat it's prices manually, but for this I saved about $200 by selecting a few stores manually and editing the orders. I ordered about 2,200 pieces off Bricks & Pieces which has fixed shipping of $3 so that saves a ton. The original cost without B&P and manual selection was about $1,200. If you really wanted to watch the pennies you could check every lot vs Bricks & Pieces and manually build the entire order; you might be able to do it for ~$750. Not too bad.