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  1. Is the stand correct, or does there seem to be a lot of tension/bending on the bottom plates anywhere? There shouldn't be that much of a gap; and it should be a pretty tight squeeze onto the cheese slops.
  2. [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    I've got an original 10019 but I would definitely be interested in building this. What are the dimensions?
  3. SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    This is so good it almost makes me like TLJ. Also your website is masterfully done.
  4. Star Wars

    The short teaser actually got my hopes up. Then the full length trailer brought them back down to reality. Maybe Maisie Williams can be in Episode IX?
  5. Yep. The theme of failure doens't really work when your main protagonist can't fail at anything. If Rey had been in Empire, she simply would have beaten Darth Vader and everyone would have been left wondering what the point of ROTJ is.
  6. Fin: "How did you do that?!?" Rey: "I don't know!" :) Again, if Kylo was injured, it didn't clearly didn't affect his movement. People want to find ways to rationalize the absurdity of the fight, but there just aren't any. As for the Royal Guard scene, I guess it looks flashy, but actually look at the fighting. Look at the fighting techniques... it's absolutely ridiculous. It looks like an episode of Dancing with the Stars. John Wick's choreography was based in reality. Have you seen the guy run a three gun course? Even if you believe Rey has been a pilot and flown the falcon, even if you believe that being a junk salvager some how made her a scrappy and capable fighter, it still doesn't account for her force abilities. The fact of the matter is, Rey simply thinks to herself "the force!" and is able to all of a sudden do anything. All of a sudden she can control storm troopers, become a crack shot with a blaster when she doesn't even know what a safety is, use a light saber better than the main villain, beat a jedi master, beat numerous royal guards, lift infinite amounts of objects. Where is her character development? What isn't she good at? Why am I supposed to give a damn? As much as I dislike Emo Ren, at least he has flaws and seems real. Would Star Wars be as good as it is, if in ANH after Luke's Aunt and Uncle died, he could simply do everything? No. That's not Star Wars.
  7. Well for starters, his few hours of training is still more than Rey got in two movies. Also, that was literally the only impressive thing he did in the entire movie. He got KO'd by a Tuscan raider. He got thrown down by a bar thug. He was lousy with the remote. His blaster accuracy was atrocious, and his flying skills were mediocre (he nearly killed himself on his first run in). Rey didn't even have a learning curve, let a lone a short one. The first time she held a lightsaber, she beat Kylo Ren straight up. And the whole "he was injured" argument doesn't hold up. One, his movement didn't look impaired at all, and two, pain should make him stronger. Given that fact, one might think they would actually have Kylo Ren complete his training, so as to offer an actual antagonist and some suspense. But nope, RJ just keeps him as is. Rey hasn't had any character growth up to this point, and since she's already better than Kylo, where does she go from here? Terrible story writing.
  8. I've pointed those out in previous posts. Those are bad, but do not fundamentally break the movie like the others. As for the TFA Kylo fight, I used your line of thinking to defend it to people prior to TLJ, and I still like TFA. But after she beats Luke in a fight, then proceeds to dominate several of Snoke's Royal Guard, and then saves Kylo, I'm done making excuses for why she's not a Mary Sue. It took Anakin Skywalker two full movies, a lot of years, and a ton of training with the best to become a badass. It took Rey 15 minutes after she decided herself that she was one. It's a joke.
  9. Yes. Twice. A for Rey, she knows more about the MF than Han. She flies it at least as well as Han, despite never flying a ship before. She's an excellent shot with a one hand blaster, despite never shooting a blaster before. She didn't just confuse a storm trooper, she made him do what she wanted, the first time ever doing it. She defeats numerous Royal guards the second time she's ever fought with a lightsaber. She lifts literal tons of boulders despite never levitating anymore before. Remember how much effort it took Yoda just to lift an x-wing? As for being defeated by Kylo Ren, she just loses one time. The first time. He then fails to break into her mind, and she beats him straight up the next time, despite never having held a lightsaber before. She would have killed him outright. Also in TLJ, the little "force pull duel" you're talking about was a draw.. Also, that was after she saved him by throwing her the lightsaber. Are you seriously trying to rationalize her power? Seriously man, get off the kool-aid. Her character has absolutely no character development or arc because she can already do everything. All of your examples of Bane, are things he's doing without even knowing he's doing it. The force is an influence in his actions and it's subtle, he just doesn't decide one day that he can do anything and than do it. Also you're ignoring the fact that Bane is drawing purely on the darkside which is emotion based. Killing his father? He was doing that anyway without the force. A card game? So he knows when the right card is coming up, not exactly lifting boulders. Also you completely failed to address the fact that he was actually trained and was capable of losing at things. He loses badly in training, and is nearly killed by the Jedi, despite being in armor that makes him imperious to lightsabers. I'm glad you like the movie, but a majority don't because these flaws are undeniable.
  10. Star Wars

    Ewan McGregor dserves the chance at an Obi Wan movie. He was probably the best thing about the prequels, and without a doubt had the best acting performance. That being said, Disney will probably just find a way to character-assassinate him.
  11. Did you actually read the Darth Bane trilogy? He has absolutely nothing in common in Rey. He went from being a massively strong brawler who worked in a mine, to being a soldier in the Sith army (Gloomwalkers) where he obviously got training as a solider, to spending 2/3 of the first book training on Korriban with Sith Masters. In training, he loses a fight to a non master Zabrak and would have been killed, if not for the instructor. Compare that with Rey. She's a junk salvager. How is that in anyway relevant to combat? It's not. Also, she is literally better than everyone at everything. With zero training. Darth Bane is legendary, yet had numerous failures and loses. Rey has yet to fail at anything.
  12. TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    Nicely done. The detailing on the interceptor is especially nice.
  13. Finished it a while ago; everything went quite well :) I haven't had time to take high quality pictures yet.
  14. I modified mine to shift the 1x6 tiles up a plate by using brackets instead of the studded bricks. The disadvantage is that they stick out the width of the brackets over the large slopes, but it's not really noticeable.
  15. No, that's just from the other day, not the November article.