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  1. I just bought everything at once and ordered about 5-10% extra depending on pieces (excluding large or rare stuff). 15,000 pieces is a staggering amount and you will inevitably miss things. Spread out on the floor and organized it probably takes up an 8x12 space.
  2. Yes, I've built 10030. To me at least, just doubling the hull plating doesn't add a lot of value. Simply adding pieces to increase the count and weight of a set doesn't necessarily increase the value of a set. When I compare 10179 to the new MF I see a massive increase in quality that justifies the increase in cost. Enough that I will eventually buy one and retire my 10179.
  3. I didn't forget inflation. The set has more than 50% more parts but is nearly the same size. What are you really getting for the extra 1600 pieces? You have to look at value. Outside of the bridge there's arguably less greebling, though I think it looks better.
  4. It's definitely an aesthetic improvement over the old 10030 and it looks fantastic, but lets do some comparing here: 10030 - 2002 Release, 3096 pieces, $298 retail. 9.6 cents pp 75252 - 2019 Release, 4784, $699 retail. 14.6 cents pp. They're pretty close to the same size, so it's not as if the new one has tons of extra huge pieces. I just don't see the justification for such a huge increase in price. The falcon got you a legitimately nice interior and a slew of minifigs; it's the holy grail of Star Wars. If you're going to shell out that kind of money, I think taking a look at Onecase's Monarch is worth your consideration. But again, a very nice set and I'm happy for those who are excited to get it.
  5. It sure does. There's a reason I have not, nor will I ever, buy a set from the sequel trilogy. As far as I'm concerned, when that light saber got tossed it stopped being Star Wars. You can't let the Disney stuff rob you of the joy the originals. Just do what I do: don't even acknowledge the sequel trilogy as true Star Wars or canon.
  6. Mother of God, how do you continue to build on this magnitude of amazingness? I assume you're going to make a dedicated post showing off the Calamari? Corellian Corvette or Venator would be good options for the next masterpiece :)
  7. Schneeds

    [MOC] UCS Venator class-star destroyer (WIP)

    Yeah those engines are excellent. Gives a lot of texture and realism which wasn't really present in the films.
  8. Schneeds

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    What Jolly said. Lego used a mixture in their official 10221 and I always thought it looked odd. If the entire city was dark gray there would be far too much contrast. Looking at the original, it's hard to tell if they used a darker shade or if it's just the lighting.
  9. Schneeds

    [MOC] BTL-S3-ish Y-Wing x 2

    Outstanding as usual. I wouldn't expect anything less. How wide is the model? I'm wondering if it will fit in my display cabinet, my Brickwright Y-wing just baaarely fits :)
  10. Schneeds

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Definitely going to have to build this at some point. Quick question, what is the distance from stand-end to stand-end. As in, what is the minimum length of a shelf required to display it?
  11. That's a hell of an introduction. An incredible version; worthy of a top three contender. The nose and fuselage are especially well done. Very slick.
  12. Schneeds

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Ok, mad respect for Jerac after that video. That level of durability for a build that accurate is insane.
  13. Schneeds

    Aggressor or Monarch?

    I was barely able to fit all the pieces spread out on an 8x11 rug. So that gives you an idea of the space you will need :)
  14. Schneeds

    [MOC] Red Five X-wing starfighter

    Inthert's was built before Jerac's, so you can go back and forth on credit all day long. Looks great, especially the wings.
  15. Schneeds

    Imperial Star Destroyer Intimidator MOC-77525

    This just exploded on scene out of nowhere! Outstanding job what a massive masterpiece. I like that you went with the ANH version; this is worthy of the Devastator!