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  1. Schneeds

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    Not at all! This version might not be as solid as your original, but it's still swooshable. You could probably figure out a better way for the connections than I did. I'll try to post a few pictures that show it in detail this week.
  2. Schneeds

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    I finally got around to making Jerac's Tie. I must say, the design is most impressive. I don't know how on earth he thought of parts of it but it's fantastic. I decided to try to take the wings from my Tie fighter and see if I could transfer in Jerac's cockpit and struts. I'm quite pleased with the final look.
  3. Wouldn't you just list those as any color then in the xml file? Or is that not possible.
  4. Can anyone who has built it advise on possible color substitutions? Looking at the parts list, there are quite a few red pieces which don't appear to be visible in the pictures. Aside from a few red tiles and a couple dark red slopes, I don't see any red; however, a lot of those pieces would be easier to procure in either dark bluish gray or light bluish gray.
  5. Looks like my timing for building this is perfect!
  6. I sent you a PM reference the instructions.
  7. Schneeds

    "A New Hope" in Lego

    This really is impressive. So many parts are so well done, and the photography and lighting are excellent. The death star control room and detention block are probably my favorites, but it's hard to decide!
  8. Schneeds

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I finally finished building mine, and I must say it is a lovely model. I did some significant reworking of the exterior greebling and detailing, basing it off of the 32" model used in ESB. I also polished the interior up a bit for fun. And lastly, I built a custom display table based off one that someone had linked earlier in the thread.
  9. I would just show it here. I bet you're glad you got it finished given the Lego takeover of BL :)
  10. Schneeds

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    I can't believe how good that looks. The greebling is gorgeous. And that side profile... incredible.
  11. Schneeds

    [MOC] UCS Venator class-star destroyer (WIP)

    This is going to look better in bricks than it did in CGI. I love the texturing of the bridge. I will definitely be purchasing.
  12. Schneeds

    Thoughts on TROS?

    "People keep telling me they know me. No one does." Just stopped caring at that point. To be fair, I barely cared up until that point.
  13. I just bought everything at once and ordered about 5-10% extra depending on pieces (excluding large or rare stuff). 15,000 pieces is a staggering amount and you will inevitably miss things. Spread out on the floor and organized it probably takes up an 8x12 space.
  14. Yes, I've built 10030. To me at least, just doubling the hull plating doesn't add a lot of value. Simply adding pieces to increase the count and weight of a set doesn't necessarily increase the value of a set. When I compare 10179 to the new MF I see a massive increase in quality that justifies the increase in cost. Enough that I will eventually buy one and retire my 10179.
  15. I didn't forget inflation. The set has more than 50% more parts but is nearly the same size. What are you really getting for the extra 1600 pieces? You have to look at value. Outside of the bridge there's arguably less greebling, though I think it looks better.