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  1. I'm looking at the 10188 sticker sheet and the background color for the directional arrows appears to be light gray, when the sticker is going on a DBG tile. Is the photo of the sticker sheet wrong or am I missing something, because those arrows would be white on a LBG background on a DBG tile. In the book, however, the background on the sticker is DBG like the tile. Any solutions? Could I switch out the tiles to be black and use the 75159 sheet from the new Death Star?
  2. There's a video in the book about how to do it. It's a link to a YouTube video in the bottom panels book.
  3. Which sticker sheets are required for the "Interior" book?
  4. Honestly, I prefer the first one, but overall I prefer SDs in profile anyway, so no real artistic analysis here...
  5. OK thanks, I think I will just use a LBG one. No worth paying 4 dollars for an Ebay one lol
  6. Hey, I'm building the frame, and wondering about the DBG Technic brick 6x8 (Open center). Can I use a LBG one, because apparently no store in Bricklink has a DBG one.
  7. Yes, except for the top of the bracket interferes with the arm clips that are attached to the rail above the bracket. I decided to just force it, and I finished the bridge! It's a work of art!
  8. Help! How do I make the connection on step 7, page 31, book 7? Force it? (Couldn't upload my pic, sorry.)
  9. Wow. Just looked at how much it would cost to buy the engine parts. Potter More Bricks: $140 The Brick Zone: $1,440 Guess who I will be buying from.
  10. I was looking through the instructions, and yeah, those connections are weird! I don't think I have seen those ball joints in any set except for the MagnaGuard fighter! It will be fun to build!
  11. I bought the instructions, they look beautiful! Just placed the order for the bridge section, looks like it will be a little over $100.
  12. So probably around $1000? That's better than I thought. This may be doable lol Does anyone know about how much it would cost just to buy the parts for the bridge section? The superstructure section, not the interior part.
  13. I hate to ask this yet again, but about how much did it cost to buy all the parts? I remember hearing $1500, is this accurate? U.S.