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  1. A darker color? Based on the pic, wouldn't white be more accurate?
  2. On level 2, can the minifig fit standing up on the bridge when it's closed up?
  3. What I would give... I have a 6211, anyone want to trade?
  4. [MOC] Millennium Falcon (40th Anniversary)

    I also have the UCS and 7965 Falcons, and this Mod has a better exterior AND interior than 7965 and the exterior is probably a tie with the UCS (which has no commendable interior.) However, have you though about designing your own cockpit? That 7965 one is way too long. The one I made for the 7965 is probably too small and basic, but just a thought.
  5. Are there any instructions for those blockade runners?
  6. I haven't seen all of those yet, I didn't know they were in that. Hopefully!
  7. Yeah, a defender would also be awesome. A shame TLG didnt re make one of those after they put blue on their first.
  8. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Just so everyone who was curious knows, Raskolnikov's "smaller," instructionalized Star Destroyer "Aggressor" is now out on Eurobricks and Rebrickable.
  9. They look like a good scale match to my UCS Falcon, since that is also much smaller than minifig scale. They also look too big for a 7965 or such. Plus, they are totally awesome and a good size to make a fleet out of.
  10. can you make instructions for your TIEs?
  11. Do you ever try the "find best deal" option in the autofinder? It sometimes gives lots from outside the country, but it seems to work really well. It put Rasko's AT-AT at about $300.
  12. I hadn't actually seen that until now... that would be awesome. Usually though I don't have a bajillion dollars to spend on legos, and I like to look at more medium-ish sized things that are more solid and accurate than TLG's.Those wings do look much nicer. Nowhere near as nice as the Aggressor, though.
  13. this is amazing! I wouldn't mind a video of how it opens up. It almost looks in the pictures like the same size as the Tyrant! Had to buy a new table, huh?