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  1. nagybirek

    [MOC] Class 1 unlimited buggy

    Hi, Great progress, but i cannot understand when you edit your topic why is it necessary to delete all the previous stages, pics, videos?! E.g. i was read this topic earlier, then months after i wanted to read again, and do not take as an offense, and am happy for the improvement but would be great to saw those stuffs too ... So, sorry but i dont like the way how you present the developement, i think all the previous stages should be available ... :( Miss the video so much
  2. Hey Guys, does this little beast count as MOD-improvement? :) Not 100% done, but after almost 3 weeks work on it ... well, I would say, getting there Cheers
  3. and here we are again! well done all the creators, did a fantastic job and frankly made it hard to select 6. All MOC is pretty UNIQUE and in several way there is some crazy (creation and/or creator too ;) ) so, my votes goes to: 10 : 10 16 : 6 34 : 4 33 : 3 28 : 2 38 : 1 Everybody would deserve to get the 1st prize, but as all we know the life is hard ... :( I wish you guys and of course girls luck :D
  4. nagybirek

    [TC6] Spider Crane - UNIC URW-706

    HA-HA I know! :) It was a test, followed the previous advices on a tablet and from brickshelf ... and it worked well! Great When I will approuch the next level will be able to upgrade the forum on that way Cool
  5. nagybirek

    [TC6] Spider Crane - UNIC URW-706

    Thanks your advice! Tried it too... I am a bit tired of how to use this forum... And got the same message time and time again ... If this countinou like this ...?! :( You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  6. Hi All, younger and elder, hi AFOLs J This would be my creation to the TC6 contest. I am a dedicated fan of LEGO creations. Just came back to the topic around 3-4 years ago after a long-long dark age and of course as many of ours this happened because of the 8043. See and fall in love was only a second, gave no chance for my girlfriend even to blink and the box was opened on my desk, the “new” style of bags – well that was new for me, last time when I saw a bag came out a LEGO box was with those little holes on it and with a bit different feelings when you touch it J - and there were so many small pieces … I think everybody here know what I felt. After those 3-4 unbelievable years there was some significant changes in my life (actually in my and my love – this time she is a person) and I have to had a “2nd dark age” to approach to the current level. This means just a couple of months but was hard without any LEGO, and the worst was when I had to sold my whole collection, including mostly Technic sets … but it was on the last summer, it’s gone now and I already can say: “I am back to game fellows!” J … Maybe I went so far away the original topic but I thought would be great introduce myself a bit since this is my first time on the EuroBricks even I was registered more than a year ago. Hope you will like my MOC, enjoy this short (or maybe long) article about and please feel free to comment, share your opinion, ideas with me and the others. So, let’s turn to the relevant page: My creation is a “compact crane”. Yeah, I know! A crane again … I am a bit addicted of cranes. Small and huge, mobile or tower ? Doesn't matter for me just simple impressive and unbelievable structures … but this time I would like to share with you a bit different type of crane: Spider/Mini/Compact Crane pick which you prefer or like. J This MOC mostly based on the UNIC URW-706 Spider Crane and it was built in 1:10 scale approximately. The experience I have had last October when I made some lifting plan and had to find and choose the right machinery for a task inside of a shopping mall in a single minute wake up a desire inside of me: “oh God, I have to find a way to build a MOC like this!” … and when this contest shown up … What a coincidence!? Let see, there is 2 type of tracks. Preferred to use the 5 studs wide for this. This means for the scaling the 400 mm wide track is equal with the 5 studs. At first I have made some LDD prototype. Tried how to fit and get the right shape and keep the planned scale. Was a great help using Sariel’s scaling app at his webpage, made quicker and easier the planning method and I didn't have to calculate every single dimension. To fit the contest’s rules I have developed many way of the control. The final result is below. There is actually 5 pieces of motors (hopefully based on the descriptionn I did not break any of the rules) 1 XL Motor This is a continuously running motor, connected to the fake engine and a tricky mechanism you maybe recognised earlier in some other creation: just simple with one axis you can give 2 direction rotation for another (in this case another 2) axis if you insert a shift gear mechanism on it 2 Servo Motor Those motors responsible for actually to turn “on-off” a chosen function and depends on their gives the right direction rotation. Operate with one (1st) IR Receiver (or use 2 slot on one SBrick) 2 Medium Motor This 2 connected to another 2 shift gear junction and can change the direction of the rotated axis independently, should bear in mind that if one of these turned into the shift gear the other must be at “Neutral” position. Operate with one (2nd) IR Receiver (or use the rest 2 slot on the same SBrick as the Servo Motors) Let see what we got with this combination. Well as the rules mentioned this is an alternate option to use a continuously running motor with the direct turn “on/off” connection battery box/rechargeable battery. Basically this XL motor gives the drive all of the RC functions. This engine rotate the axis connected 2 of the shifting mechanism. This 2 operated independently with those 2 servo motor and depends on the position we have got a clockwise/anti-clockwise direction rotating drive on No1 and/or No2 driving axis. This 2 driving axis going through on 2 independent double shifting gear junction, each operated with the M motors independently. And as a result we would have 8 different functions and 2 of these can operate in the same time. Right now I did develop only 7 from it but you will see – hopefully – we won’t need more in this case. So, the functions are below in pair: 1st M Motor, Function 1: Drive & Steer (due it is a tracked creation depends on which track operate which direction we can drive straight, turn left, right and reverse too) 1st M Motor, Function 2: Outriggers operate (when you see, this type of crane has a “turning out” arm and after it is at the right angle-position can pull it down to stabilize itself) 2nd M Motor, Function 1: Operate the crane 1 (in that case able to turn the bogie even on the 360 degree and lower/rise the boom). 2nd M Motor, Function 2: Operate the crane 2 (in that case able to lower/rise the boom and operate the winch with our without* to extend/abridge the boom). That is why a great goal from the LTD Team design and product was those red/new type of 16 tooth Gear with the double impact design. With this gear I was able to make the 2 double shift behind each other, no needed to sacrifice one of the shift gears for nothing, or actually a duplicated gear with. As you can see the functions by the 2nd M Motor is just 3 from the possible 4, but based on my best knowledge I cannot make more than 2 axis driven through the bogie and even if I needed more than 2 functions at the superstructure I didn't want to have a different motor at there, because of the limitation and I wanted to purchase a 360 degree turning without any wire in the middle. But I have made a manual switcher at the superstructure and in this way there is Option A the winch operate only itself, Option B the winch operate with the boom extension I preferred to choose the winch as a primer function while parallel with the boom extension will need to make the string longer/shorter any way … hopefully it does make sense. The outriggers extension can provide by manually, but in this scenario I couldn't solve an RC function on it. ... hopefully I will find the way soon how to attach pictures about the creation, till then here are two direct link to my onedrive cloud folder with the LDD screenshots and a few picture about the real creation current stage to be continuous soon :)
  7. You are absolutely right and sorry I haven't had better idea it 1st :P Still struggling to find the "topic generate bottom" :P even I already have the 10th comment... Strange and I should read after more about the EB page ... ;) Sorry again and the LEGO Force Will be with you
  8. nagybirek

    [TC6] Komatsu WA 600-6

    Wow :) As always the public says: " a wheel loader agaqin?!" well this is a pretty cool one! ;) In my case everybody will say:"a crane again?!" :)
  9. nagybirek

    [TC6] ][WIP] Radical RXC V8

    Interesting solution im pretty interesting about the final chassis too ;)
  10. nagybirek

    [TC6] Secret Project

    Lol...that was funny :)
  11. nagybirek

    [TC6] Walking Dragline

    I love so much this type of heavy machinery! Well done such a piece of cake ;) Wish you luck at the contest !!
  12. Sorry but i have to have the 10 this1 doesnt make any sense just collecting ;) (I would lke to start ms tc6 topic asap :) )
  13. :) When I'm approach the 10 comments immedtiatelly start my tc6 topic even if my moc is less than 50% complete... ;) Hope that will be an interesting one for the public too and not just for myself :P
  14. :) you should be more patient ... Honestly, the deadline is still the middle February, and I am pretty sure there will be many other creation published at the last minutes ... so be glad Eraman doing his job multiple such as build the creation and develop to be better and better what details show up next ;) Eraman, nicely done! Cannot wait to see the whole Mercedes @ work! ;)