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  1. If so, then towels and linen for me as well. Best regards
  2. For me the same please. Danish bed linen and Slovenian towels is a perfect combo . Thank you and best regards, Miha
  3. Hi, according to Holodoc's appeal over PM, I confirm again that, although TLG's act felt a bit backstabbing, I would still like to join the party. But I understand those who decide not to due unfortunate fact about cancelled support. Regarding the prices, I would prefer Lalandia or The Village against the hotel, which is a bit on the (more) expensive side. I suppose I would like to stay with my Slovenian coleagues @MstrOfPppts and @Redhead1982 and have no other special wishes about it. Was dwelling a bit on the proposed programme for 2000DKK - thanks, but no thanks TLG. A YT video about the factory and a nice big set, that I'll buy for that money, will be much sweeter... Best regards, Miha
  4. MajklSpajkl

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    @allanp Take the blue pill immediately...
  5. MajklSpajkl

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    @jrx What tires are used on the hauler? Are they the new ones from the Batmobile or are they the big ome as on the Volvo loader?
  6. MajklSpajkl

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    One piece??? I really hope not. It will look like a BrĂ¼der toy truck...
  7. MajklSpajkl

    42107 Ducati Panigale V4R

    I am getting this one. Although Harleys double rear tire seems to square for a racer...
  8. MajklSpajkl

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    So this is this years flagship? Weren't there rumours about a big pneumatic set likeca backhoe or something?
  9. Those Lalandia houses seem really nice. I am up for it as well.
  10. Hi all, since most of you guys seem to be "veterans" of the event, I'd like to say something from a point of a "novice"-to-be. First thought on my mind was big disappointment of course. I was really tempted to join for quite some time, practically from the first time I heard about it from my colleagues from our LUG, and I finally decided to take part. I guess the news of terminated support for the event felt like a slap in all our faces, but I surprised myself with getting over it rather quickly. I can live without e-store, but I'm not sure how to feel about visiting the factory... Who knows if i'll be able to attend next time, so I am still dwelling on that programme with the factory. Since the price of 2000 DKK is not so easy to swallow, I can see that none (most) of you, who's been there already, won't even consider to pay that sum, but I would like to know your opinion whether it is worth it or not? I suspect not many of the participants will decide to go for it, but still - should there be a smaller group of people willing to go, is there still a chance to do so? When, at the latest, should we decide for it? Regarding TLG's behaviour towards AFOLs in recent years - overall, to them it is just business - "love" shared with the community and AFOLs in particular is only as deep as they need it to be. It seems they are doing better than fine even without caressing a rather small percentage of their customers - us AFOLs - and why? Because we love their product to much to turn away (I can speak for myself, not to genralise to much), no matter how they treat us. Regardless how it turns out and what will the final programme of the event be, I am still very much looking forward to this pilgrimage Best regards, Miha
  11. MajklSpajkl

    Three-wheeler buggy Ciraptor

    Very nice - you should enter this one in Mad Max contest.
  12. MajklSpajkl

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    I agree on the body - looks fantastic! I don't mind the high chassis, but I don't like that the mudguards are so offset regarding the wheels - kinda looks like the chassis is to long for the body. Otherwise great work. I was thinking something similar, but I guess I'd better get a new idea while it is still time... Best regards, miha
  13. Spot on! Thank god we have @imurvai
  14. MajklSpajkl

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Great mechanism combined with strings!
  15. MajklSpajkl

    Solaris Urbino 18 Articulated Bus

    Fantastic looks and function! Best LEGO bus I've seen! Kneeling axles are THE bomb! I tried hard to find something on the "could be better" side, but there just isn't anything... Seems your pet count rises with each new video How many are there now?
  16. MajklSpajkl

    RC Extra Large Spider MOC

    I love the video (and the itsy bitsy spider as well of courre), it makes you MOC look very creepy. Also that combo of very slow and sudden fast movement makes it look very authentic. Job well done
  17. Oh they are coming all right! I bet you'll feel like Santa reading all those questions by Tuesday
  18. Despite the silence on the forum...the excitement is on! Great topic and great prizes Jim! Thank you very much for the arrangement. It's been so long since I've managed to compete and I really hope that this time I actually do.
  19. I like the new differential a lot. I hope it can be opened as pleased. A minor minus is that idler gears in the diff have some play because they don't have their own axle on the differential housing.
  20. MajklSpajkl

    [HELP] Virtual Pivot Steering with Servo

    Another example you can see here: but it gets a bit to vertical so only good for truck, at least in this configuration that I used...
  21. MajklSpajkl

    Technic Pub

    @Cumulonimbus : I know how you feel. Luckily, life blessed me and my lady with two great boys after... stay strong and don't give up. Best regards, Miha
  22. MajklSpajkl

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Sariel starts on Dec 26th i believe.
  23. MajklSpajkl

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    I feel you!
  24. Added images to the gears look fantastic! Thanks for all the effort. Very very useful app!