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  1. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Congrats! well done!
  2. [CH V Cat E] Easy Come, Easy Go

    I really enjoy this build^^ But we all know that the pirates should have been the real winners ;)
  3. Account Summary

    I havent received my dbs from the mcra in february. So when one of the admins have time to look into this i wil appreciate it^^
  4. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Greetings Doctor Thaum!
  5. We might be drunks or some of us but we still get rich! And have our freedom we are not surpressed by some inbred royals or some lousy merchant council!
  6. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to the sea rats, may good fortune follow your steps.
  7. I knew it! We can allways count on the good old Sea Rat Investigator Its fine, atleast some of us survived the delay
  8. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to the mighty sea rats!
  9. [SR - FB2] Far Horizons Salvage and Shipworks

    I really like this build. There is so many things going on, without it being to overcrowded or anything.
  10. Travelling to Bastion

    Callia took off with her crew after being banished from Corrington, found guilty in smuggling and not paying taxes. Normally Callia and her crew would have ended in jail or worse, but they managed to bribe the guards and got away down to the docks and set sail to be free. They took their ship Little rat. Ming the gunner. Enjoying the wind in the sails, and freedom under their feet. Looking for the promised free haven of Bastion. What would you guys classify this as? i guess i can use it as a type 2 trading vessel. Next comming up: Sigfig story and entroduction
  11. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Callia signs up for the mighty sea rats!
  12. Callia signs up for the mighty sea rats! Hope i have done this the right way, if not tell me
  13. Once Upon a Time ...

    Raise the colours my pirate brothers and sisters. I really look forward to this.
  14. Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Can not wait to this to begin^^