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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, The last weeks i have no time for eurobricks and all the new MOC`s here! But saw many great builds on flickr and watch something here when the time was enough. Here i want show you my newest MOC. It`s from Star Wars Battlefront, I love the game and the new lego figs and so i start to build a little MOC. At the last weeks i also build e little MOC to BF on Hoth (think the most people saw it on flickr), its not a big build but want to make a scene from the map (Snowspeeder ist the version from Lary Lars). Hope you like the build and can watch all photos on my flickr stream. Markus PS: The next days i must write some words to the mocs from the last time :-)
  2. When the Maze passed the Lego Ideas review, I was not very interested. While familiar with such mazes from my childhood, they were never my favourite toys and I couldn’t see myself buying and building a Lego version. But the baseplate changed it all. Well, sort of. I’m still not interested in the Maze as a maze, but my interest of the set as a parts pack is growing all the time. The set has 769 pieces, one of which is a dark stone grey 32x32 baseplate, which is something you very rarely see in sets nowadays, and in a useful colour, too. What’s more, the 768 remaining pieces seem to include a whole lot of 1x basic bricks in good colours (tan, medium stone grey, black) and lots of tiles and big plates. The set retails for $70 in the US, probably €70 in Europe. The PPP is 9,1 cents, which is not too bad, and it gets even better if you value the baseplate at $/€8 – the PPP for the remaining parts is only 8,07 cents. So what I’m thinking now is to challenge myself, and hopefully others too: Let’s convert 21305 Maze into a modular building! We’ve got the baseplate, we’ve got a whole lot of tan bricks plus other colours for details, we’ve got tiles to top off the floors and we’ve got plates to build ceilings/floors. What we miss are windows, doors and, partially, some small details around the windows. What do you think? We don’t have a parts list yet, but based on the images released, do you think 21305 would be a valuable parts pack for a modular MOC?
  3. Hey guys, Now it`s done and my Apoca AT-AT from EPVII cocept art ist finished! It`s my first AT in minifig scale and the next step ist to build that he can stand All photos you can watch on Flickr and here are the WIP-Thread. Thanks for watching and hope you like it? cya markus
  4. Loves Houses

    MOC: WIP Amsterdam Canal Houses Front

    Hi, two things came together to inspire me to a new houses MOC: 1) a trip to Amsterdam with its incredible canals (Grachten) and gorgeous medieval house fronts 2) LEGO set 31026 - the new 3 in 1 creator houses set. Indeed, if you look closely you will notice that many elements of this set have been used one to one - just with a few new arrangements. In fact I love the set so much I have bought it a second time now. And please HELP: this is work in progress; I'm struggling with how to build the canal and it would be absolutely fantastic if some of you could help me with a few inspirations of how to best build/show the canal water. Here is what's there so far - playable already... 1 The complete front. 2 Left side 2a Left side - back side 3 Right side front 3a Right side - back side 4 Another perspective Enjoy - and don't forget to help me with the water so the WIP can go away in time. Yours brickily Loves Houses
  5. I have a background story for Kael,(Kaliphlin) how he ended up were and who he is now. I will present this in a few free builds over time. I humbly ask to claim in The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program Landscape Design -snow and ice and General Building (Other Techniques) -minifig posing CC welcome/thanks for watching /mechamike --------------------------------------------- Prolouge Born in the cold barren north in Mitgardia as the second son and third offspring. Father a skilled blacksmith of a common line with an appetite for both other men’s women and wine. Mother tall and pride with a heart of ice. She just one of many born out of wedlock. The fruit of a clan leader who’s name until further be unspoken . He weeps as his elder brother and protector is sent out to the clan lands as custom to become a man. Even his mild sister words cant ease his growing worries. As snow begins to melt from the trees he dreams of two olws that speak of his brothers faith. Night after night until his father and mother follows the path in his dreams. Mother cry out “I wish it was you that were dead instead”, standing in the door with hands still red from his brothers blood. The wolfs that the olws spoke of had found it's prey. "Noooooo!!!!" "I WILL hunt down and slay the beasts!" Overview