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  1. okay I got it working now. it doesnt just make an OBJ but it gets the relevant PNGs as well. but the textures don't show up in Maya and I still have that grouping problem.
  2. maybe this is just a Maya issue but the OBJ objects seem to share faces so Maya has to merge them into one group. also, it comes with an mtl file but I see no PNGs that would be referenced in the shader.
  3. that's it! i didnt put the file name in the output. i will try it now! nope i found the problem. i was originally told to write outpuobjt when i was supposed to be using exportobj.
  4. no i did not do that. i just wrote the command as is with no directory. but i moved the script to the desktop if it makes a difference. i am betting this is a tall order but maybe a video tutorial would help me. i dont think i understand written direction.
  5. /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Resources/Python.app/Contents/MacOS/Python: can't open file 'pyldd2obj.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory thats what i got when i did the command.
  6. that must be it. i never made it an executable. does the actual .py script change after becoming executable? because i finally did the chmod without getting errors and i ran the script and still no OBJ.
  7. i put both the test lxf and the python script in the same folder and ran it. no new files show up in the folder nor does the lxf become an OBJ, no noticeable change at all.
  8. i would have thought so but i see no OBJ or a folder or anything. i ran the Test lxf and the only thing that was named "test" was that same lxf.
  9. from the previous thread: that's what I got when I searched for db.lif. got the actual file path as well as the ones I extracted. and i realized what i was doing wrong. i never put in the "out_obj_file" command. i did it and it seemed to work. but now i have no idea where the OBJs exported to. they aren't in the same folder as the test lxf.
  10. nope mac as well. it always tells me it cant find the directory no idea if i have to move stuff elsewhere to make it work. also where is the assets file located? i had to open up my LDD app to get at it.
  11. I have tried it but for some reason, it didn't work. maybe I was using it wrong. i know took me 5 tries to realize I had to move the assets file to the same location as the extractor for it to work.
  12. you think it's possible to make this a plugin for LDD? like you give LDD the ability to export OBJ by running the lxf through it so you get all its transforms applied to the .g models. you build in LDD and then work on the resulting model in another app. EDIT: and since you said this was made in Unity maybe this could help: FBX Exporter for Unity. dont just get geometry but the transforms intact and maybe whatever bones and rigs LDD uses as well as textures and groups.
  13. Kalta the Noble Mind

    Bionicle 2016 Story Discussion & Rumors

    wow! now Bionicle's cancellation makes even less sense because it seemed to hinge on it being a sacrifice. learning that the budgets that got slashed were events and TV spots G2 had all that and more so it had its full budget,if I make sense. ould have also explained the AFOL centric social media campaign as they had a guaranteed customer base in us grown up fans and nothing is cheaper than having employees shoot VLogs for facebook. do special promotional items such as themed jewelry count towards marketing? because folks have been saying Lego screwed themselves over by making 14 karat gold versions of every golden mask in 2015 which ate up hundreds of dollars of the budget. i am utterly confused now :(
  14. Kalta the Noble Mind

    Bionicle 2016 Story Discussion & Rumors

    wonder if Journy to One was affected by Lego sacrificing its marketing Budget to cover production costs due to their high demand sets. i remeber Dorek saying the decision to end G2 seemed to come about during the production of the netflix series and given how the show was more or less and advertizment for the toyline they had the comission budget cut and therefore could not aford the same writers or the time to get everything in order. it did basically condense what was supposed to be the 3rd year's plot and a super tight production schedule does not allow for continuity/plothole checking. i would want to say the differnces between the web animations and JtO charatcers was due to differnt studios tackling each production but they were both one by Volta so it cant be that. maybe this was a severe case of early installment weirdness where the story team fleshed the heck out of the charatcers once they learned they were getting 20+ minute episodes rather than just the 2 minute snippets. also who thinks joT would have been a full blown 13+ episode series rather than the 4 episode miniseries we got? i would figure it would have been bigger bt the aformentioned marketing budget cuts widdled the 13 episode comission to 4.
  15. Kalta the Noble Mind

    Future Constraction Lines

    i second both suggestions! i could see the Cybots -esque plot lending itself to Slizer/Throwbot style "elements" by way of being built for specific tasks and enviroments and the Orbots combining could be used for making super special configurations for unique jobs and enviroments with enphesis on turning each robot's tool into a unique tool if i make sense. like i dunno some earth mover robot that has scoops combines with a fire robot with like a flamethrower and they combine to make a carving/shaping robot that uses its claws to hold maerial and the flamethrower to burn material off and therefor shape. i may even want an edutainment aspect where all these robot charatcers are essentially scifi-ied up versions of existing tools and jobs and the story slips in informtion on topics relating to those jobs. like my hypothetical earth mover robot is part of a Mining "tribe" that is a cross between fantasy dwarves and stereotypical construction workers and their job is to dig tunnels and infrastructure as well as mine for resources. a potential plot could be a rehash of hero factory's Invasion from Down below where the tribe disturbs an underground species and the drama can come from the real world issue of expanding human infrastructure and the danger of encroaching on animal habitats. the miner tribe could maybe save the day with i dunno a wildlife tribe that's a cross between elves and zoologists whose special tools are hightned sensors and the combiner is a strong but sensitive robot that can put in the infrastructure needed but with enough percision to make sure to underground species habitat is untouched. i am just thinking out loud here.