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  1. The Mack engine looks pretty cool, I like the fact that it's different from pretty much any other engine from most recent twchnic sets. Variation is good.
  2. Globemaster8

    Creator and Creator expert wishlist

    The Chateau du Chaumont is another building that I'd love to see in Lego. And yeah, I've always wanted to go to the Neuschwanstein Castle; it looks amazing!
  3. Wow. This set is definitely the most detailed ever, without a doubt. Shame I'm gonna have to build another room in my house though (if I am to buy it)!!!!!!!
  4. One of the best Lego cars I've seen, fantastic! I especially love the detail of the engine!!!!!!! Huge well done from me!
  5. I love the sound of here sets, especially the Mack Truck. I'm guessing that these will be the 1h sets and that there are no rumours about the 2h sets, correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Amazing review as ever Jim, just (to me) not as great as it could have been. A good set to MOD though!
  7. Another amazing review Jim! It's always a pleasurable read! I must say that whilst the treads are unique and do look pretty cool, I prefer the model with Unimog tires with yellow rims. Other than that the model looks great, and the features are nice (I just love those doors)! I'm afraid that I just can't bring myself to buy this set this summer. It's either this set or the Saturn V (which to me is a pretty easy decision)! Looking forward to reading the review of 42068!
  8. Globemaster8

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    If Yodas Hut is at $30 (which I'm guessing is around £26) then that's perfect like @TheRealDickDastardly said to MOC. It would be so cool to add a swamp with half an X Wing sticking out of the surface!
  9. 42069 looks nice, I look forward to seeing your review Jim! At my first impressions, I'd see how the model looks without the stickers. Is that a comparison that you did in your review?
  10. The reason why I like numbered bags is that I like to be organised. I can't stand a huge miss mash of parts, taking up a huge amount of space. I suppose I'm a little ocd that way. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.
  11. Numbered bags are great. Nobody wants 2000+ pieces randomly put on the table, and I don't want to spend most of the day organising the parts. I wish Lego could give a reason why they've done this, like most people have said: it's such a big pain!!!!!!!!!
  12. If you can get the BWE cheaply, then I'm in!!! The only problem with that (to me) is the incorrectly placed clutch gear in the main gearbox. It has so many less problems than 42070. And it also looks awesome!
  13. Another great review Sariel, well done! If I was to buy this set, then I'd probably change the purple for another colour and add wheels. To me this set looks so much better with them; looking like a dune buggy or something!
  14. Another great review Jim, the pictures were (as usual) crisp and perfect. Whilst the review was great, my personal opinion is that the set isn't. It's overly priced and lacks the quality of previous flagship and 2h sets. Again that's just my opinion.
  15. Globemaster8

    MOC-HUGE Robin Hood Diorama-Custom Lights

    Amazing build, well done! I have to say, one of those village huts would be perfect as a Lego set and something I'd buy in a heart beat!