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  1. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Can someone who owns the new Hospital set (or any of the other Friends medical sets) tell me which of the medical accessories could be used alongside a minifig?
  2. If its more Ferrari, more Porsche and more Ford, I cant see myself buying any 2018 Speed Champions sets (unless they do something totally unexpected and do a Ford Falcon as one of the Ford sets, an Aussie Ford Falcon of some sort would be the only Ford set I would be even remotely interested in :)
  3. Lego themes that we need to be happen

    I wish they would make some Space sets that are as good as sets like the 6973 Deep Freeze Defender. Too bad TLG is unlikely to make the kind of Space sets people like me want because they would be too similar to (and compete too much with) their overpriced Star Wars sets :(
  4. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The accessory set is also available from Shop @ Home (although its currently sold out). For those in Australia, both the playmat and the accessory set are being sold by the Dreamworld LEGO store (I bought my City Accessory Set from there earlier in the week)
  5. Thanks for the tip but its too late now, I just got a notification that my parts have shipped (that was fast :) I will place another order later in the year (or early next year) to get the stuff that isn't yet available (none of which I actually need for the projects I am working on for the October show even if 1 or 2 might potentially have been nice to have). Not that I am unhappy with the parts I did order, some great stuff in there and I got all the parts I actually need for my MOCs like the dark blue mudguards :)
  6. Finally got my Bricks & Pieces order placed (after realizing that if I wait for the tiger and kayak and other stuff to show up, the parts wont arrive in time for me to use them for the October show) A few nice pieces in this one including the Venus Fly Trap, Leopard, Panther, new sunglasses head from Fun at the Beach, kayak paddle, 1 x 2 compass tile from the Jungle sets, white and pink teapots, Penguin umbrella, dentist torso, Fun at the Beach lifeguard torso, mudguards in dark blue and medium blue, some nice hair, the short legs in a few colors I didn't own yet, the Angry Birds egg piece in white, some nice dark purple pieces and more besides. On the "Order Status" page, it doesn't show the leopard and panther, it instead shows that I ordered a "6206370 PROTECTIVE BAG,ANIMAL NO. 1" and a "6206371 PROTECTIVE BAG,ANIMAL NO. 1". Can anyone who has ordered the big cats before confirm if this is what is supposed to happen and can anyone identify which of those part numbers corresponds to which of the big cats? (and if anyone has the matching number/name that goes with the tiger, that would be useful information as well)
  7. Tiger isn't showing as available for me here in Australia.
  8. Judging by all the unsold packets of TLBM CMF I see everywhere I go here in Oz (and the fact that they are now selling TLBM CMF on Shop @ Home on discount, I am surprised that a second series of TLBM CMF would be viable. I am also surprised they aren't doing a second series of Disney CMF given how well the first one sold. Or have TLBM CMF sold better in other countries or something?
  9. The very limited number of different parts you can order by phone and the high shipping costs for Bricks & Pieces orders to Australia dont make that a viable option. In any case I dont need the tiger or the other not-yet-available stuff for my October show MOC plans so I will order what I do need now (teapot, dark blue wheel arches etc etc) along with whatever else is available for sale that I could make use of in the future (e.g. the other 2 big cats) to hit the "100 different parts" limit for online Bricks & Pieces orders and justify the $15 shipping cost (or maybe even increase the order to $200 with a Fun at the Beach and some other stuff so I get free shipping)
  10. I have decided not to wait for the rest of the new parts to show up (tiger, new minifig parts etc etc) and to just go ahead and place an order anyway (otherwise I might not have them in time to get them into MOCs for the LEGO show in October)
  11. For those in Brisbane looking for NinjaGo CMF, Mr Toys have them at $4.99 each (best deal out there that I have seen)
  12. I believe what the Shark General has is not a milkshake or smoothie but a Bubble Tea (which would fit with the Asian theme of NinjaGo and with the bubble design on the cup)
  13. Apparently Big W will have 20% off all toys starting Thursday. Good time to pick up anything where Big W normal price is below RRP as well as anything that is a Big W exclusive (like the City Jungle set with the tiger)
  14. This thread stopped being about licensed pieces ages ago, now its about all the cool or interesting pieces LEGO happens to make available to buy.
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The last 3 modulars have all been great sources of interesting parts IMO.