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  1. A lot of the interesting parts from the City Hospital are available including the 2 doctor torsos, the head bandage, the hand bandage, all of the skeleton parts, all of the heads except the baby head, the wheelchair and its wheels, the scissors, the soda can pull tab tile, the baby body and the baby bottle. From the outdoor people pack you can get the fried egg tile, the tan torso with the pockets, the torso with the green jacket and dark blue shirt, the plastic tent piece, the orange life jacket, the baby carrier, the printed log tile and both printed name tiles, the mountain bike frame and the baby body. The torso with the vest and lanyard badge from the cargo train is also available as is the yellow switch lever and both parts of the forklift. From the capital city you can get the basketball net, the wheelbarrow, the orange scarf, the orange skateboard, the caveman torso, the bellhop torso and the caveman beard. The new printed newspaper tile (a new version of the older newspaper tile) is also available, as is the lime green suitcase from the passenger train. From the arctic sets, you can get the hood piece, the saw blade, both pieces of the mammoth tusks, the blue fur hat, the orange dirt bike shell, the dark blue head (meant to be a ski mask I think), the grey crate, the ice axe, the jackhammer, the snow bike frame, the red fur hat, the husky, the printed insect round brick and, the rat (or whatever it is). Looking at some other things, the upper/lower long hill pieces and the curved piece from the pirate roller coaster are in stock as are the coaster car and its wheels (but not the small hill). The short straight, curve, long straight and diagonal hill piece from the Creator coaster are in stock but not the short hill or either of the long hill pieces. The coaster car, coaster car wheels, pink beehive, gold nugget piece and gold roller skate are also in stock. From the Joker Mansion (the other set with coaster tracks), the wavy red wall, lobster, small straight, corner and all 3 hill pieces are available. No coaster car from this one though. Oh and the grey small and large straights are also available. So that's all colors of coaster track that exist except the red lower hill, red upper hill, red small hill and grey small hill and all colors of coaster car except the lime green one appearing as "available" in the searches I am currently doing. The record cover, all the heads, singer torso, all the teal parts, meat cleaver, gold record and most of the parts in the 2 shades of pink from the downtown diner are available. The new green, bright green and gold small 3 leaf parts are available, as are the new flowers in green, lime green, lavender, bright purple and bright reddish violet and the new stems in green and brown. If you are interested in the statue of liberty, you can get the sand green 2x2 curve slope, 1x2 curve slope and both directions of the 1x2 wedge curve slope. You can also get the sand green 1 x 2 tilting hinge (both parts), radar dish, octagonal ring piece, Nexo Knights shield piece, handcuffs and all 3 styles of brick with studs on the side. The gold flame hair piece is also available. From the mountain police sets, the interesting parts available include the dark blue dirt bike helmet, the dark tan legs with the pockets, the beehive, both parts of the net shooter, the boxer short legs, the cougar, the park ranger/Mountie hat, the tree disguise and the brown skeleton leg Various cop and bad guy torsos are also available if that's your thing. From the mining sets you can get the white hardhat, white hardhat with ponytail plus all the torsos except the one with the shoulder strap/radio. The 1/4 circle pizza tile is available as is the 1/4 circle taco tile from the friends sports set. Other neat friends parts available include the I ❤ HLC mug, hockey stick, purple sports bag, printed white book cover/tablet piece, aqua/purple pen, aqua scooter, printed sheet music, Whats at ❤ ? newspaper tile, 2 x 2 round pizza tile, double cheese slope with cake printing,tennis racket in white, pineapple printed head, yellow paddle, plastic tent+awning thing, milk and juice carton 1x1 bricks, small round log tile, white 1x2 printed list tile, I ❤ HLC postcard tile, hot dog bun, pink teapot, airplane pilot yoke (from the biplane set), orange/magenta pen, new style scooter, dark blue suitcase, 1/4 circle watermelon tile and yellow crystal "fries" piece. The big printed dish from the Ship in a Bottle is available. From Juniors we get the printed 2 x 2 cat drawing, pink gift wrapping tile with hearts, purple wheelbarrow, printed 2 x 4 tile with balloons and cake, printed flag piece with the drinks on it, printed panel with shopping basket, printed wanted poster, printed 2 x 4 tile from the ninja boat set, black older-style motorbike faring, trans-blue lightning bolt, red baby body, printed boarding pass from the new Juniors airport plus both pilot torsos from the same set. The Super Heroes shooting effect bag of bits is available in trans-blue and trans-green. The gear piece, launcher piece, rip chord, clear cone piece and all colors of the round thing from the Spinjitzu sets are available (although the bits from the new flyers including the propeller aren't available yet) The green arrow hat from the Justice League Party set is also available as is the egg from the egghead mech and the black kayak from the space shuttle. The 1 x 3 inverted tile from the Unikitty sets is available in white. (only part of note from those sets available right now) That's it for parts I think are neat or unusual or interesting that are currently showing up for sale for me here in Australia as of the time I did the search.
  2. I noticed the new suitcase piece from the new passenger train (in lime green) is for sale when I looked earlier. No sign of any of the other interesting bits from the set (like the new front nose piece) though.
  3. jonwil

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I wish they would come up with a new Professor Umbridge figure, those pink legs are impossible to get (although the new one if they did it would probably have printed legs that dont work with any other torso)
  4. So many fabulous accessories here :)
  5. jonwil

    Ideas for new City sets

    Picked up some of the new xtra accessory polybags today (the street lights and the plants). I want to see more of the same from TLG please. I recon they should do a road signs pack, they haven't done one of those for nearly 20 years and it would be so great to see more road signs for city creations.
  6. jonwil

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Its possible the Hogwarts Express is a retailer exclusive for a different retailer and that's why Target doesn't have it.
  7. Does anyone know (e.g. from talking to LEGO on the phone) if/when the new Doctor torso from the City Hospital (with the stethoscope) is likely to become available? Its the only piece from that set not available that I want more of. I am hoping we see an update soon that includes that, the Eagle and other cool not-yet-available parts from the 2h2018 City sets... (I wouldn't mind the hotel doorman from the Capital City set as well :)
  8. jonwil

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Australian price for Voltron is a rip-off IMO. US price for Voltron is the same as the Technic Mack Truck yet Voltron costs $40 more in Australia than the Mack Truck does. Definitely not a day-one purchase like the Saturn V, Women of NASA and Tron sets were (even though I am a huge fan of Voltron as a series)
  9. jonwil

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    From the looks of it it can transform and combine without any need to rebuild anything. That's awesome.
  10. Hopefully that policy means things like the eagle, red coaster tracks (straight ramp piece for example) and others become available soon then. Does anyone know what the limit for the number of different pieces you can order online is? Last I checked it was 100 but I can't find any current information on that, just want to confirm that it hasn't changed.
  11. jonwil

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    There are some awesome pieces in those CMF. I can see myself buying quite a few for the hair and accessories (and some of the torsos/legs as well)
  12. jonwil

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Its a pitty cool things like the minifigure factory and mosaic maker and the like are almost certainly never going to come to LEGO licensed stores like Dreamworld.
  13. jonwil

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wish those accessory polybags were available here in Australia but I haven't seen them at the Dreamworld store :(
  14. Does anyone have any knowledge (e.g. from talking to LEGO on the phone) of when the new eagle is likely to be available for sale?
  15. jonwil

    James Bond 2018

    Could this be why they rejected the Jaguar E-Type Ideas project (we heard they were doing another product that directly conflicts with the E-Type and a classic Aston Martin would make a lot of sense as as conflict)