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  1. Does anyone have any ideas (instructions or really good models that I can copy) for building a London Taxi (black cab) in 6-wide? I can find a few things online but they are out-of-scale (too big/small), not detailed enough or the pictures dont give enough info that I could make my own. I am working on some MOCs for Kingsman The Golden Circle and I want a black cab for that one scene :)
  2. I think my budget can finally stretch to that Bricks & Pieces order :) Hopefully the parts I want/need are still available...
  3. When did F1 cars get so ugly?
  4. LEGO appeared on an episode of The Checkout on the Australian ABC network. Found the video on YouTube here Quite an interesting use of LEGO IMO :)
  5. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That 1x1 piece comes in a number of other sets (which depending on what you want might have a better parts selection). Its even used in a coffee machine in the new Mountain Police Headquarters. has the list so far :)
  6. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Stitch project will get rejected in the review anyway since it violates the rule about not having projects that conflict with existing licenses (and that list of licenses specifically mentions all the characters in the Disney CMF line which includes Stitch)
  7. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I wonder what theme they intended the Egyptian bricks to be used for... My guess is they decided the extra cost of making those parts wasn't justified and stickers or printed bricks were better choices.
  8. Damn, the tiger still isn't available online (and probably will never be I suspect if it isn't available by now) Things I did find that are showing up as "available" online: (at least as of the time of this posting and for me here in Australia) Most of the minifig parts from Fun at the Beach Printed ticket tile and clock from the Winter Village Station The 1 x 1 round plate with the shaft sticking out The VW beetle fender piece in red from the London Bus. The tyres (but not the wheels) from the London Bus. All of the parts from the LEGO House set except the printed tile (listed as "we dont sell this part individually"), the 1 x 1 plate in white (out of stock) and the 2 x 2 brick in trans-clear (not showing in the database) Quite a few of the minifig parts from the Jungle and Coast Guard sets along with the printed map tile from the big jungle set. The purple hood from the Teen Titans Go team pack. The red Kayak (but not the purple one) The head bandage part and that little baby piece from the Friends hospital. The printed ski map from the Friends snow resort sets. Captains hat, printed fish hooks tile, red toolbox, crab, bait shop sign, chicken, fishing net and what looks to be all the torsos/heads/legs from the Old Fishing Store (no lobster or seagull though) White trophy, tan crab, black trophy, bowler hat, black crowbar, black police hat, clear fan, dark blue trophy, sand green trophy, dark red trophy, plate 2 x 2 with 2 studs, printed grey 2 x 2 comic book tile, dark grey trophy, gold trophy, cleaver, silver crab, azure guitar and top hat from NinjaGo City. The launcher, gear piece, rip chord and clear piece from the Spinjitzu Master sets (but not the actual spinning bit)
  9. Future Star Wars Sets

    I am surprised they still haven't done a buildable 3P0 figure yet (none of the leaks for what's comming later in the year suggest we are getting one either). My guess is either there are some license issues preventing them making one or producing all the parts in the needed gold color would be too expensive to allow them to hit the price point needed for such a set.
  10. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I suspect the A-29 will be rejected because TLG produces all sorts of airplane sets already (the Aviation Adventures from 2013 being the one that is most similar to the A-29) and the A-29 has nothing unique or noteworthy about it. Although after reading on Wikipedia it seems like its still an active military aircraft (I would have thought based on its looks it was probably WW2 era but I was wrong) so that alone would cause TLG to reject it I suspect. IMO Ideas sets need to be different or unique in order to be considered for production (if TLG has already made similar sets in the past in a theme like Creator or City they probably wont green-light it through Ideas) All the sets produced to date in the Ideas theme have been things TLG wouldn't have produced themselves (Some like Minecraft lead to further sets but none of them are things TLG would have produced were it not for Ideas)
  11. Not too many from this series that interest me (which is good for my wallet :) I want 1x Clock King (cool character), 1x Hugo Strange (I collect lab coats so this one is a must), 1x Vacation Joker (love the torso and the inflatable), 1x Wonder Twin Jayna (for the record and record cover), 1x Wonder Twin Zan (neat bucket with a new color handle, 1 x 1 round piece in the bucket and also I gotta get the pair :) and 1x Black Vulcan (lightning bolts would work for all sorts of things and the torso and headgear is neat too) Kinda interested in General Zod for the newspaper but I am on the fence about that one.
  12. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Found the information on the computer company that published marketing too early and suffered because of it That's why publishing information on new products too early can hurt you.
  13. Pool Guy Gender: Male Torso: bare chest with muscles/abs/6 pack print. Bare arms and hands. Headgear: slick looking hair. Facial expression. Happy face. Legs: Speedo type bathers similar to the Team GB Swimmer. Accessory: Black pool scoop net attached to black bar piece. Pickle Suit Guy Gender: Male Torso: Green torso, green arms, green hands Headgear: Pickle suit with hole for face. Facial Expression: Happy. Legs: Green with green hips Accessory: none Security Guard Gender: Male Torso: Black torso with gold print security badge, pockets and photo type ID Headgear: Black baseball cap (the sort with the hole in the top for the headphones part) with white "Security" print Facial Expression: Happy Legs: Black with belt printing on the hips Accessory: New mold torch piece plus a black walkie-talkie Valet Attendant Gender: Male Torso: Black sleeveless vest over white shirt with black bow tie. Headgear: Very neat hair Facial Expression: Happy Legs: Black Accessory: 1 x 2 printed tile with buttons and logo so as to look like the keyfob to a fancy car. Nerd: Gender: Male Torso: white shirt with tie and pocket with pens in it Headgear: nerd hairstyle Facial Expression: Square nerdy glasses Legs: black Accessory: 1 x 2 tile with calculator print, 2 x 2 tile with 5.25" type floppy disk print
  14. Lego hair pieces

    Ok so the hair piece in question is in an impossible-to-get Team GB figure and a nearly-impossible-to-get TRU exclusive figure and nowhere else. Looks like I wont be adding it to my collection anytime soon... :(
  15. Lego hair pieces

    Does anyone know if the hair from the Series 6 Skater Girl has ever been released in plain black without the printing outside of the one impossible-to-get Team GB figure? Do any of the leaks/pictures out there for upcoming sets/figs show that hairpiece in that color? Oh and the unprinted dark orange April hair is not new, it was used on the Series 3 Tennis Player.