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  1. I already have the BrickArms Combat Knife which I was planning to use (its close enough to the Crocodile Dundee knife to work I recon). That torso could definitely work for the scene in question (and I actually have one in my collection since I bought the harvester truck set) For the headgear, I was thinking either the Fedora (as seen on Indiana Jones) in black or the larger cowboy style (as seen on The Lone Ranger) in black, probably the fedora (since its closer to the hat in the movie) The Hunter guy from Spider-man is too expensive for my tastes (and isn't even right for that particular scene where Mick is wearing a jacket and not the more-open vest you see elsewhere in the movie). And in what universe does the hat from Woody look anything like the hat from Crocodile Dundee (its not even the right color, the Crocodile Dundee hat in that scene is clearly black)
  2. jonwil

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    The whole "Masters of the Universe" line (including He-Man and She-Ra) was created by (and last I checked is still owned by) Mattel. So LEGO sets for that are out of the question.
  3. Can anyone suggest what parts might work for a Crocodile Dundee minifig? Specifically from the famous "that's not a knife" scene. Torso in particular I am stuck on (want one without any exposed flesh color)
  4. I am building a contribution to a shared train layout and we are using the NILTC standards The standard we follow has ballast starting 2 studs in from the edge then the track 2 studs later then 8 studs of track then 2 studs more ballast (so the ballast is 12 studs wide) and we have 2 layers of plate on top of the baseplate then the track on top of that. Anyone got any instructions (or LDD files or clear easy-to-follow photos) on how to ballast a standard 90° curve? (4 standard LEGO curve tracks)
  5. Finally placed my B&P order. Some nice bits in there including all the parts I need to complete my Steamboat Willie (although I suspect my "build Steamboat Willie using parts from my collection, parts from B&P, parts from Bricklink and parts from local second hand sales" idea probably cost me more than I expected although probably not as much as just buying the set outright). I checked my order carefully and the part numbers, prices and quantities match between my own list of what I was ordering, the list you get on the confirmation screen when you exit B&P and the list you get on the order summary screen so in my case I haven't been hit with price increases between B&P and the final order. Now begins the long wait for the order to actually show up (hopefully it gets here soon so I can actually do the work on my zoo in time for the first show in mid-march) Although I do have things I can work on in the mean time (like getting the train track ballasted and planning out what's going where)
  6. jonwil

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Looks really good and the price isn't obscene like some sets I can think of (that boat comes to mind). I am definitely interested (funds permitting)
  7. jonwil

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I love people packs and have also bought all of them (including the space one) because they tend to be a great source of figs, accessories and neat parts and will continue to do so no matter what they bring out in terms of City people packs, even something like a Police people pack would be interesting to me.
  8. jonwil

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Its possible the person taking the photo is using a concealed mini camera (one that is really tiny and takes crappy photos). Or they are intentionally making it low-quality to make it harder to track down exactly where and how it was taken. As for the hair on Black Widow, it might be that Marvel (as the license holder) has specified that particular color for some reason rather than the more accurate red color. Or maybe LEGO didn't have the piece budget for the set to recolor the hair dark red. Same with the dark blue hood, its out-of-production (or seems to be) and maybe they didn't have the parts budget to bring it back in dark blue (whereas black is an active color for the part)
  9. I hate Soccer and hate UK Soccer even more but if they ever did an Aussie stadium such as Suncorp or the MCG (in any scale or size) sign me up :)
  10. Finally have a "wish list" of 183 parts I am potentially interested in (all of which B&P will sell me as of right now). Need to check Bricklink and make sure none are overpriced on B&P (i.e. where the higher price on B&P is such that it makes no sense to order it there instead of Bricklink) and then actually get my order placed. Some of the interesting parts on my wish list: (yes many of these have probably been mentioned already in this thread but its still interesting to note that things are available I didn't expect to see :) White banana Dark azure mountain bike frame Moby Brick book cover New chameleon from the Bookshop Unprinted bb8 body in white and black (black being used as "bombs" in a Batman/Joker set) Dark pink electric guitar 1 x 1 zebra crossing tile from the Tokyo skyline 1 x 2 piano keys tile 2 x 2 tile with music notes from the new Arial story book (the one where the notes play the first part of the Disney theme song "When you wish upon a star") 2 x 2 tile with diamond sign (from a police set I think) 2 x 4 tile with men at work hard hat sign The 1 x 3 x 3 windows from the Knight Bus (in both the purple and the new tan color) plus the trans-clear glass All 3 colors of Ninjago game controller sword hilt White hood piece Dark orange airtanks Red scarf New "air mail" postal worker torso Head and torso for the birthday clown from the new birthday set The new backwards facing baseball cap + hair piece The new style motorbike body in red The new owl in tan The 6 x 6 radar dish in the new "transparent light blue opal" color The trans-fluro-orange space visor The brown dog poop (I am building a zoo so I am going to need a bunch of these :) Teal/Coral parrot from the special 4-minifig "summer" pack from last year 1 x 2 window print brick from the San Fransisco skyline set That binoculars piece with the stud and anti-stud The 2 x 2 tile from Stranger Things with a hand-drawn guy in some water 2 x 2 round Octan sign 2 x 4 "Joe's Garage" sign 1 x 4 x 6 "Dr Jones" glass 1 x 2 x 2 glass with newspaper print in trans-brown and in tan Black handcuffs from the Disney Train Both hats from the Steamboat Willie set The bowl from the Chinese New Year dinner Skirt and both legs from the Steamboat Willie set Eleven and Will Byers torsos from Stranger Things Hair from the little girl in the Chinese New Year dinner Friends shopping trolley Pumpkin (the one seen in the newest Hagrids Hut set) Light Grey slingshot White basketball net White tea cup 2 x 2 tile in yellow with electric warning lightning bolt sign
  11. jonwil

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    LEGO has thus far rejected all the SpaceX projects that made it to 10k. Will be interesting to see what they do with the Cybertruck project (the first Tesla project to reach 10k AFAIK)
  12. jonwil

    Ideas for new City sets

    I wish LEGO would bring back the "starter sets". Those were great ways to bulk up the minifig collection (e.g. some of the new torso and etc from whatever line of sets the "starter set" went with) on the cheap. Or maybe LEGO has evidence that "kids dont like those sets anymore"...
  13. Thanks for that script, its really useful.
  14. jonwil

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    I would love a classic 80s black Lamborghini Contach (whatever model it is you see at the start of Cannonball Run would be epic) More Lamborghini supercars in general would be good, especially a single-car pack at a cheaper price point than the current double-car pack. McLaren F1 definitely. A Chevy El-Camino or similar GM pickup truck (car-derived) will probably never happen but would be awesome to see. Definitely a Tesla of any sort (although somehow I doubt that would happen either) Classic jag (d-type or e-type or something)
  15. Does anyone know the right part number for the 1 x 1 round white rice print tile from the CNY dinner and if its available (or if its been available before)?