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  1. Looks like B&P Standard is being shut down over the holidays.
  2. jonwil

    Lego City 2024

    A space police station would be something I would love (I am kicking myself that I didn't buy the one from the Space Police 3 line)
  3. jonwil

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    My #1 wish would be for City to go to the land down under. Kangaroos. Emus. Koalas (re-use of the CMF mold). Saltwater crocodiles (existing mould). Outback style hats (the existing fedora might work but a new hat that looks more like the iconic Aussie outback hat would be better). Snakes and spiders (existing molds). Dingo (maybe they have an existing dog mold that could work for one). Birds (could turn the existing bald eagle part into a wedge-tailed eagle with the right color/print). And the sets could include a ute (which is what us Aussies call a pickup truck). And you could make the boomerang in reddish brown.
  4. jonwil

    Lego City 2024

    They recently did a Haunted House set (its only retiring this year) so I can't see a new one happening. City also generally doesn't get theme park rides as sets (those tend to end up in Creator or other themes)
  5. Do we know which of the friends is in the Mars base? IIRC there was something out there about why Ninjago wont go into space.
  6. If the Space theme includes tributes to any of the early 90s Space themes (M:Tron, Space Police 2, Blacktron 2, Ice Planet) then "shut up and take my money". (Ice Planet in particular is my favorite LEGO theme of all time)
  7. jonwil

    LEGO Speed Champions 2024 rumors/speculation

    So many they could do that I would buy: (although I suspect some of these might not be such a good "brand fit") Kitt from Knight Rider. The black Lamborghini Countach from the opening scene of the first Canonball Run. The Bluesmobile from the Blues Brothers The XB Falcon GT from Mad Max (about the only way LEGO could get me to buy anything with the blue oval on it) Or how about some famous movie trucks like the 1977 Mack R Series from Convoy...
  8. jonwil

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Given how well known some of these Australian animals (Kangaroo, Koala, Emu, Platypus etc) are (including in media of various sorts), I could absolutely see an Outback Explorers theme being quite popular. And animals that get made and used once and never again aren't unheard of (the Mammoth was a one-and-done animal for example)
  9. Is there any good software out there these days for designing and laying out the baseplates and tracks for a train layout?
  10. jonwil

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    Its not a new part but the 2 x 2 radar dish in trans-yellow is now for sale on PaB as ID 6462604 (its out of stock right now but keep an eye on it and it will return) Dreamzzz parts are all up for sale as well.
  11. The new friends hospital doesn't look quite as good in terms of parts selection as the previous ones IMO.
  12. Unfortunately several pieces don't exist in the needed colors for that. The whip antenna had unfortunately never come in trans yellow for example (that one is high on my wishlist)
  13. jonwil

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    It's been confirmed to be normal green and not bright green.