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  1. jonwil

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    LEGO did make a Delta rocket as part of
  2. jonwil

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Wasn't expecting Steamboat Willie given the usual "no sets from existing licenses" rule and the existence of any number of Mickey Mouse products (the BrickHeadz, the Duplo stuff etc) but then again its different to all that stuff since that stuff is modern. Regardless, I like it and will grab one if the actual set looks any good (especially if they can get the goat in there) Central Perk on the other hand makes no sense. The demographic for Friends has a lot less overlap with LEGO fans than the demographic for Big Bang did and Big Bang didn't exactly fly off the shelves. I have zero interest in Friends (the TV show, not the LEGO theme) and will likely pass on this one. Of the other items, the SpaceX rockets make no sense since the Saturn V is still on shelves. The ISS makes no sense due to the difficulty of finding a way to support all that weight. The M&Ms machine was never going to happen (things that go in a child's mouth and LEGO don't really mix). The jet engine is too big and not popular enough to be viable (a complete airplane at the right scale might be viable). I suspect LEGO isn't likely to do any car projects as Ideas sets unless they are special or unique like the Caterham. They already have Speed Champions and their own large car line (and a good relationship with many major car companies like Fiat Chrysler, GM, Ford, VAG and BMW) and would likely produce any Fiat or Peugeot cars themselves via those lines. And the Mexico skyline is too close to the Architecture line (plus are the buildings in Mexico City as iconic as those in cities like Paris and New York and Sydney where they did do skyline sets? Probably not)
  3. I am thinking of doing the same thing (buying the track and anything else special and building supports and stands and such from my collection using whatever colors I happen to have) rather than buying the whole set. Although it looks like the small single slope piece is out of stock in red right now so I would need to either buy it in another color or wait and hope it comes back in stock.
  4. Yeah a Scrooge McDuck would be awesome.
  5. So many good parts in these loot shots, hopefully there is good stuff available when I place my next order in the near future (the hard part will be figuring out just 100 elements to order)
  6. jonwil

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Too bad the good things like the Squishie cup and the bowl piece aren't in the minifig bins at Dreamworld (or at least weren't when I was there yesterday)
  7. jonwil

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    For those in Australia who dont want to wait until the March release date, cinemas around the country are running preview screenings of The LEGO Movie 2 this weekend. I am going to Cineplex in Brisbane to see it, check if your local/preferred cinemas are doing it (the big boys like Hoyts and Event and Village are all doing it)
  8. Its gonna be hard to figure out what to order in my next order (can't place it until my budget can take it and until decisions get made tomorrow as to what my contribution to this year's train layout is going to be and how much space I have to fill) So much LEGO, so little money :(
  9. Hopefully the good pieces are still in stock when I place an order in a few weeks (I cant place an order until the plans for the 2019 club train layout have been finalized and I know for sure what I am building and therefore what parts I need to order)
  10. jonwil

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Added the last of the Sky Police to my collection today. The police station is great, the big airplane reminds me a bit of some of the military transport planes like the C-130 Hercules and the control tower is great too. All in all I am loving the entire line of Sky Police, some of the best Police sets LEGO have ever done IMO. Its not even the end of January yet and the new visor and oxygen mask are already candidates for "best new part of 2019" in my book... (I just hope we see them appear in other sets in future)
  11. Some good parts in this series for sure and some nice figs that will be generically useful outside of TLM. Interested in Emmet (maybe) for the hair, music player and coffee cup. Definitely interested in Benny for the face, toolbox and torso with metal arm. Giraffe guy is cool and a must-have (there are other animal costumes I missed and wish I had gotten like the gorilla guy) Crayon girl will go great alongside my other costumed figures. Watermelon guy will go great with all the other food costumes. Flashback Lucy is cool for the out-there hair alone, let alone the printed tile and that outfit. Candy Rapper has even more awesome out-there hair (pink hair isn't exactly easy to come by in LEGO) plus the cassette tape and outfit (maybe I will even end up with more than one) Gone Golfin' President Business is great and if you replace the hair and head it fits perfectly in any city context. Will definitely be seeking out multiples of this guy if I can. Kitty Pop is another cool pop star with another cool outfit (makes me think of the old Josie and the Pussycats cartoon plus that guitar is just awesome and I need it for my guitar collection) Dorothy is great and worth having (even though I am not a dog person :) Lion is cool too and would definitely work for a "lion suit guy" with a face swap. Scarecrow is great and worth adding as is Tin Man (both because they are cool and to get the whole set of characters) Interesting that Unikitty isn't using the design from the previous Unikitty collectable line with the new 1 x 3 inverted tile that makes things look cleaner and helps hold the head in place. I wonder why that is.
  12. jonwil

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    If you look at the Sky Police line, everything in it can be found in the real world except maybe that XP7 prototype (and I am sure some designer has at least played with the idea of a helicopter like that especially given similar copters have appeared in a number of sci-fi universes). As for the helicopter, there is a Boeing/Bell quad-rotor design based off the Osprey that is fairly similar
  13. I think that given they did a castle last time (one that is still for sale at LEGO stores and online) something that isn't a castle would make sense to do this time and would sell better.
  14. jonwil

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    LEGO have said in the past that train accessory sets like stations don't sell very well.
  15. jonwil

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I got it from the Dreamworld LEGO store. The report from Bricking Around says that the police car (and the Ute+Kayak set) are (in Australia) exclusive to "Grocery Channels" which probably means you will need to keep your eyes on Coles and Woolies to find one (or buy one online)