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  1. My LEGO Bricks & Pieces order arrived today. Placed on the 31st of August, shipped on the 17th of September and arrived on the 5th of October. And every part I ordered showed up along with some extras of a few parts (a black technic airplane steering yoke,a trans-clear lightsaber blade, a City hospital gown torso and some small stuff). Now bring on the next parts (April/May/June)
  2. I just added $200+ worth of Standard parts to my cart and it says "You've qualified for a Ray the Castaway (40566)" so regardless of what the terms and conditions might say it seems that this particular GWP is available with the purchase of standard parts.
  3. It was definitely a conflict with the table top license.
  4. We don't even have April or May parts yet.
  5. jonwil

    Ideas for new City sets

    Only animals that came in Coast Guard sets have been sharks (usually trying to eat some poor civilian who the coast guard are trying to rescue). Oh and I think one set came with a dark red octopus.
  6. Unless the licensing situation has changed, LOTR will NOT be getting a collectible minifigure theme. When LOTR sets were available, the license held by the maker of the LOTR tabletop game meant that LEGO couldn't produce any minifig packs or the like. This is why a set like has so much more brick content for the number of figs than even, say, a Star Wars battle pack.
  7. jonwil

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The "1-4 people can build this" probably means it comes with separate instruction books (one for the tram, one for the music shop, one for the toy shop and one for the misc bits) Question: Has anyone noticed any parts in this set (especially in the music store) that are totally new? (not counting stickers)
  8. jonwil

    Ideas for new City sets

    I don't get why people on here seem to like Coast Guard sets so much. I would rather see something new (as we got this year with the farm stuff or last year with all the new animals in the Wildlife Rescue sets) than a repeat of what we have seen many times over (like yet another coast guard boat with yet another big single piece hull). Heck, keep the general idea of "rescue" as a sub-theme and take it somewhere else e.g. Mountain Rescue.
  9. The rule is that you can have up to 200 different unique lots (i.e. different parts).
  10. jonwil

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Doesn't look like there are any musical instruments in the shop that are new (we get the violin from the CMF violinist, the same saxophone we have had for years, the white acoustic guitar first found in the Mickey Mouse boat and a brick built drum kit that has nothing special or new about it) Looks kind of interesting but I don't like it enough to want to pay RRP for it...
  11. jonwil

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I think the problem with the Brachiosaurus is simply the huge size. To come close to being at the right scale it would have to be a fair bit bigger than, say, the T-Rex which means the set containing it would be big and expensive. Then you have the problem that a big expensive set with a Brachiosaurus would be a much harder sell than a big expensive set with a "cool dinosaur" like a T-Rex in it.
  12. All countries that have PaB now have 2022 parts (including Estonia, Hungry, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Canada) Austria and Australia now have whatever the latest batch of parts is (March stuff or whatever). Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, UK, Greece, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden are missing that latest batch of parts.
  13. jonwil

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Looking at dinosaurs that made an appearance in the original 3 movies and that we haven't seen in LEGO Jurassic sets yet, these are the ones we are missing: Brachiosaurus Compsognathus Pachycephalosaurus Spinosaurus (although we got one in an old Studios Jurassic Park III set) Stegosarus (this one was released in 2000 in some Dino Island sets) Ceratosaurus Corythosaurus Mamenchisaurus Parasaurolophus Of these, the ones that are recognizable and got enough screen time to justify being made into LEGO would be Brachiosaurus, Stegosarus and maybe Spinosaurus.
  14. Canada now has 13475 parts, Estonia has 12443 and the other 4 countries still haven't changed. Also no parts from April or May have landed yet so those will presumably be the next to land.
  15. Yes parts are disappearing from the system but those are parts that are being retired for whatever reason and would likely not have been available under the old system either (just without it being as easy to tell what went MIA as it is now)