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  1. Phred

    MOC - French Sloop

    This MOC reminds me a lot of Kurigan’s ships, who also builds great ships. There is a lot of great details on this ship. The rigging is well done. What material did you use to make the sails? I recommend having the main mast 1 stud diameter instead of 2. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Phred

    [MOC] 1700 full hull Schooner-Brig "Newburyport"

    I like how you didn’t use a prefab Hull. The shape looks good. Nice work.
  3. Phred

    Account Summary

    I don't have access to the new troop form/sheet. Once I have access, I'll update the summary accordingly.
  4. Phred

    Working Rudder Design

    I always use this gear: The official ship's wheel handles fit very nicely between the knobs. Most recently I've used a method that is actually much closer to how ships really steer. On the bottom of the left/first MOC image, the thread is tied to a red "tray" that has a technic plate in the middle of it. The tray moved the technic plate side-to-side The technic plate is attached to the rudder. See below. The rudder comes off easily. This model gets frequently displayed, and I just remove the rudder before transport. I line up the rudder into the tray, wiggle it to ensure the wheel turns both directions, and I'm ready to show off the steering capability.
  5. Phred

    Account Summary

    September 2018 Account Summary is ready.
  6. Phred

    Account Summary

    Your's seems fine now but... Your's does not. I'll have to PM you to figure out what's going on.
  7. Phred

    Account Summary

    What record is this?
  8. Not all mercenaries who hear the call to stopping the great evil were... competent. Snarky in Charge: Ok boys, we made it to Floto Hida. We need the scoop for how to get our reward. All I have is this shiny rock to get some information. Grins the Fencer: I like it here! Gruff the Scout: Here comes someone who might talk. Kevin the Marksman: Huh? Snarky in Charge: Hey kid... Kid... Kid, can you come here? Hey kid, are you deaf! Native Kid: I'm not deaf! I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. Snarky in Charge: Oh... Ok... Well do you want this shiny diamond? Native Kid: That's a piece of quartzite. No, I don't want it. It's very common here. We just learned about it in school, which is where I have to go- Snarky in Charge: Wait, wait, wait. Eh... Gruff the Scout: Hey kid, we're new around here, and you seem pretty smart. Can you tell us why so many people are leaving the jungle? Native Kid: A cave to the underworld has opened up which has unleashed judgment on the island. Our great serpent god is not happy. If we stay out of the jungle, death may not reach us. I do have to go now. Bye. Snarky in Charge: That was easy. Lets procure some supplies and head out to the jungle. Grins the Fencer: Awesome! I could go for some ice cream. Gruff the Scout: Snarky, it sounds pretty serious. Do you seriously think we could handle it ourselves? Kevin the Marksman: Guys, I still can't tell if this thing is loaded. Snarky in Charge: Fine, we'll see if we can find some other adventurers to join our quest. One overview shot:
  9. Phred

    Account Summary

    @Captain Genaro? The August 2018 Summary is done.
  10. Some conversations here are hilarious. Great group. I've listened to a lot of their material.
  11. Phred

    Brickworld Wisconsin

    Are displaying?
  12. Phred

    Brickworld Wisconsin

    Brickworld Wisconsin is coming up quick. I know KLUG and WisLUG are displaying there. I'm displaying as a member of WisLUG. Anyone else displaying or coming?
  13. How very kind of doctor. Thank you.
  14. Phred

    Account Summary

    Yes they can. If the settlement ever owns property and that property has a monopoly bonus, then the settlement's property gets a monopoly bonus.