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  1. The new captain has received lessons on navigation from natives near Fatu Hiva. There, you learn the basics in islander navigation methods, learn to read the clouds and stars, and learn to make islander maps. Hopefully this captain will do a better job of using these types of skills than his predecessor. This was an honest attempt at creating a genuine, island roof. I have a lot of Palm leaves, so you may see other attempts in the future. C&C Welcome. Thanks for looking.
  2. Account Summary

    That wasn’t the only problem though, but it has already been resolved. You’re welcome. Just so people are aware, island bonuses have been automated. I still have to add a few named islands to add, but it seems to be working fine. I won’t disclose what islands get what bonuses, but the bonuses typically correlate with the island’s original description.
  3. Account Summary

    The settlement's island was listed in one of the properties. As a reminder to all: If you enter anything more than the settlement's name when licensing a settlement, it won't be automatically be added to the settlement. For instance, entering " Jameston, Celestia" for the location of the settlement means that property won't count towards Jameston until I fix it. The goes for misspelled settlements and trailing spaces, so check your spelling please.
  4. EB Members Title Archive

    You're welcome guys.
  5. We'e had other vessel oriented properties.
  6. [OL - FB] Keeping the Keeper Happy

    Thank you KB and Bodi. That's right. I'm glad you figured out how we (don't) work.
  7. Account Summary

    The mistake has been resolved.
  8. Account Summary

    November 2017 Account Summary is completed.
  9. It's something that hasn't been automated. Maybe when I'm bored and have time to focus, I'll automate it. Very few people build more than 3 property builds a month. When I see it, I ask them not to do it again. In the past, I've had someone else license my additional properties, or you can wait until the next month.
  10. Account Summary

    I note it the account listing, so that your monopolies are automatically calculated based upon the property type and trade company associated with the account.
  11. Account Summary

    They're in the process of getting fixed. Done. Do @TheCubbScout know what trade company he'll be involved in yet?
  12. Created another build for what could be the exterior. Admiral Duke and Captain Kaleb are both leaving with their certificates.
  13. [COR-FB] Poppy Plantation

    I won't yell yet. As long as your not in the red for two or more months you're fine. Nice title BTW. It's too bad you don't have a financial institution in Corrington that could help you out. Are poppy flowers red? I like the plantation. I recommend adding some tiles (or greeble) to the roof for some texture.