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  1. You didn't before, but you have now. Your 200 DB refund shows up in the July Summary. Welcome back.
  2. Eurobricks doesn't host images. You're supposed to upload images to a photo upload site and share the pictures in your posts. On Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, right-click on the image and select Copy Image Location. Then, edit your post and past the image location right in your post. This doesn't work for gifv files. Youtube does embed into our posts. If you uploaded your videos to Youtube, you could share the videos here too. The Kraken Capstan is really well done. Very nice work. Do you hope to make the rest of the vessel?
  3. Account Summary

    Your large fort has been transferred to Arlinsport and back-dated to July 8, 2017. Forts are now charged upkeep on months with MRCA. Since this was so recent and it was already free, I just changed the property from being in your name to Bastion's. Fort upgrade has been fixed, and your fort has been transferred to Elizabethville on July 8, 2017. Thank you Google Fairy! I haven't finished expiring the lost license for ships in the last MRCA. I completed the ones that sank, but not the captures.
  4. Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay

    You had successfully submitted the form for the Build Submittal and Property License. Nice work.
  5. Account Summary

    January 2018 Account Summary is up. His account has been added. If you had already done the transaction, your funds still would have transferred to his account as soon as his account was created. His build he submitted went through correctly.
  6. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Your account has been added to the account summary. Welcome aboard Sea Rat.
  7. Every time there is a build needed to fill an awkward void in my pirate layout, this warehouse design is my fall back option, again. My large fort was originally supposed to be along a side of the layout, but now I want it in the corner. This build allows me to convert the fort into a corner module and maintain my collaborative standard for joining modules. Thanks for looking.
  8. Account Summary

    I can verify that this transaction occurred. I updated the fort license according to the date of this transaction in January 2017. @Umbra-Manis, @TitusV, and @Maxim I's forts have been transfered to Eslandola and back-dated to July 8, 2018. Since these forts were already paid for by the previous owners, the new owners didn't have to pay anything.
  9. Account Summary

    The transfer can still occur and the previous expenses can be moved to the settlements. It was being done differently in each faction. I know in Oleon, the settlements can't afford the upkeep of all forts in the corresponding settlements. We have some forts owned by the faction or RNTC. I also own a fort or two. The following individuals have fort upkeep: @TitusV Small Fort (73) @Tomsche Small Fort (111) @kaiju Small Fort (154) @BrickOn Small Fort (178) @Mike S Small Fort (185), Large Fort (512) @SkaForHire Small Fort (199) @narbilu Small Fort (361) @Brickwolf Small Fort (380) @SilentWolf Small Fort (386), Medium Fort (561) @Maxim I Medium Fort (395) @Umbra-Manis Small Fort (423) @Bregir Small Fort (444) @kaiju Small Fort (460) @dr_spock Small Fort (461) @Sebeus I Small Fort (560) @Brandon Stark Small Fort (607) @Jacob Nion Medium Fort (762) @Mesabi Medium Fort (870) @MKJoshA Large Fort (1089) Mike S and anyone else, If you don't want upkeep for forts applied to your personal accounts, ensure the settlements can afford it and coordinate with your factions and trade organizations to see if they want to take over the upkeep. The December summary has been fixed.
  10. @SilentWolf, @Kolonialbeamter, @Captain Genaro, @Dukesc Sorry for taking FOREVER, but the accounts that have made these purchases have had these ships added to their accounts were added to your accounts. The stats from the previous owner were copied to the license. If you had already licensed the vessel under another name, let me know by PM or in this topic and we'll get it squared away.

    Topic Closed. Please don't start topics of a MOC you hope to build. Feel free to share a Work In Progress Topic in the Pirate MOC forum, and compare the MOC that inspired you in the WIP topic or final topic. As for the online game in this forum, heed the advice of Captain Genaro, and feel free to ask in the intro topic. The rules are there for a reason with the goal maximize fun for everyone so that the game remains fair. Thanks, Phred
  12. Perhaps the Oleon Bureaucracy should open an Office of Shenanigans to monitor such silliness.
  13. Fatu Hiva would love more customers. I hope that no ill will is wished upon peaceful traders who may visit this port. Some members of your faction seem a little blood thirsty.
  14. Corland Provider In Calisto Escaped Sirrus fleet west of Calisto 74 I assume this vessel is @Brickwolf's.
  15. Thank you Kotz. The settlement just needs one more property of any type to be a Large Town.