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  1. Thanks for the compliments. The Tudor framing uses a 3-4-5 right triangle. So center of stud to center of stud along the hypotenuse is 5 studs long which is perfect for a 1x6 tile, and the tile fits perfectly on both ends .
  2. Some local rabble were bothering a little girl and stealing her milk money. It's a good thing the girl's mother was nearby. This is a new corner module for the Collaborative Standard I use for a Pirate Town. This building was completely rebuilt to accommodate the smaller base and not have the roof protrude past the 18X18 base. There are a few other members of our LUG who have been building modules, so I came up with these corner modules the make the layout more flexible and large enough for Brickworld Chicago.
  3. Having a Ball

    Bregir has invited many members from Brethren of the Brick Seas at a ball in King's Harbour. Come check out who all attended and check out other MOCs in the Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum.
  4. [OL - A-MCRA] Mission to Mardier

    I'm glad you like them. I've been looking for an excuse to use them, as I got a bunch of them.
  5. [OL - A-MCRA] Mission to Mardier

    Formalized Relations: Seeking a defensive pact Milords, Thank you for meeting with us. Our hearts are elated from the last meeting. We seek to formalize relations with your great country. I am the Giovanni Berini of the Royal Court. You have already met with the Port Admiral and the Foreign Minister. How would you like to formalize relations? Milord, Our desire is to create a defensive pact with Mardier. I have provided you the draft for this treaty. The terms are simple, We would promise to support each other militarily, to defend each other if any of our colonies were attacked. Any country that seeks to invade a territory of Mardier or Oleon, is a threat to both nations, and war would be declared by both of our nations. Upon the unlikely event of an invasion, our nations will respond together to quickly vanquish our enemy. Retaliatory attacks if one of our nations decides to initiate war another country do not fall within the parameters of this treaty. We would hate to see any more of our colonies lost to rebels or other nations. I believe that this treaty would make our colonies safer. I humbly ask that you review the terms and let us know your response, so that we may return to Granoleon with the news. We will convene and review the terms. We should have an answer in a timely manner. I know the royal court has taken interest in your diplomacy thus far. Thank you.
  6. Account Summary

    Yes, it is.
  7. Account Summary

    Yup, it'll be done once I get to it, sometime between the first of the month and the next MRCA.
  8. I've added this settlement to the account summary.
  9. This topic is for sharing recurring characters throughout our various Oleon stories. Oleon is looking to build stories that intersect. If you'd like your character to venture into other stories, share your characters here! Please use the Oleon Intro Topic to discuss. This topic should be for characters only. Feel free to post multiple characters in one post. The following general format is recommended for each character: NAME OF PERSON: A brief description with whatever information you feel is necessary or important to know. Please keep it under 200 words. [Single Small Image] [INSIDE A SPOILER: Additional pictures of the fig along with relevant links to their story]
  10. I'll have to add the account later, but you can license the build in Poppy Port right away. Once I add the account, all licensed properties and build submittals will show up as part of the settlement's trade value. Is there a settlement topic for Poppy Port indicating who the mayor is and what island the settlement is in etc?
  11. Ship "Admiral's Eagle"

    Please refrain from bumping old topics. See this topic for details, which is linked in the Site Guidelines.
  12. The Black Star

    Great way to introduce yourself! This ship resembles the Black Pearl. Do you have a photo upload folder you could share that has more pictures?
  13. Captain Green Hair shared his most recent Ship-of-the-Line the 64 gun Le Fleuron. View this topic and other great builds in the Pirate Mocs Forum!
  14. MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    I believe they're 1x1 bricks that are upside down. I copied the technique. Great work Captain!
  15. Account Summary

    I won't add the growth for player settlements until the previous month has passed. April's growth hasn't been added yet.