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  1. A new BoBS feature for the start of Era II! Ever wanted to go on your own personal quest in a world full of mysteries, that are just waiting to be revealed? Ever wanted to discover and explore uncharted lands, or shape the fate of empires? Now is your chance! Head over to the Brick Seas, read all about the first round of our fearless adventurers' travels in the latest edition of the Eltina Courrier, get inspired - and join the Brethren today!
  2. Dwarves' Airship

    There is a lot of great, interesting detail in this build. I like that the hull pieces are not continuous. I will have to use the same idea for the crows nest. Nice work.
  3. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Great job on the beast. The entire build is really well done. I like the raft too. It looks very haphazard.
  4. Thanks for the complements. Noted. Steal away!
  5. Yes, the pistols are meant to be bowsprits. Thanks.
  6. Mary Poppins provided the toy chests. It's a little known fact, that she's an Oleander. You can't see it, but I had added the useless play feature of having them spin on a turn table. The clear ball is supposed to be a disco ball. How is that for cooler?
  7. Oleanders just keep on wanting to keep bringing out more toys to play their silly game. Check out these traders. They just keep bringing more and more ships out. I really have not idea how this toy xebec fit inside that toy box. Look at this guy! He's got the largest ship of the bunch, and he still wants more. These Oleanders are out of control. It's a good thing I'm on their side. Here's a shot of all four: I worked hard to ensure each variety of micro ships didn't match and tried some other techniques I've seen on the board. C&C welcome and thanks for looking.
  8. My apologies. You're added now. Everything will be good to go once the sheets have been refreshed.
  9. Welcome aboard, even if you are a Corry. Your name has been added to the Account Summary. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.
  10. Thanks, I'm happy I found a good use for my sand people heads.
  11. Era II Trade MRCA

    I guess I should know this. I'll make some minor tweaks in the ship form in the near future. Existing licensed ships can be easily fixed. I just need to know the vessel name and its owner. That is correct. It has been fixed now. The settlement level was based upon the wrong column. Thanks for notifying me.
  12. Yes, those would be the proper individuals to notify. Your entry for the class 2 vessel has been fixed.
  13. Admiral @Dukesc is in the Fatu Hiva and needs to stop at the Ship Register in Fatu Hiva to register his ships. He doesn't have a lot of time, so to save time he asked his right-hand-man, Captain Kaleb, to register half his ships in the upstairs office.
  14. Thanks for the complements. The lamps and benches were designs from the EB Collab at Brickworld 2017. It's never too late. I look forward to what you have in mind to build. I never thought of it that way, but you're right.
  15. Many sails have been seen off Fatu Hiva's coast, some strange, and some dark. I think someone needs to increase their Ship Limit to license them all.