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  1. Phred

    Account Summary

    It would be right if growth were applied.
  2. Phred

    Account Summary

    I forgot to do those.
  3. Phred

    Account Summary

    The November Account Summary is done.
  4. Phred

    Account Summary

    His first small property is free. @TomSkippy will have yield from the property next month. I removed the old one, since the forms didn't update the totals. Phredit: The troop totals and costs have been updated.
  5. Phred

    6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Micro

    Nice work again. The palm tree trunk looks awesome. Now I would like to get a bunch of that element. Thanks for the idea.
  6. Phred

    6248 Volcano Island Micro

    It's amazing how nice this looks with relatively few elements being used.
  7. Phred

    6263 Imperial Outpost Micro

    That cannon is awesome. Nice work.
  8. Phred

    Account Summary

    You're in (finally ). Sorry it took so long. You should probably submit the Rum Cart and Drowned Rat as build submittals. Then, license the Rum Cart and Drowned Rat. Links to the Google Forms are in this topic:
  9. Phred

    Account Summary

    Fixed. This seems to be fixed. Let me know. The link wasn't updated from a previous month. I updated the link to October. It seems to be fixed. Fixed. That was my bad for October's Summary, and it was messing up town banks and town levels. Should be fixed.
  10. Phred

    Account Summary

    October 2018 Account Summary is done. No new troops stuff added.
  11. Phred

    MOC - English Sloop

    I didn’t see this MOC earlier. This MOC is impressive considering the lack of actual pirate elements used. Nice work on the masts, cannons, swivels, and anchor. I recommend making the center of ship wider, so the entire length of the vessel isn’t the same width. I look forward to future builds.
  12. Phred

    Working Rudder Design

    Roadmonkey, thanks for the great images. I like the use of the helicopter element attached to the chains.
  13. Phred

    BrickUniverse Tulsa Sept. 29-30

    Has your LUG been invited to display at Brickuniverse? I displayed at Brickuniverse Madison, and only invited LUGs and individuals were able to display anything. Greyson, who is in charge of BU, is a big pirate fan. If you haven't been invited and you have at least one table to display, I would contact Greyson on the BU site or Facebook page and ask to display pirates. To answer your question, I won't be coming down to Tulsa then.
  14. Phred

    MOC - French Sloop

    This MOC reminds me a lot of Kurigan’s ships, who also builds great ships. There is a lot of great details on this ship. The rigging is well done. What material did you use to make the sails? I recommend having the main mast 1 stud diameter instead of 2. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Phred

    [MOC] 1700 full hull Schooner-Brig "Newburyport"

    I like how you didn’t use a prefab Hull. The shape looks good. Nice work.