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  1. Tiddlymouthwash

    GBW - Frago #002 CoST - To the Rescue

    Very noice build!, The hovercraft is clean and slick, possibly a bit more water detail some more branches and twigs would really flesh it out but overall an amazing build!
  2. On his trip to the capitol to see if his cousin Renaldo Cuervo had truely returned, his crew decided to hunker down on a small island as a small tropical storm loomed on the horizon, which they knew they would not be able to outrun. The sun was high when they arrived but would very shortly be covered in heavy dark clouds. IMG_20160215_202238609 by Jesse Mauney, on Flickr -Jim Cuervo "go ahead men and gather any supplies you can find, water, fruit you know the drill make it quick who knows whats lurking in the jungle stay in pairs, one head up as lookout, one to gather, be back at camp by sunset" -Will Pepper "No need to lecture us boss we got it covered, we will be in and out of here before you know it" IMG_20160215_202132639 by Jesse Mauey, on Flickr Little did they know they were being watched as soon as they set foot on the island, the natives had rarely seen foreginers and always decided to lay in the shadows unless a sense of danger was present in which they would not hesitate in retaltion towards any new arrivals. OOC. final shot is just a over view of the MOC IMG_20160215_202104276 by Jesse Mauey, on Flickr
  3. Jim cuervo by Jesse Mauey, on Flickr Jim Cuervo, Son of Sam Cuervo the entrepreneur to his hand crafted fishing fleet, and the grandson of legendary explorer and proprietor Jose Cuervo. Early on Jim and his father had one simple fishing vessel and a simple life but with the ever growing empire they seized the opportunity to expand and soon there single ship turned into many and founded the company “JC”. This company traded with many markets within the empire and even at one point for the capitols training camps. These ships can be seen sometimes in vast numbers around various ports and sometimes in open waters. Not long after this surge of growth his father soon passed away leaving Jim with the whole company on his shoulders. He snagged his best friend since child hood, Will Pepper. Will has always been around for Jim but focuses more on his open trade, Will takes anything he can find or purchase and flips it for value. Seeing this Jim knew that will was the perfect fit to help him keep his father’s company up and running. The company seemed to have stabilized and going in the right direction but that Jim heard his Cousin Renaldo Cuervo was returning from a long adventure he thought he had surely passed at sea or even captured by some other nation. But word spread that he was arriving back to the capitol within a few days. Jim had to see for himself if this news was true and set sail instantly leaving the company in the hands of Will until his return. Jim also saw this as an opportunity to see about joining the MCTC, he had thought about this for many months and saw it as his chance to make his father company even greater. “There are big plans for the Cuervo family, and they are only just beginning…” p.s. sorry for the bad quality i cant find my camera cord