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  1. Many thanks for your quick response and help!
  2. Does somebody know the part number of the 4x4 round plate at the bottom? On which the upside down 1x1 plate is attached.
  3. Bering

    Luffing crane - a perfect fit to 42078

    What a great build. Love the functions, beats all the other Lego cranes. I hope someone will make instructions for it. I would definitely buy the 42055 only for this.
  4. Very clever construction of the claw, Well done. Do you have some more pictures of the operation?
  5. Bering

    42043 C-Model - Mobile Crane

    @M_longer That's very good news. Have a nice Christmas!
  6. I still have the slow saving response here (for weeks now). Using Firefox. Navigation through topics (prev/next) is also a problem. It just hangs. Refreshing the page does the trick.
  7. Bering

    42043 C-Model - Mobile Crane

    Great model, good price. However, is it too much work to combine all pages in a PDF? Then i would certainly buy it. At my desk there is no internet, that's the reason.
  8. Bering

    42043 C-Model - Mobile Crane

    Maybe a simple thought... but why not dismantle your Arocs and build this one? Saves you 170 euro's.
  9. Bering

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    First half of 2017 seems to be kid-related. Nothing wrong with that. This year we adults have been spoiled with the best Technic year ever. Thanks LEGO!
  10. Bering

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    yes bought it trough marktplaats, it was advertised as a lot of parts with some manuals of smaller sets and some halfbuilt big sets in the storage bin. a few of the slopes are missing but already got them from bricklink. so for my feeling it was a good deal. completly built these sets at the moment This week i was tempted to buy a Marktplaats "deal". The 8860 Car Chassis, 851 Tractor, 854 Go-Kart, 856 Bulldozer, 8845 Dune Buggy, 850 Forklift and 880 12-Volt motor. Bought it for 65 euro's. Boxes in perfect condition, instructions included. Pricewise a good deal. Pieces in mint condition (at first sight). Shiny and clean. But put it on another brick and cracks will appear... And most bushes and connectors are broken. After all, it is nearly 40 years old. So was it a bargain? I don't think so. Ordering all pieces will cost about 30 euro's. A good deal, but no bargain.
  11. Bering

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Maybe it's a good idea to just be patient and wait for someone showing up with pics and facts?
  12. 42030 is still available for 189 euro's. But i think next year will be difficult. Prices will rise a lot... 42043 will be longer available. Together they can be a lot of fun. And you have tons of parts for MOC's. I think you made a wise choice.
  13. Bering

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    And was it a bargain? No damaged/scratched bricks? I assume you bought it through Marktplaats. My experiences are bad there... Sets described as new, were received in very poor condition. Sometimes i had a good experience. Now i only buy 1 or 2 technic sets new a year. And they stay new, no matter how many times i (re)build them!
  14. Really? Isn't the best part of Lego, (re)building sets?
  15. Definitely 42043. It has everything in it. Pneumatics, suspension, motorized, engine and lots of functions, which work perfectly. Still available for a good price (+- 170 euro's). Stay away from 42055 and 42056, those are just statements (try outs) from Lego. They look ok, but the functions lack/suffer big time. 42053 is also a nice one... Works great, looks nice and is cheap. How about 42042? Great gearbox, functions work perfectly, big and looks great. And cheap, around 100 euro's. :-)