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  1. Blazej_Holen

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Nice! In the leaked picture there was visible background through the front cabin window and hence the original was also opened on the back, I thought that they maintained the idea... This is even better, and looking on all of those details that designers put in, its a level Old Fishing Store for me. The trees are a little bit bland, but I never expected that Lego will recreate the original design as it was... I am really pleased. What a nice-looking set with so much nature and forest vibe in it. Definitely must buy.
  2. Blazej_Holen

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Sand green leaves, red bird, red small leaves piece, new otter, canoe, printed butterflies… yes please. Its a pitty it has open back, and I am curious about the interior and accesibility, but its my day 1 purchase. This along with the Hovus Pocus cottage and Viking Village will be my must have picks. :)
  3. Blazej_Holen

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    What do you guys say about new Rita Skeeter minifig? :) Leak is already aout, and it will be included in new HP book… so, finally right? :)
  4. Blazej_Holen

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Somehow I am still not sure whether the picture is legit or not. It probably is, but doesnt look like it. In any case, based on the single photo, i dont like what I see. Not a bit. Only cello piece seems to be interesting and desirable :)
  5. Whatever that D2C is, I am hoping for minifig compatible/scale model with plenty characters… Minas Tirith is proven as desired set no 1. It would be nice to finally get one along with a bunch of Gondorian knights :)
  6. It was partialy joke / sarcasm but It would be really nice to have more factions poping up. Like Wolfpack or OR REDESIGN OF BLACK KNIGHTS CASTLE (wet dream I know)… those Lions need some oponent since they allied with Black Falcons as the legend say… Another? Where is the first one? (Just kidding)
  7. So there are many leaked set description for winter 2022 and early 2023 sets… little bit dissapointed that no “historic theme” besides Ninjago. We need a castle at least. How many years we are waiting? At least ONE PROPER CASTLE with some classic faction, like Lion Knights or whatever😂 Lego? Hm?
  8. I think that maxbe we can get something in 2nd half of the next year if Castle sells well enough. Perhaps some Forest guardians set (Updated Fortress, River crossing…) and maybe some Wolfpack. After all, there is a small tease hidden in the insteuctions to the Castle… This time 1 or 2 lion knights could be held hostage… ;)
  9. Blazej_Holen

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Pros and cons so far: + its minifigs scale + ladder for minifigs to climb a top + dark blue 32x32 baseplate + white boat + perfect companion to the Old Fishing store set - probably too many BURPS and LURPS representing the rocks - price (is this really USD 299???) - no motorization?
  10. Blazej_Holen

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Have faith :) Look at Ninjago city sets… each was design by different dwsigner(s) and yet they come together well :) I think that Lego knows how much Fans praise for DA add on.
  11. Blazej_Holen

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Check out his Instagram account :)
  12. Blazej_Holen

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    It was just a general example with Apple. However, it's sad that critics can't express their opinions politely and more constructively. I think this central aspect is pure frustration (I am not justifying it). You're right that most of us don't know the boundaries that Lego designers are working with (budget-wise, number of parts-wise etc.). But this cannot be argued to the ones who are criticising, that they have no right to do so if they don't know those boundaries. My two cents are about expectations and size regarding compatibility with other sets. At the same time I have to say that as a standalone product, it is just a great train to look at. From that perspective, I like it a lot. I will wait for the release and reviews for a more detailed look, and possibly buy it later this year, when I find a better deal than from the Lego shop itself. 500 USD is just way too expensive. 350 would be fine for me, and I am sure that at some point I will be able to find such a deal (have the luck to live nearby a Lego factory...). I watched the video from Marcos this morning, and it makes me overall sad. Still, it's a life. I know very well that feeling when you / your work is being hated by some people (I work with refugees and vulnerable groups of migrants), and when those people send you DM just to take out their frustration... It's sad and it tells us something about the society we're living in.
  13. Blazej_Holen

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    For some he surely did waste potential of this set. For others not. In the end, Lego is alive because of its fans and buyers. Isnt it buyers / customers right to share criticism when they are not satisfied with the result / product? See Apple, how often they get harsh backlash for their products (battery life, outdated design etc.) Do they complain publicly? Marcos surely did an excelent job in his designs so far. He isnt acused of being bad designer or that the final product is not cool enough. Fans just expected something different (and it was discussed for a long time here on EB). It is 500 dollar set. Mamy fans want nice and acurate looking / complete HE. They (we) got this. I will not pitty Marcos just because he got critisised. Thats life. He can surely handle it.
  14. Blazej_Holen

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think that even slight print for pockets or whatever would make more sense to the riddiculous price. I agree that some of the comments are kimda childish, but overall (as I participate as well) I dont like the way Marcos try to explain. Its not explanation its just pure arrogance. I like many of his designs even though they are not intricate or using special techniques comparing to Mike Psiaki or Jaimie Berrard… He came up with some idea for HE and regardles what fans wozld prefer he decided to make it the way he did. The result is nice, cool and detailed, but not compatible with anything which makes it just expensive plastic display piece with no other use. Time will tell whether this set finds its popularity or not… The 2018 HE is a trash for AFOL. Its obviously ment to be for kids and play. Its just illogical to make the same train how many times? 4x? Besides newer parts the shape and size is the same. That is just boring. This newest HE could be easily 8 or even 10 studs wide and still fitting the track system and the scale of other sets such as DA for example…But no… this would make fans like me (and I am sure enough that I am not alone) unnecessarily happy :)
  15. Blazej_Holen

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Its 10 studs (or more) wide and tracks are 8 studs wide. So hardly fits on existing track system. Compared to the minifigs and other buildings which you might have its ridiculously large... As standalone display set - I guess its ok.