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    Pick a Brick Wall Guide/Help?

    Oh i did not know that about reusing the same cup, how do they know if that really is your old cup and you didn't just pick one up? Do you just tell them?
  2. I recently went to the lego store and have never really bought bricks off the PAB wall. As a newcomer to buying peices for my own creations, what tips do you guys have for buying off the wall? I got a large cup of just random pieces (Ive heard large bins are better priced) that I think I could use and that was my only guide really. But do any of you have any past experience or wisdom to share? Some questions I have are: 1) How does lego decide what pieces to put on the wall? 2) Are pieces off the PAB a good deal or is it better online at like the online pick a brick or brick link? 3) Is USD $16 a large cup too expensive? 4) Are there bricks in the really high up containers lol? I couldn't even look all the way up there. 5) What time do you guys go to the store? This is kinda weird but when i go there, there are so many kids running around and its usually pretty hot and im trying to figure out what to get. 6) How often do they change what pieces are on the wall? 7) Essentially is the pick a brick wall the most effective way to get lego pieces for your creations? For now buying the boxes of pieces stores sometimes sell is not really necessary for me as I am not building such large things currently.
  3. biggmo3

    [MOC] Modular Bakery and Fishmonger

    Wow that is very impressive. The interiors are definately on par with the very good interiors lego is now including in the new modulars, like the Detectives Office and Parisian Resturant.
  4. I have accumulated alot of kits over the years but I am recently trying to build my own creations and one of the first things I want to build is like a city building to go with my modulars. I was wondering if there was a way to instead of going to pick a brick or buying specific parts, to just take a lazier route and just buy alot of basic bricks that will help start the building process. I know lego sold those basic kits of standard pieces but those are all sold out. I basically mean like 2x4 bricks, 1x8 bricks, and all other essential bricks that people buy in bulk. I want to avoid just going to pick a brick because then it is way too specific and I would rather just have a big bin of pieces to start building. Is there also a way to somehow get similar colors? All of my custom creations so far are just random colors and it doesn't really look too good all together having mixtures of red and white and blue, etc. I have heard if you call a lego store they will be able to sell you a box of basic pieces that they put together? Once I have gotten all of these pieces, what is the best way to start building something like a modular building or just anything in general? I have built legos for years, but I was always more of the type of person that followed the instructions and followed the themes (cue the message of the lego movie here lol) Thanks so much!! Happy building
  5. biggmo3

    How do I get started on my own modular?

    Thanks for all the good answers guys!! I am definitely going to build a modular on a Pet Shop size plate but I was looking at brick link and I found it very hard to use. It seemed all the pieces were in places like Finland or Germany but I live in the US. Does anyone have any advice for ordering from brick link? Also do they send you all your pieces together or will you end up getting like hundreds of small little packages
  6. I bought Pet Shop but instead of buying just more sets I really want to build my own modular but I am really stuck on where to start. I have tons of ideas my only issue is actual bricks. I want to build an Irish pub to attach to my Pet Shop so obviously lots of dark green and brown floors, I was planning a two story building. Now the issue comes as I was looking on pick a brick and I just don't know how many of each brick to order. I am unsure of the amounts of like plates, smooth pieces, windows and everything in general. So what do you guys recommend? Just buy tons of random pieces and hope it works out? I am more one to order everything specifically but I cannot like picture the pieces I will need. Also what kind of baseplate do you guys recommend for this? I want it to be able to connect to my Pet Shop so i don't know what size plate