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  1. Good call, best small set of the year by far.
  2. The jungle sets were cool, some nice vehicles and parts and the animals were great but my top three for the year would be the Fishing Store, Saturn V and Assembly Square. This is subject to change when my Ninjago City arrives It looked great when I saw it in the store and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  3. Allow me to introduce one of my favourite minifigs, Wilf. He started off life as a normal CMF explorer who I thought looked good with the Lego camel so I started taking the odd picture of him while out and about when I was living in Oman. While road tripping round Oman with my best friend Wilf soon developed a personality of his own as the classic late 19th/early 20th century eccentric British gentleman adventurer with a love for travel, exploring and above all gin. I have finally got round to starting an Instagram account to document Wilf's travels in Oman the United Arab Emirates and beyond. As well as outdoor photos I am hoping to make some MOCs of Wilf's life, adventures and the other characters in his life. Check him out at wilf_the_lego_explorer, I will try and update his travels here as well. That's enough from me, I will allow the great man to properly introduce himself. "Good evening people of Eurobricks, my name is Sir Wilfred Sutherland, 13th Lord of Strathbottom, late of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, please feel free to call my Wilf. I would also like to introduce you to my faithful camel Omar who is my constant companion as we travel the deserts of Arabia in search of the native people, a bit of excitement and wherever possible a good gin. I hope you will join my friends and I as we go about our adventures and maybe one day I will introduce you to my beloved wife Penelope and the great Highland estate of Strathbottom. I wish you all a pleasant evening and I shall bid you good night as I believe my manservant has found a nice refreshment for me." Wilf and Omar in the desert of Oman Wilf and Omar at Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman Wilf and Omar at the (Legoland Dubai) pyramids of Egypt
  4. Hi, I have started an Instagram page for one of my favourite minifigs and his travels. Is it ok to post if on Eurobricks? I am not just looking for followers but hoping for advice from people who are better at photographing Lego than me
  5. JSN

    [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    Gorgeous MOC, looks a bit like something you would see in Singapore
  6. JSN

    Your worst lego injuries?

    Not an injury but when I was very young I swallowed some Lego (think it was one of the old Classic Space Helmets) and my worried and took me to the hospital. The doctor was an old family friend and he said I would be ok, gave me some money and told me to buy a Mars bar next time I was hungry.
  7. JSN

    [MOC] Fish&Sea Shop

    Fantastic MOCs, absolutely beautiful
  8. JSN


    I am visiting SIngapore next week and I was wondering if anyone can suggest any cool Lego related stuff to see when I am there? Things like displays, interesting shops etc. I have got a trip to Legoland Malaysia booked for one day while I am there.
  9. What about the home front to show how the war affects the country whether civilians or the families of troops
  10. New Brikika votes yes, may we rid the world of this evil.
  11. New Brikika views the defeat of attempts to bring peace with great sadness especially as it comes on the day that a greater threat emerges with Tosul testing ballistic missiles. Our intelligence indicates that the Tosulese missile program is part of a bigger plan to develop nuclear weapons and New Brikika views this as a far greater threat to our national security than the conflict with the Republic of Nations. Based on this the government of New Brikika has taken the decision not to join the war at this time as we prepare for the inevitable conflict with the vile communist regime of Tosul. This is not to be construed as weakness on our part, we will still provide support to our allies and are prepared to defend ourselves with the full might of our military should we be threatened. To the government of New Deland we say this, we have been enemies before, we have argued and fought wars but we are now at peace and must work together against the true threat to our continent and the world, the red menace of global communism! We invite the government of New Deland to join us in setting aside the squabbles of our competing alliances and enter into a non aggression pact and begin talks on how our great nations can work together to counter the scourge of communism before it destroys our way of life.
  12. Nice build Spud, the Warrior and tower look good. Excellent work protecting the magnificent New Brikikan coast.
  13. [Note I will edit the post later with the New Brikika ambassador, I am not near my Lego right now] Ladies and Gentlemen of the Brick of Nations, as the representative of New Brikika to this great organisation I would like to second the motion presented by the esteemed Ambassador Berthold. Too often when countries bicker they reach first for the gun instead of taking their time to talk and find a reasonable solution. As a country that has helped keep the peace in troubled parts of our world for several decades we volunteer to act as moderator for any peace talks. As the first to cosponsor this proposal I implore other nations to lend their support and avoid unnecessary bloodshed. I also note the motion has been both presented and seconded by COAC nations and the only response from the Republic of Nations is a further declaration of war. Is the RoN so bloodthirsty that they will not even consider peace talks? I implore the nations of the RoN who are not involved in this conflict to join with those of us from the COAC who back this motion and show you too desire peace.l and prosperity for your people.