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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, My Fellow Lego Community! I need your help. I have searched the web, but have been unsuccessful in finding a classic Lego carrying case. It had a hard red plastic cover with a thin gray flappable plastic handle, and two gray plastic sliding "knobs" (not really knobs because they did not turn, only slide). It resembled a briefcase but was designed to hold Lego's. I got it back in the early 90's and someone recently discarded the only one I had. I contacted Lego's directly and they had no idea what I was referring to. They sent me samples of the same red cases you can find on eBay and sites alike...if it doesn't have a gray plastic handle, then it's probably not it. Does ANYBODY know, remember, or have the case I am referring to? Thank you for your help. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  2. 2018sunny


    I am a newbie here and a lego collector..!!
  3. lagrenouille7

    Aged Legos

    Hello Everyone, I have a Problem that I hope someone can help me. First let me say that I live in Indonesia and have collected legos since I was 3 - 5 years old, now I'm 23 and still enjoying to play with them but I have encountered a few problems. 1. oily , Greasy tires, I don't know if anyone else has this problem but my small lego tires have harden and are sticky as if they have been rolled in sugar then let to dry . I have tried to wash them in hot water with soap and I let them sit in the water over night. if anyone can recommend a different solution , great . 2. yellowed white bricks, I'm sure many of you know this, yellowed white bricks I have heard to use peroxide but my problem is I live in Indonesia and peroxide is only available in 100% not 3% or .99%. so I dont know the mixing levels with water and peroxide . if some can tell me how much peroxide for 1 liter or 2 , cause I've got thousands of white pieces all affected . 3. also with the white pieces can I do colors like light grey and blue ? thx I hope someone can help me
  4. I recently went to the lego store and have never really bought bricks off the PAB wall. As a newcomer to buying peices for my own creations, what tips do you guys have for buying off the wall? I got a large cup of just random pieces (Ive heard large bins are better priced) that I think I could use and that was my only guide really. But do any of you have any past experience or wisdom to share? Some questions I have are: 1) How does lego decide what pieces to put on the wall? 2) Are pieces off the PAB a good deal or is it better online at like the online pick a brick or brick link? 3) Is USD $16 a large cup too expensive? 4) Are there bricks in the really high up containers lol? I couldn't even look all the way up there. 5) What time do you guys go to the store? This is kinda weird but when i go there, there are so many kids running around and its usually pretty hot and im trying to figure out what to get. 6) How often do they change what pieces are on the wall? 7) Essentially is the pick a brick wall the most effective way to get lego pieces for your creations? For now buying the boxes of pieces stores sometimes sell is not really necessary for me as I am not building such large things currently.
  5. Hello All, My name is Josh and I have been playing Legos as long as I can remember (except for a time in High School when I was too busy). I live just outside of Kansas City, in Overland Park. I have amassed quite to collection of bricks. Even with what I have built, I still have 3 large plastic totes full. I really enjoy MOCs especially fire department stuff. I went to College to be a firefighter but never joined a department because i lacked experience (evil catch 22 if you ask me). At one time i was big into a Lego Fire Group called the International Association of Lego Fire Departments, or IALFD. I think it is now defunct but i still enjoy looking back at some of the pages made by the members. There were several of them back in the day. I started a similar list, organized differently, called the Association of Lego Emergency Medical Services. Currently I have a Lego Fire Department for a fictitious city call Morse that is based off my community made of both real physical Legos and .ldr models. The old website for it is One of these days, i plan on updating that (read as "I forgot the login info")
  6. LegoGenre

    Space Madness!

    “Hello, This Is Space Man Red.” “Doctor Spaceman White Reporting For Duty.” “Space Geologist Yellow Checking In.” “Distress Call Recieved, Space Team 1 Responding.” “Signal Located. Another Case Of Space Madness.” “There Is No Cure For Space Madness.”