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Found 18 results

  1. I designed and build this LEGO Store inspired by the largest LEGO Store in the world at Leicester square in London as I thought it was about time to add a LEGO Store to my modular collection of 22. Ground floor: Technic, City and on sale product shelves Tube train photo opportunity with Royal Guard, William Shakespeare and the Queen Tube train with tram driver and Charlie the Conductor Two story high Big Ben with Constable, Detective and Judge Brickley the Dragon Welcoming by Lester Counter with register and Lester polybags 1st floor Friends, Duplo and other product shelves Phone Box photo opportunity Pick and Build wall Play Table Stair case with LEGO Logo history View on the Big Ben and Brickley the Dragon, 2nd floor Overall the modular has been designed to keep the amount of bricks as low as possible through the use of panels and large bricks. The 2nd floor is not a fully utilized floor to keep the brick count below the 3000 maximum. It is designed to have optimal light conditions in the store through the use of more glass and contributes to the already open inside structure of the building. The roof has four studs on it so the store can easily be recognized as a LEGO store on satellite map images :) If the brick count restriction would not apply I imagine the top floor could well be a shop for tea/coffee with cupcakes and a terrace to enjoy. If it reaches 10.000 votes on LEGO Ideas but is not approved by LEGO I will publish a free building instruction and parts list. I have a Studio design and as you can see it can be build in real bricks. So please vote if you like it :) LEGO Ideas: High resolution Flick album: A picture overview: Free building instructions, decal sheet and parts list on Rebrickable:
  2. My family was recently going through the basement and discovered this Lego plastic shopping bag. At first it didn't seem interesting, but we don't live near a lego store (Eastern Canada) and this had been stored away for about 30 years. I can't find anything similar online, but I'd like to know more about it. Has anyone ever seen a shopping bag like this before? My best guess is that it came from France in the mid to late 1980's, I recall Santa bringing a lot of Duplo from France one year. If it helps, this logo is on the bottom of the bag. Thanks!
  3. I am considering buying the new Downtown Diner set from the online Lego store but want to wait until the 28th January so that I will qualify to receive the free 60th Anniversary set 40290. This will be the first set I've ordered from Lego as a VIP member so I should also receive the free VIP minifig keyring that they send out with first orders. On top of this I was also hoping to buy a Lego City set at the same time which should mean I'll get the free City Hot dog vendor polybag as well. My question is ... does anyone know if offers like this can be combined in a single transaction from the Lego store? WIll I still receive all 3 free gifts or would I only qualify for one of them? Not sure if multiple special offers can be combined or not.
  4. I will be revisiting my LEGO Store Modular Building. I feel I still haven seen a definitive LEGO Store besides L@go's LEGO Store on Flickr: Hopefully one day LEGO does release a LEGO Brand Store Modular Building. But for now you can enjoy mine. Here is my previous LEGO Store Modular Building: Minifigure Scale LEGO Sets: LEGO Minifigure Scale LEGO Set - Tower of Orthanc (10243) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr LEGO Minifigure Scale LEGO Set - Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr LEGO Minifigure Scale LEGO Set - Sydney Opera House (10234) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr LEGO Minifigure Scale LEGO Set - Arkham Asylum Breakout (10937) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr If you want to see more click here: LEGO Modular Building - LEGO Brand Store - The Gallery by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr In this picture I have shown how the minifigure scale models would look in the LEGO Store ‘the gallery.’ I have chosen to display several different sized models to show the different sized display stands: MetalBeard's Sea Cow (70810), Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220) and Sopwith Camel (10226) LEGO Modular Building - LEGO Brand Store - Building Station by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Those Green and Medium Stone Grey 2x2 plates represent 32x32 baseplates. The assembly in between is what the LEGO elements sit in. Those studs represent LEGO elements that would be available for the customers to build with. LEGO Modular Building - LEGO Brand Store - Mini Master Builder Bar by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Not only can you try the LEGO online games at the Mini Master Builder Bar, but you can also check out the latest LEGO news on and find detailed information on LEGO sets on I could only fit two computer monitors on the ‘4x4 Round W. Snap’ I have added two additional chairs for parents who want to rest. As you can see as I didn’t have space for a third monitor I also couldn’t space for smaller building stations on the tables, plus it would just be the same thing all over again. The final LEGO Brand Store Modular Building will have ‘Brick Ø16 W. Cross’ instead of the two ‘Round 2x2 Plate’ and ‘Flat Tile 2x2 Round’ for the minifigures to be able to sit on the chairs. LEGO Modular Building - LEGO Brand Store - Counter by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr This is were you buy those amazing sets. Due to the lack of space in a modular building, I need to make the store counter smaller so I based this on the counter in the Rockefeller Center. However I did make small changes to the counter comparing with other counters in LEGO Stores. worldwide. LEGO Mini Wooden Duck Toy by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr This model was inspired by Garett Yoshimura's LEGO Wooden Turtle: This is Mini model of LEGO Duck (2011) set. I will be placing this mini model in the LEGO Brand Store Modular Building. LEGO Mini Ole Kirk's House by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr This is Mini model of Ole Kirk's House (4000007) set. I will be placing this mini model in the LEGO Brand Store Modular Building. Any updates on this MOC will be posted on this thread or on Flickr: Please leave your thoughts, opinions and suggestions down below.
  5. sctviper1

    [MOC] Lego Store

    Hello fellow Lego fans! I am brand new to these forums as I am just getting back into Lego after all these years. It's a blast reading through these forums and admiring everyone's creations! I would like to share my very first MOC ever! The Lego Retail Store. It's inspired by the set given away at Lego Store grand openings, set 40145. I Bricklinked all the pieces for that set but decided to build a larger version. I hope you all like it! Please feel free to make any suggestions to make any improvements! Thanks and enjoy! The Lego Retail Store 20150926_202758_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr 20150926_202810_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr Interior 20150926_202825_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr 20150926_202834_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr Modular Pieces 20150926_203137_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr Shelving 20150926_203204_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr 20150926_203151_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr Pick-a-Brick Wall I used L@go's pick-a-brick wall design because I feel it's the best looking design. 20150926_203225_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr Without interior pieces 20150926_203303_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr With lighting! 20150926_204045_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr Lighting setup 20150926_203533_resized by sctviper1, on Flickr
  6. slopemodified

    Pick a Brick service

    Hi there, I'd like to know if there is a service/arrangement to have parts from various pick-a-brick walls sent internationally. Given that I live in country with no Lego stores , I feel rather envious of those places that do and have access to such a great Lego service. I doubt that the Lego online store will offer the pick-a-brick in a cup as it doesn't appear to be financially viable, especially if people want more of some pieces over others. I saw it being discussed in the topic here: pab cup online! I don't find the current system on the online store appealing as it was not easy to use, not a great variety in parts and it was expensive (compared to BL anyway). However I'd like to just get a handful/pinch of pieces from all the bins available, or as many of them as possible. I was able to ask a friend who was visiting the US a while ago if he could pack a cup full of random pieces, but it was just a one-off. So is there a way to source random parts from pick-a-brick wall at Lego stores and have them delivered? If not, do you think it is a good idea? Or maybe it'd be too expensive and I'd be better off just continuing to use Bricklink. Cheers.
  7. Hello, in Belgium or the Netherlands you can find only one LEGO Store - in the Wijnegem Shopping Center, a Mall near Antwerp. I stopped by: It is a fine place, but the exklusive sets are high in price. But I found at least one rarity. Best wishes Andres
  8. I recently went to the lego store and have never really bought bricks off the PAB wall. As a newcomer to buying peices for my own creations, what tips do you guys have for buying off the wall? I got a large cup of just random pieces (Ive heard large bins are better priced) that I think I could use and that was my only guide really. But do any of you have any past experience or wisdom to share? Some questions I have are: 1) How does lego decide what pieces to put on the wall? 2) Are pieces off the PAB a good deal or is it better online at like the online pick a brick or brick link? 3) Is USD $16 a large cup too expensive? 4) Are there bricks in the really high up containers lol? I couldn't even look all the way up there. 5) What time do you guys go to the store? This is kinda weird but when i go there, there are so many kids running around and its usually pretty hot and im trying to figure out what to get. 6) How often do they change what pieces are on the wall? 7) Essentially is the pick a brick wall the most effective way to get lego pieces for your creations? For now buying the boxes of pieces stores sometimes sell is not really necessary for me as I am not building such large things currently.
  9. I've recently come out of my dark ages and back into collecting my favorite childhood toy, Legos. My favorites as a child were always castle, pirate, and city. Now as I get older I find my interest is primarily in castle and pirate and creating large scenes and landscapes related to those. Anyway that's my short into, now to the good stuff in this post, my review of the lego store in Troy, MI (I live in Grand Rapids, MI so Troy is the closest one). Went today (9/6). I will rate the store 1-10 on 3 categories: staff, pick a brick wall, build a mini fig kiosk. Staff: 9 - pleasant, helpful, one even went in back to see if they had any mini fig weapons as the kiosk was out. Patient and nice despite being busy on a Saturday. Pick a brick wall: 7.5 - nice selection of bricks if you are interested in building landscapes or a fort or castle, light blue grey, dark blue grey, light tan, red brown, green bricks and plates. I bought up all the 1x1x4 light blue grey bricks (wish they had more). Would have liked to see more tiles selections. Mini fig kiosk: 2 - terrible selection, almost all figs were construction workers or women, I bought all the pirate soldier torsos I could which was 5. No muskets, bought 1 cutlas, no additional hats, epaulettes, backpacks, or medieval weapons or armor or helmets. A few kingdoms lion knights torsos but no matching legs. In comparison to the mini fig kiosk in northbrook mall (n chicago) this paled in comparison. I will post a review of northbrook soon. Overall I give the Troy location a 6.33. This could be improved however if they improve the mini fig kiosk. I will email lego my to make them aware of this.
  10. The upcoming NA calendar for October can now be viewed on S@H (check a specific store), and it shows one of two exclusive holiday sets that will accompany purchases of $99 or more. Like the Balloon Cart polybag, it serves as a complement to the Santa's Workshop set releasing early for VIPs in September. The Winter Village Market is also shown on the back of the calendar, so it looks like it may stick around till the end of the year before retiring. Also of note, October 6th is when the next exclusive set will be announced via Facebook. And most probably know already that this is the month for double points, but this just confirms it. (Personally, I'm more curious about what's taking place in November.) Any plans for the month?
  11. L@go

    MOC: Modular LEGO Store

    Hello, fellow Eurobrickers! It's been a long time since I last built a modular building - the last one was the B&W Building I built for the Modular Madness contest two years ago. But I've been wanting a #3300003 LEGO Brand Retail Store set for a while, the set that has been handed out to customers at LEGO store openings: And since there are no LEGO stores in Norway and I haven't been able to go anywhere to attend a store opening I bit the bullet and bought one off BrickLink. That inspired me. I toyed with the idea of scaling it up to minifig scale, because it seemed to have potential as a modular building - and as I needed a corner building for a display I was putting together at the time, that's what it ended up as. I'll give you some exterior shots first: LEGO Store 1 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 2 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 9 by L@go, on Flickr And then some detail shots. There are two main exterior details: The sculpture of the classic 2x4 brick on the pavement outside and the skylights, which are also found in the miniature set - but I scaled the brick-style windows up from 2x3 to 2x4, as that's a more iconic LEGO shape. LEGO Store 10 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 14 by L@go, on Flickr When the roof is removed you can see that the skylights are actually transparent and will let light into the building. LEGO Store 19 by L@go, on Flickr The standout feature of the interior is probably the Pick-a-Brick wall, which I tried several solutions for before I ended up with this. But I think this is what works best on this level: LEGO Store 21 by L@go, on Flickr There's also a Build-a-Minifig stand and a wall with shelves full of set boxes. Ideally, I would have printed stickers for the boxes, but for now they only have the different colours that represent different themes - among others, there are Duplo, Friends, Chima, NinjaGo, City, Technic, and Architecture boxes here. And there's a LUG showcase display with a tiny robot model in it. LEGO Store 26 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 25 by L@go, on Flickr One of the things I had the most fun with on the way to finishing this MOC, was building miniature versions of actual LEGO sets for display in the store. Maybe you can recognise them - there are six in total: LEGO Store 15 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 16 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 23 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 28 by L@go, on Flickr And finally, some pictures with minifigs - let's start with a friendly LEGO Store employee (which wasn't exactly cheap, either - there are three of them in this MOC...): LEGO Store 29 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 31 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 35 by L@go, on Flickr LEGO Store 36 by L@go, on Flickr It seems LEGO Club Max is really a pretty lazy fellow who'll use any excuse to get away and slack for a bit, even though he gets paid to hang around and talk to the kids. Luckily, this guy is there to give him a stern talking to: LEGO Store 37 by L@go, on Flickr And that's it! There's more pictures in this folder on Flickr, if you're interested. Thanks for watching, hope you like it - any comments are more than welcome :)
  12. I have yet to spill one personally, seen it happen with the kiddies and moms though. I will offer this though, I was goofing around near a Duplo station and those bricks went all over the floor.
  13. Redhead1982

    MOC Lego Store and Appartment

    I'd like to share my latest modular building. This one was inspired by Lego Brand Retail Store. On the ground floor, there's a Lego store. I included the dragon which I've seen in some stores. The walls would be too bare without decorations, and the dragon also fills the space a bit. And there are some happy customers leaving the store with full bags. At the back of the store is a PaB wall. The store is small, so two employees can manage all the work. I include displays as seen in the stores. The round displays only have a coloured background, while in the ''windows'' there a micro scale versions of some sets. The displays from left to right include the Death star, Creator Family house and the Blue Roadster, Olivia's house and the Tower of Orthanc. The apartment above the store is an open-floor type. The living room and the kitchen are separated only by different floor designs. The only closed room on this floor is the bathroom with shower, toilet and sink with mirror cabinet. On the second floor, there's a bedroom with a working area and a small terrace. I think all my MOCed modulars include bookshelves, and this one is no exception. The shelves in the middle of the floor are dividing the room in two parts, one is for work, and the other one is for resting. A street view with 16-wide apartment buildings. More photos can be found on my Flickr.
  14. The grand opening for the Lego store in NJ Freehold scheduled for June 21-23 has the Hulk Lego Master Builder event. Similar freebies (T-shirt $50, store set $75, minifig set $50) from other store openings will be available on those days with the purchase price indicated. The store soft opening I've heard will be a week earlier but the freebies are only available during the grand opening dates. I will most likely be there on Saturday June 22 in the morning. AC
  15. Hello there! I am asking a question about the lego store, so I'm assuming the Buying forum is the right place. A friend of mine is going to be overseas in the USA and I would like him to pick up something at the Lego store. There are no Lego stores here in Australia. I am going to ask if he can pick up some parts from the PaB wall, but other than that I don't know what is available. He's not an AFOL, so I would like it to be relatively easy for him to get, and small in size (to save space in his luggage). Can anyone tell me what is currently available in the Lego stores in the USA? Or perhaps recommend something to get? Is the stock generally the same, or do they vary between stores? Specifically, he is going to the store at the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas. Did you happen to visit the Houston store recently? Can you tell me what is available? Or do you think I should just contact the store directly? I appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks in advance. Regards, slopemodified
  16. Merry Christmas! Last year I build this MOC together with my mother for the LUG showcase in LEGO Store Copenhagen: Our MOC was exhibited in LEGO Store in November and December 2011: More pictures can be found here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=487272