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  1. -Horizon-

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I think this is correct. All I've seen in that bin is bricks from other slots on the Wall. They're probably the pieces that came from the floor...
  2. -Horizon-

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Same here, found them Today. ^_^
  3. -Horizon-

    What are you doing RIGHT now?

    Reading this Topic...
  4. -Horizon-

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #2 #4 Category B: #4 #6 Category C: #1 #4
  5. -Horizon-

    Contest Turtle Contest - Prizewinners

    Oh, ok, haven't checked back in awhile. Thanks for Updating me.
  6. -Horizon-

    Contest Turtle Contest - Prizewinners

    I don't want to be the bombshell here, but doesn't #2 have a licensed element?
  7. -Horizon-

    Odd sighting at Meijers today

    So true, Toys 'R' Us does that too.
  8. -Horizon-

    Do you have a favorite brick color?

    Dark Tan, Dark Brown, or Olive Green
  9. Amazing Job! It always astounds me how talented this generation of LEGO Builders are. You did a great job. I thought this was done by multiple AFOLs when I first saw the pictures.
  10. -Horizon-

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I know, I didn't even pick one up.
  11. -Horizon-

    X-wing 7140 original is the best

    -Claps- Here, Here!
  12. -Horizon-

    Making a Lego death star out of an IKEA lamp

    That is so cool, It is perfect for the Death Star.
  13. -Horizon-

    Member Titles - Questions and Answers

    Thanks, I got it from asking what was a member title.
  14. -Horizon-

    A MAESTRO Shop in Ruadh

    Great Job Maxim! the purple and tan really go great together. And the outer wall looks good.
  15. -Horizon-

    How to build an hangar?

    Here, Plate Modified 4th page.