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  1. WannabeNinjagoBuilder

    Hello, my name is WannabeNinjagoBuilder

    Awesome! While I was never much of a Technic guy, we have a lot of old LEGO. With the colors being so different and the pieces dirty & played with, I don't really want to use those. So building a collection large enough to actually build takes quite a while. (I don't like doing it digitally, since I am at the computer too much already.) Is there a way to follow people on Eurobricks? I would like to see your modulars, when you build them. :D
  2. WannabeNinjagoBuilder

    Hello, my name is WannabeNinjagoBuilder

    Hey Eurobrick Community I'm really glad I've found these forums as I was unhappy with the somewhat low post quality of other forums. I've been lurking for almost a year now and thought it is about time I make an account. So, about my LEGO history... I grew up with LEGO I got from my mother and uncle who also had LEGO from when they were young (i.e. in the 60s & 70s, think blue lego rails, white & red lego bricks). I guess I grew up during the best age of the old LEGO: late 80s to late 90s. I mostly got and bought small sets as there wasn't much money around. I loved Pirates, Castle and Space and often combined Space & Town for Sci-Fi stories. In primary school was blown away by the best birthday present I had ever received: 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner. When I was 11, I went to the bank, plundered all my savings and bought Aquazone 6195 Neptune Discovery Lab. It was raining hard, which i found very fitting. Those were two largest sets I'd ever had, the rest was mostly around 3-25 bucks with the odd present around 40-50. It was around 13-14, when I started to feel like I was getting too old for LEGO and was a bit embarrassed to still play. I still liked it but my peers seemed to have more grown up hobbies. Thus, I went into my dark ages, which lasted around 20 years. I came out of my dark ages around 2 years go, when my brother-in-law bought us Ninjago City. He had researched and said it was the best LEGO set that was on the market at the moment. We built it, had a lot of fun and realized that it was an absolute piece of art on another level... but then left it in our office to gather dust. A year ago, we bought Docks and then decided to start building our own LEGO city. We didn't care much about the regular cities using modulars and such as they seemed a bit too bland and normal for our tastes. Our quest started with another copy of Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks as well as Temple of Airjitsu and has continued with most oft the modulars in print and other sets that look like they could have parts that could be used in our Ninjago City, such as most of the TLNM-sets (which I consider to be of much higher design quality than 95% of the rest of all LEGO sets), Barracuda Bay, Tree House, Diagon Alley, etc. The sad thing about all this is that we never actually have time to start building for real as life always interferes! That's where the "Wannabe" comes from... I hope this February we get at least a few evenings to work on it, though! Otherwise, we generally don't care about most of the adult focused sets as they just seem overpriced or boring to us (or both, as in the mosaic stuff and the Colloseum). The set I regret most not buying was Welcome to Apocalypseburg. Sadly, despite having some great sets The LEGO Movie 2 had a terrbile story / morals and no one liked it, so everything was out of print before I was fully back out of my dark ages. I just cannot reasonably pay the price it is at now, as it was already a overpriced when it was still in print. Oh well, I guess that was a bit long for an introduction no one is going to read! :D