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Found 8 results

  1. Architecture style version of the Interlace Condominium in Singapore ( ) which won World Building of the Year 2015 at World Architecture Festival. The scale is around 1:800 and approximately 3800 parts have been used. Interlace_AVG by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr Interlace_AV by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr All pictures : Enjoy
  2. I have never visited Singapore. But the marina bay area caught my eye when LEGO launched the Marina Bay Sands Architecture set. Som many fascinating buildings and landmarks in this city! I have a personal connection to this city. My employee has an office there. Maybe I'll visit them some day :) This is my entry for Marchitecture 2017 - Categpory 2: City Skyline Reference images (from left): Gardens by the Bay ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sands Marina Boulevard Financial Centre Singapore Flyer The Merlion Download LXF here (The new macaroni tiles are not in LDD yet so I had to leave them out. Also, the lipstick doesn't quite fit into the Merlion in LDD, but works with real bricks)
  3. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie who recently started with strong interest in the colorful world of bricks and stubs. Personally I don't have a large collection of Lego to start with, but I'm pretty sure it will start to balloon at a healthy rate. If time and resource permit, I'll definitely be joining the ranks of reviewers here to post some sets or minifigures. Last but not least a big shout out to all fellow members who are from Singapore. And hope everyone is having a joyful season of Lego-ing, with all the big Lego sets which are self-rewarded as christmas gifts! We all love to have good reasons to spurge on Lego don't we? :)
  4. crayonboi

    MOC Pop Up Singapore

    Pop Up Singapore! This MOC is a micro build of some of the famous buildings/landmarks/Attractions in Singapore. Everything is build on a Book and the Micro build are place on top on it to show it 'popping' out from the book (Like those pop out card/book) Building up the 'Book' base Landscape layout is up The Final layout Clockwise from Bottom left: Gardens by the Bay Sir stamford raffles statue Marina Bay Sands Merlion Singapore Flyer Changi Airport Esplanade Individual shots of some of the build. Singapore Flyer Changi Airport Gardens by the bay Merlion Esplanade
  5. Hello everyone, What is this mysterious LEGO Architecture package? Read on to find out! Revealing the latest 21021 Marina Bay Sands Architecture Set I am really very pleased to bring this exclusive new review to our Eurobricks Community. Special thanks to The LEGO Group (TLG) and Eurobricks Staff/LEGO Ambassador, CopMike for facilitating and giving me this exclusive opportunity to review this superb new LEGO Architecture set! Before I was given this chance to review, I was determined to buy this set as soon as it is available locally, so I can also do a review of this new iconic architecture that is the first international feature of my country, Singapore. Without further ado, let's bring you a tour of this newly acclaimed building structure. Before I begin in proper, some of you is wondering why the first two opening images look particularly unique as compared with the mainstream release. It is because this is a special edition for very special release for publicity purpose and it will not be available at retail front. The content is the same but the packaging is very different. Other than that, the main focus is the LEGO set itself. Name: 21021 Marina Bay Sands (Republic of Singapore) Theme: LEGO Model Making / Architecture Year: 2014 Pieces: 602 Minifigs: 0 minifigure Price: USD N.A, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD $89.90 Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original box image of the 21021 Marina Bay Sands (Republic of Singapore) Back view of the original box image of the 21021 Marina Bay Sands (Republic of Singapore) By seeing the front and back of this box image, has certainly impressed me very much. The packaging for the LEGO Architecture products is very remarkable and is of the usual high standard that we have seen earlier. There are lots of details that can be found in the front and back. At one easy glance, you could have realised that this building, Marina Bay Sands is designed by the famous architect, Moshe Safdie. The box even reflect his signature. This iconic building landmark is designed by the LEGO Architectural Artist, Rok Zagalin Kobe. His name can be found at the front of the box, located at the bottom left hand corner. In this image, you will be able to view a very brief description touching on the Marina Bay Sands. Different side view of the original box image of the 21021, Image 1 Different side view of the original box image of the 21021, Image 2 Different side view of the original box image of the 21021, Image 3 Different side view of the original box image of the 21021, Image 4 The very first Singapore Landmark which is being featured by The LEGO Architecture Product Line The Marina Bay Sands is a state of the art modern day marvel, even with its bricks built design. Through the LEGO Architecture Series, TLG has officially iconise the first ever Singapore building landmark into the world of LEGO, which I am very proud to associate with. As you may have recall that there was a poll even though the poll link seem to be in non-existence, conducted by TLG, one of the choices was the Marina Bay Sands and I was very pleased that the choice that I have voted for, has actualised into a formal product offering in this series later this year. I was thrilled and elated by the results in early February 2013, when news that the Marina Bay Sands won the poll. The Marina Bay Sands is a model of a Singapore recent new landmark. The building is a hotel by itself, and is an integral part of the beautiful Singapore's city skyline which is mesmerising at day and night. The LEGO building model focuses on the signature hotel complex that showcases the three tall towers and the rooftop Sands Skypark. The building dimensions for the LEGO building model is measured at 224mm length and 136mm height. The official information for the Marina Bay Sands is as followed, first opened in 2010, the Marina Bay Sands is the leading business, leisure and entertainment destination in Asia. It features large and flexible convention and exhibition facilities, 2560 hotel rooms and suites, casino (one of its two in Singapore), the rooftop Sands Skypark, shopping mall, celebrity chief restaurants and an outdoor event plaza. Its two theatres showcase a range of leading entertainment performances including world-renowned Broadway shows. Completing the line-up of attractions is ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands which play hosts to permanent and marquee exhibitions. You may visit the official website for more information. This 21021 Marina Bay Sands is marketed as Limited Edition. From my understanding, there is only 10,000 sets produced and is rumoured only to be exclusive for sales in Singapore. As of now, I can tell you that all of the local toy retailers and even the Marina Bay Sands gift shop is currently out of stock. Apparently, the first shipment had been wipe cleaned off the shelves and I am glad to manage to be able to grab a few before it is totally out of stock. I do believe that there will be a second shipment but I am not sure how or when it will ever appear again. Because I don't believe that all 10,000 sets had been wiped clean in Singapore 'for good' in this single shipment within less than two weeks of retail sales. I really hope there will be more stock appearing, because it will be a huge disappointment for many LEGO Architecture fans especially to our international friends. I also heard that the set is available in Hong Kong, and perhaps in other parts of Asia as well. I sure look forward to see more of these sets appearing in other places, than Singapore. Enjoy your building experience There is lots of hype and anticipation when I opened this! It look as if the packaging is communicating with me and it is definitely effective, when it convey such a simple message across to my mind. I will certainly enjoy this building experience that I have been waiting for. The content of the sealed box Within the sealed box, it comes with five packages and a beautiful instruction manual to build up the set. It also come with a single promotional leaflet which feature the recent LEGO Architecture highlights and a survey request by TLG. I will encourage you to do your part and send your feedback to this survey if you happen to buy the LEGO Architecture series. I am sure the LEGO Architecture design team is keen to find out your thoughts on your latest purchase. The construction materials As you can see from above, it is a good assortment of white and transparent blue bricks that form the main building structure, while the dark and light grey form the building foundation. Let's see how this building transform itself in LEGO bricks. I like the part, that the Marina Bay Sands is feature as a printed tile which is shown in the next image. The beginning of the construction of Marina Bay Sands Laying the building foundation The various dark grey flat tiles, mainly 2x4 size, are placed in a systematic manner that laid the foundation of this building structure. Front view of a single tower This building component form the main structure of a single tower. We will be repeating these steps for the other two towers as well and combined them shortly. As of now, it only show the half-completed tower of the front building. As you rotate to the back, you will see many of these white grids. These are the illustration of the hotel rooms balconies. The bottom of the walkway of the building show the connection of the base from one end to another. Back view of a single tower All of the three towers together ready to be constructed This is the back view of the building structure which depict the hotel rooms There are individual supporting layers within each towers We also need to create these three individual supporting layers that are meant to be placed within each towers to represent the different floors from within the towers. This is the design of the glass front of the building structure Now you add in the main design of the glass front onto the individual towers with numerous levels of transparent blue to show the glass levels accordingly. From the actual building design, I personally felt that this design is lacking of, is the gradual curves of the three towers. It is not as perfect as I hope it will be, but at one glance, people can still instantly recognise it as the Marina Bay Sands. Placing the glass windows onto the building front Building the top level of the building structure After completing the three towers, we will turn our attention to the top level that will be featuring the Sands Skypark and within the attraction, you will probably noticed the Infinity Swimming Pool from the top aerial view. It is amazing to swim in such a spectacular scenery which is 57 stories above ground floor and enjoying the Singapore's city skyline. Front view of the Marina Bay Sands Back view of the Marina Bay Sands Top view of the Marina Bay Sands This is the side entrance of the building It appears to be an exit shelter Black and White feature The base and the building structure can be removed as two distinct pieces Lining up the Marina Bay Sands building structure Some of the nice pictures of the real Marina Bay Sands The completed building can be kept safely into the original box At the end of the day by separating the two distinct pieces away, I will be able to keep this whole set nicely in the original nice packaging for storage. I wasn't feeling so well lately and I failed to take a good picture of the actual LEGO set with the scenery behind. I am planning to take a picture within the next few weeks! The weather was not very good lately due to the rainy season. Still, I will love to get an actual shot from my camera together with the completed built. I will keep all of you posted later on. To conclude, I am very pleased with this LEGO Architecture of the Marina Bay Sands. This deserved a very special place in my own collection, especially since this is my second LEGO Architecture set that I own, after the 21006 White House. I like how the designer capture the essence of this whole building design and present it in our favourite LEGO bricks. Even though the gradual curves are not captured perfectly for the three towers, but the overall appeal is very nicely done up and it made as a fine masterpiece to placed in a display cabinet. Not to mention, that I am proud to see a Singapore building landmark being made into my favourite toy hobby, LEGO and to showcase this icon to the global scene. I really wish to see more of other Singapore landmarks being able to capture in the LEGO Architecture series. Summary review Playability: 7/10 (LEGO Architecture sets can't played well with regular LEGO System sets because of the lack of the minifigures.) Design: 8.5/10 (The design is done up very nicely and it is almost perfect, minus the imperfection of the gradual curves for the towers.) Price: 7.5/10 (The set is a little pricey and furthermore with the 10,000 sets released worldwide, will expect the price to rose further in the secondary market.) Overall: 7.7/10 (Complete your LEGO Architecture series and don't give this set a miss, for Singapore fans, you ought to grab this iconic landmark by showing your support for it.) I gave it a "4" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr and My Brickshelf (When moderated)
  6. Enter the Eagle at Singapore Airshow 2014! This brick F-15SG comprises more than 150 parts and took more than half a year to design. It was quite a challenge to get it true to scale at this size. I’ve added in details like the airbrake and missiles, and built the wings sideways to make them as smooth as possible. The new 1x2 slope (part 11477) worked really well here. Hope you like it. Cheers! http://www.facebook....cksbencreations
  7. Hi all, Thought that the membership was full and had totally forgotten about this site till today...Finally, I can login! Thanks to admin... I had never had any lego set when I was young due to poor family (...beginning of old grandmother story...) when my wife bought her first Lego set from Germany during her business trip for my son beginning if this year... Suddenly, the suppressed beast of AFOL was released! Though, I did not build much, mostly, enjoying watching my son playing with it, I had been collecting many sets since... Help.... I cannot resist! The dark side is too string... I need to get more... My wish list for this year... 1. Winter toy shop 2. Winter bakery 3. Ucs r2d2 4. Ucs XWing Big dreams... 1. Ucs MF 2. Ucs Imperial shuttle 3. Tower bridge 2014 wtb list 1. Modular Persian restaurant 2. Singapore mbs 3. AT-OT 4. Grand Emporium 5. Town hall 6. Pet shop 7. Ucs AT-ST 8. Ucs tie interceptor Btw, my wife is heading down to Berlin next week... Any recommendation where to get lego? (Hoping she can help me to complete my wish list for this year, so I have early Christmas and there is no backlot for 2014) What is the min to claim vat in Germany? Thanks in advance!
  8. concuzz

    [MOC] Wheelchair

    This mega-wheelchair may look mean and sturdy next to my earlier, smaller version, but it’s still no match for Singapore’s urban jungle. Firsthand experience from a recent accident has shown that there is a lot more we can do to improve accessibility for the disabled. Cheers!