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Found 9 results

  1. Iron Man 3 (2013) - Hall Of Armour, Module Considering I've nearly collected every single LEGO Iron Man Minifigure I've decided to find a way of displaying them. The initial option was to go for the well known Hall Of Armour concept from Iron Man 3 (2013.) With this I tried to nail as much detail from the movie modules. One notable difference is the scale and proportions. I've decided if they are going to be designed in the LEGO medium it only makes sense to have them evenly proportioned relative to a Minifigure. Now that I have got this primary design off my chest I can move forward with a full concept to display them: -I could simply stack several modules / units on top of each other much like the Iron Legion glimpse we had towards the end of Iron Man (2013.) -The alternative is replicate the 'Hall Of Armour' as seen in Iron Man 3 (2013.) Including the small details seen in the 'Suit-Up' scene towards the start. The problem with this is that there is only space for five to seven armours. Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  2. I just watched Jurassic World yesterday (great movie by the way, highly recommended) and I noticed that many of the scenes depicted in the film's licensed LEGO sets didn't appear in the film. The Dilophosaurus Ambush and T-Rex Tracker are the most notable examples (the T-Rex is in the movie, but I won't go into any further details). That got me thinking about how LEGO often drops the ball on sets based on upcoming movies, whether because they want to sell something that appeals better to kids or because they haven't actually seen the movie yet. The Iron Man 3 sets are probably the most egregious examples of this trend; according to the "Ultimate Showdown" set, the movie climaxes with Iron Man fighting a guerrilla-vested Mandarin in a Zamboni with flamethrowers. Extremis Sea Port Battle managed to not resemble anything from the movie and still spoil Killian's role as an Extremis-addled villain. Can you think of any other licensed sets that weren't accurate to their source material?
  3. Hi everyone. I've just started thinking about compiling a small collection of Iron Legion suits, like the Gemini and the Shotgun. I thought some of you might have good ideas for mostly purist (some painting or decaying is possible if necessary) armours. To start us off, my idea for a purist Iron Patriot for those like me outside the US. Captain America torso, Iron Man helmet, War Machine visor/mask. (Credit to Hulk_Smash for the photo.) What have you guys got? P.S. Could a moderator please delete my other post with the trimmed title? I didn't realise there was a limit.
  4. LuxorV

    MOC - Tony Stark's Garage

    Quite some time has passed since I promised I'd share this MOC. Life and such got in the way, but here we're now. So, Tony Stark always calls it 'the Garage', no matter where it is (Stark Mansion, Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, wherever...). It is the place where he makes his magic and builds the Iron Man suits. Some call it (or parts of it) 'the Armory' or 'the Hall of Armors'. Here's my rendition of what we see in the Iron Man 3 film, based on few posters and screen-caps from the trailers (plus what my memory retains from seeing it almost one month ago). StarkGarage_004 di LuxorV, su Flickr I tried to give it some life by putting up the tables and tools on them. Since I find the official LEGO 'Dummy'-like robot-arm model quite poor, I made my own. StarkGarage_003 di LuxorV, su Flickr Of course, I had to include the stereo and the iconic scene when Tony experiments with the new Mk. 42 armor (as this scene is in the trailers, I don't think I'm spoiling anything for anyone). StarkGarage_002 di LuxorV, su Flickr At the back, you can see the 'Hall of Armors' itself, with the seven suits seen in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Avengers films. Some of these already appeared in a MOC of mine last year: the Stark Workshop. Most of them are purist, the Mk. VI is the only completely original one, while the Mk. VII uses a custom painted BrickForge Powered Assault Armor to bulk it up. I'm pretty happy with the Mk. III, where I used a Rowan soldier torso to simulate the battle scratched chest piece (admittedly, the arc reactor should be a bit higher up, though... ). Hope you like it.
  5. Blagnet

    Iron Man 3

    Hi all, I've just posted my first Cuusoo creation, it's the Iron Man Hall of Armour from the upcoming movie. There are 7 pods for Iron Man suit variants, rotating central platform with articulated assembly arms, display screens and storage units. I'd be interested what you guys think and any tips you have to offer. Thanks Ryan
  6. After making my 15 Iron Man armors I decided to make a villain to fight them. LDD file available for download when Brickshelffolder public (but if you cant wait just PM me ) Comments and criticism welcome. Check Out My Other MOC's Here, Here and Here.
  7. Masked Builder

    Review: 76006 Extremis Sea Port Battle

    Wow, are we already to Iron Man 3? Has it really been a year since Avengers? I guess it has. But I was interested in the whole Iron Man 3 line when I first saw pictures of it. Who doesn't want a set with two exclusive figures?! The boat looked fairly lackluster, but I was willing to wait and see for myself when I got the set. Would the boat appeal to me? Would the strange color minifigure be explained? Read on! Set Information: Name: Extremis Sea Port Battle Set Number: 76006 Pieces: 195 Price: $19.99 Ages: 6-12 Minifigs: 3 Theme: Iron Man 3 Year of Release: 2013 Bricklink Brickset S@H Flickr Set Box: So, on the front of the box we have an excellent, cleanly laid out image of the set. In the bottom left, we have images of all three figures included in the set, LEGO has even thought to show Iron Man's and War Machine's heads. The upper right corner sports a very nice drawing of a LEGO Iron Man in a great action pose. Moving to the back of the box, the red color scheme, the same color as the Iron Man suit, becomes more apparent, and I think the color is really fitting. LEGO has also placed images of the functions of the set on the back, as well as an alternate action scene. Our 1:1 image is of the Mark 42 Iron Man suit. I believe this is a render of the suit, and the blue, computer screen colored back ground fits very well with the setting. I've also noticed that this guy has no 1x1 plates on his hands, the Avengers set that had a 1:1 image of Iron Man did. On the left side of the box is an image of the Mark 42 suit, this time a drawing from the movie studio. It really captures some great action, and the suit looks really appealing. Contents: There were two numbered bags, as well as the manual, comic book, and the sticker sheet. Sadly, the paper items in my set were rather wrinkled, nothing a few hours under a book didn't fix though. Six small stickers are all that is included sticker wise. Nothing super special, and all add to the set if you ask me. The windscreen and the dark green slope piece were the only two that stuck out to me. The dark green piece is exclusive to the set, but the windscreen has been around for a few years. Twelve extra parts were that was included in the set. I was rather surprised to see the trans clear 1x1 rounds included in the set, the Avengers sets that came with Iron Man did not include those. Manual: On the front of the manual is the same art as the box cover, minus of course the set information. LEGO's layout of the set is superb as always. The background color of the manual is a nice soft blue. I think chosen because of Tony's computers. It works very nicely. There's also a quick reference to the glow in the dark head of Killian. In the upper corner, we have what I am going to refer to as ghost printing, the Mandarin and the Mark 42 armor. Lastly, there's a one page spread for the LEGO Marvel Superheroes game. Comic Book: Now, for those of you that are avoiding movie spoilers, scroll down now. I braved the comic and it wasn't all that bad actually. BADOOM!!! SWOOOOSH ZZZZAT!!! BLAMMO! THOOOM! The back of the comic book has a very nice image of all of the Marvel Superheroes arrayed nicely. Minifigures: All three figures in this set are new. (Two are exclusive, and Iron Man only comes in one other set.) I personally find the boot printing on Iron Man and War Machine quite good looking. It looks like Killian has a gun in the movie, but LEGO doesn't want to give him one that actually resembles it. Not that I have anything against this gun though. All three figures have some back print. LEGO has also come up with a simple yet effective gun that hangs over War Machine's shoulder. This is the first set where we get a War Machine so we also get a brand new head for Rhodey. The lines printed under his eyes make him look old, other than that it looks great. Tony's face print is also new. I'm not sure if I really like the cocky expression Tony has, it doesn't seem fitting for how he is in the movies. Quick comparison with the other two suits. This one definitely has more gold in it, and also seems a slightly less busy than the Mark 7. I also prefer the round reactor to the triangular one. Killian's head glows in the dark. Not the best picture but photographing GITD is hard. There were no pictures of Killian's serum face, so I just used his poster. The hair is questionable, the buzz cut might be a bit more accurate, but this hair piece works too. The suit is simple, but matches the movie quite well. Iron Man in this set is in his Mark 42 suit. (I was unable to find a name for it.) However, it has much more gold in it that past versions of the suit. Comparing the two I really like what LEGO has done design wise here. The gold hands take some getting used to but I think they're more accurate. A very nice LEGO representation of the movie suit. Sadly, I was unable to find any images of this version of War Machine. This bust was the best thing I found. Comparing the two, the LEGO model is very similar, LEGO has even put the red ring around the reactor. I personally would have liked to see a dark grey neck connector and a black light saber handle, but that's all easily fixed. LEGO did not print the eyes red, I'm not sure why as they colored red in the comic. Maybe the color was to harsh. But LEGO has done a great job with this figure. The Build: The set is divided into two bags, the first gets you to what's shown in the picture. Nothing special building techniques wise here. Bag two finishes up the boat and adds the beacon too. Finished Model: It may look like there's not a lot of set here, but the two suits really do make for an excellent battle against the boat. The front of the boat. Quite a bit of dark green used in the build, but I think there's even more black. I can't say I know what the stickers on the front are supposed to represent. I'm not really sure about the engines, they seem a bit small for a 30 foot boat. The sticker on the 6x4 wedge brick is, I believe, the logo of some group that he's affiliated with. But don't quote me on that. The cockpit is quite large and comfortable. There's even a spot for his gun! The 2x1 cheese slope has a nice sticker with the speed control lever, as well as a map of the area. Lastly the beacon! Nothing special at all. I did add the stickers, mostly because I have lots of 1x2 red bricks. I assume the reason this is included in the set will become clear when the movie comes out. Functions: For some reason, there's dynamite stashed in the front compartment. Judging from the back of the box, the comic too, it also appears you can hide a person in here. By pressing on the 2x4 tile, the top of the beacon flies off. This probably happens in the movie. Time will tell I suppose. The final function is the flick-fire missiles. However, you don't actually have to flick these, you just push on the lever and they fire! Good work LEGO. I'm really quite impressed by the ingenuity here. Here I've removed the covering so you can see how the launching mechanism works. Conclusion: Iron Man is one of my favorite Superheroes. So I'm probably bias a bit in my opinion of this set, but overall it's a very good set. The functions, while not new, are used in a very nice new way, that is really quite amazing. New minifigures are a big draw to LEGO sets for me, and this set has three new ones. All three designed excellently. I'm not sure about the boat really. The functions are great though. LEGO has done an excellent job with this set, I'm sure this scene will make more sense once the movie comes out. Ratings: Playability: 8/10 I really like the missile lever. Has to be one of my favorite functions in a LEGO set for quite some time. Design: 8/10 The boat could possibly been a little better, but overall I'm quite pleased with it. Price: 9/10 I think that the price is spot on, and pretty average for a set of this size. Minifigures: 10/10 Of course, I couldn't be happier with the minifigures. The Iron Man helmets do take some warming up to though. Parts: 9/10 There wasn't anything extraordinary, but there wasn't anything bad about it either. Dark green is good! Total: 44/50 "What's wrong with your face?" Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy!
  8. Hello everyone! I don't post a whole lot on Eurobricks, but I made some custom minifigs after seeing Iron Man 3 last weekend that I felt like I should share. It was a great movie with some great characters, so here they are! I don't have a whole lot of flesh parts so I made them with yellow flesh, but I think they still turned out pretty good. I also tried to stat as purist as possible. Anyway, enjoy! Tony Stark - Tony Stark after he crash lands in a snowy town. Happy Hogan (1999) - Happy sports long hair and a goatee at the party in 1999. Happy Hogan -Happy's present-day appearance. (This fig could use some work... ) Harley - The science-loving, potato-gun wielding kid that Tony meets in the snowy town. The Mandarin - A terrorist who is more than what he appears to be... Aldrich Killian - A scientist behind Advanced Idea Mechanics and buyer of the Extremis virus... ...and he also subjects himself to it, enhancing his physical abilities immensely. - And here are the two minifigs side by side. - A duel between Stark and Killian. Eric Savin - The gum-chewing Extremis soldier who helps steals the Iron Patriot armor. Maya Hansen - An long forgotten love interest of Tony's. She's also the inventor of the Extremis virus. Pepper Potts - Tony Stark's girlfriend. - Killian offers Stark Industries a place in his company. An altenative suit concept I came up with: - Just made this to kind of make the Lego head seem less massive. Thanks for viewing!
  9. Artifex

    Superbowl trailers

    Three trailers from the Superbowl: Star Trek: Into Darkness Enjoy!