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  1. Even after the Earth is dead and gone, music will live on. Here are my undead minifigures for the Brains contest, also known as the Undead Masters of Music. From left to right: DJ Eddie M. and his pet bat, heavy metal guitarist Rick Ormortiz, singer/songwriter Sarah Phim, composer Johann Sebastian Bach-from-the-Dead, country singer Tom Stone (the radioactive zombie). More information on each character: DJ Eddie M. - Once a beat-blasting music producer, Eduardo Muerto (more commonly known by his alias Eddie M.) has returned from the dead to re-live his days of playing electronic music festivals. Armed with his two vinyl records of choice, he is ready to once again take the world by storm with his scratching abilities. He has also drawn the attention of a strange little bat that resides on his shoulder, most likely drawn to the screeching sound produced by his sick record scratching. Rick Ormortiz - Having spent his career writing and rocking out to songs about death, Ormortiz was not especially happy when he kicked the bucket himself. Ormortiz suffered a fatal blow to his left eye in a freak guitar pick accident, causing his bandmates to hang up their instruments indefinitely...or so they thought. Deciding to join the land of living once more, Ormortiz returned from the grave to breath new life into his old band and spread his new insights on the afterlife through the only means he knows how: heavy metal music. Sarah Phim - The once dazzling star Sarah Phim has been appearing on stages all around the world recently despite her death five years ago. Initially, many believed her return was just a myth, similar to the claims of Elvis still being alive, but these rumors were confirmed to be true when fans were treated to unexpected show at a graveyard one gloomy night. Though she wasn't quite the looker she once was, the zombie that had appeared was no doubt Sarah Phim herself, wearing her signature, though tattered, white dress and still boasting her heavenly voice. Johann Sebastian Bach-from-the-Dead: Not to be confused with another, more famous composer, Bach-from-the-Dead considers himself to be the world's greatest musician... albeit, no one has even heard of him. Believing he was robbed of fame in his time and determined to solidify his name in history, Bach-from-the-Dead arose from the earth to prove to the world that his music has no equal. However, he has since discovered this might be more difficult than he originally thought as he now has an insatiable taste for flesh, which is why he is usually seen with his conducting baton in one hand and some kind of limb in the other. Tom Stone - Though not your typical zombie, Tom Stone walks the earth as a man both living and dead. Previously a successful country singer, Tom Stone found himself turned into an undead, radioactive man after confusing a flask full of nuclear waste for his bottle of whiskey. The nuclear waste Stone consumed slowly ate away at his life until he finally succumbed to death's sweet embrace, that is until one night when he awoke once more in the middle of a cornfield. Reanimated with pale green skin and covered in barbed wire, Stone now scours the countryside for nuclear energy or perhaps a brain or two. Thanks for looking! Additional, higher-quality pictures can be viewed here on Flickr.
  2. Glitch System

    Hyper Light Drifter

    Wow, that looks awesome! Can't wait to play this game when it comes to PS4.
  3. Glitch System

    MOC: Tintin Moon rocket

    Amazing! I love Tintin!
  4. Glitch System

    [SPC] CAT A - The Black Hole 6

    @Artanis: Sorry for the late reply, but anyway, the yellow parts are from some of the old Bionicle sets that came with Rhotuka spinners. They are the pins that held the spinners in place. They fit pretty nicely in minifig arms!
  5. Glitch System

    [SPC] Cat A -Marauders of the Seven Galaxies!

    Wow, these are all very cool! I really like Captain Red Eye and the Voodoo Witch Droid!
  6. Glitch System

    [SPC] CAT A - The Black Hole 6

    The Black Hole 6 The Black Hole 6, a ragtag team of the galaxy's most ruthless criminals, travel across the vast expanses of space, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake. They get their name from their founder, Captain Henry Ward, who was found drifting out of a black hole in the Triangulum Galaxy. His original crew rebelled against him, took his left arm, and left him to die in the cold unknown. He later assembled a group of pirates who would sail across space with him so he could get revenge on his former crewmates. The Black Hole 6 became known throughout the stars for their savagery and greed. Captain Henry Ward - Henry Ward has always been a somewhat crazed man, but many believe the weeks he spent adrift in space caused him to transcend into a whole new realm of bizarre. Some government officers refer to him as the "Wicked Wackjob," but they know better than to call him that while in his presence. Ward always wears black, most likely due to his obsession with darkness of outer space. Despite his unstable mental state, he is said to be quite cunning at times. He is missing his left eye as well as his left arm. He is also quite fond of his Laser Axe, as he is rarely seen without it. First Mate Daniel Montbars II, "The Exterminator" - Daniel Montbars II is the long lost descendant of Daniel Montbars, a 17th century pirate known for his violence. Montbars II inherited this brutality, as well as his predecessor's title: "The Exterminator." Montbars II is a ruthless killer who only joined the Black Hole 6 for a chance to satisfy his bloodthirsty nature. He wears lead-spiked pants to go with his spiked shirt. He is a man of few words; he tends to let his legendary Chainsaw Sword do the talking. Some would argue that his name is more feared than that of his Captain. Ian Fiore, "The Sightseer" - Ian Fiore is the crew's sharpshooter and weapons specialist. Fiore has undergone many body modifications to make himself a more formidable foe. He had both of his hands fitted with laser gatlings and his back features dual plasma cannons. His legs have been lined with steel mechanisms so that he can run, jump, and fly at supersonic speeds. His skin is resistant to the atmosphere of space, but he still has to wear a helmet to breathe oxygen. He also has four bionic eyes, which gave him his nickname: "The Sightseer." Archie Pelago, the Cook - Archie Pelago is the cook for the Black Hole 6, and he is a pretty mediocre one at that. He is a very dimwitted man, having managed to blow off both his legs in a freak cooking accident. Many doubt he even knows that he is working for a bunch of pirates, as he's really only in it for the money. "They pay well," he said on one occasion. However, he has proved his worth in battle many times, due to his Heavy Photon Pistol. He is still undoubtably the oddball among a crew of oddballs, that's for certain. Nathaniel "Atlus" Decker, the Shipwright - Nathaniel Decker, more commonly known as "Atlus" due to his immense strength, is the shipwright for the Black Hole 6. Contrary to popular belief, he is not actually a cyborg. He wears his Treasure Suit Mk. IV almost 24/7, as he has grown accustomed to having it on for long periods of time while treasure hunting. Besides repairing their spaceship, Captain Ward also put him in charge of collecting riches that the gang may come across. Atlus uses his left arm's Pulsating Drill to dig through anything in his path, then uses his right arm's claw to grab any treasure chests he may find. Navigator Abraham Beatty, "The Pyro Pirate" - Abraham Beatty is the navigation specialist for the Black Hole 6. Besides being the crew's navigator, he works closely with Ian Fiore to design new inventions and weapons for them to use. He has a strange fixation with fire, which is why he's often called the Pyro Pirate. His weapon of choice of course is his beloved Flame-Spitter, which unleashes a huge ball of fire at an enemy. He also carries his trusty Water Shield for protection, as he knows how carried away he can get when it comes to fire. He is a very energetic and lively member of the crew, often spouting jokes and singing songs around a fire (which he created). Thanks for looking! Additional, higher quality pictures can be found here:
  7. So I got the Hulkbuster Smash set last week and was really impressed by it. One of the main draws of the set for me were the minifigs, specifically Ultron and Scarlet Witch. Ultron was great, but I felt the Scarlet witch figure was a bit generic and didn't really represent her movie portrayal as much as it could have. I decided to give her this dark brown hair with a part in the middle that falls down on both sides. I also gave her some red elements because I wasn't really sure why she had blue magic stuff in the set (but then again I haven't seen the film yet, so maybe she does use different colored spells or something). Her right hand contains a translucent red "spill" piece I got from BrickForge. Movie pic for reference: It's a pretty small change, but I think it turned out pretty good. Thanks for looking!
  8. Glitch System

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Well, thanks! I thought of giving Blood a black suit, but I thought he looked a little too dressed up. I also have the dark red skull mask too, but I chose the grey one because it's a more subtle color unlike red :P oh well, I might update some of these figs another time.
  9. Glitch System

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Some minifigs I decided to make from one of my favorite TV shows, 'Arrow.' In other words, their appearances are based on what they look like according to the show. Arrow Not really that great since I don't have a green hood, or any better green torsos either... (Reference) Felicity Smoak (Reference) Slade Wilson (Reference) Deadshot Probably my favorite fig from this batch. (Reference) Count Vertigo (Reference) Bronze Tiger (Reference) Brother Blood I know it's not that great, but it's all right I guess. The problem is the helmet; it isn't the right color. Oh well, I think it's probably the best I could do. (Reference) Alright, now for a few non-Arrow characters: Hush Quicksilver (Just an update of my previous version)
  10. Glitch System

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks! The legs are from the Downhill Skier from Series 8. (Who I basically used as Christy Nord. )
  11. Glitch System

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I've been following this topic for awhile now, but I finally decided to make a contribution. All the figs I made today are Marvel stuff. Quicksilver He would be so much better if I had Doc Brown's hairpiece, but I think he turned out pretty good otherwise. Christy Nord (Petra) Based on her appearance from the show "Wolverine and the X-Men." Reference pic: Here Penance Cable Nitro Silver Surfer
  12. Glitch System

    What DC/Marvel Hero/Villain Do You Most Want To See Made In LEGO?

    Marvel: - I'd love to see more X-Men characters since it's my favorite comic series. My favorites are Nightcrawler, Colossus, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Gambit, and Cyclops, so I'd love to get them as minifigs. - Electro - Mysterio - Whiplash - Silver Surfer - Ant-Man and Wasp DC: - Green Arrow - Deathstroke - Hush - Anarky
  13. Hello everyone! I don't post a whole lot on Eurobricks, but I made some custom minifigs after seeing Iron Man 3 last weekend that I felt like I should share. It was a great movie with some great characters, so here they are! I don't have a whole lot of flesh parts so I made them with yellow flesh, but I think they still turned out pretty good. I also tried to stat as purist as possible. Anyway, enjoy! Tony Stark - Tony Stark after he crash lands in a snowy town. Happy Hogan (1999) - Happy sports long hair and a goatee at the party in 1999. Happy Hogan -Happy's present-day appearance. (This fig could use some work... ) Harley - The science-loving, potato-gun wielding kid that Tony meets in the snowy town. The Mandarin - A terrorist who is more than what he appears to be... Aldrich Killian - A scientist behind Advanced Idea Mechanics and buyer of the Extremis virus... ...and he also subjects himself to it, enhancing his physical abilities immensely. - And here are the two minifigs side by side. - A duel between Stark and Killian. Eric Savin - The gum-chewing Extremis soldier who helps steals the Iron Patriot armor. Maya Hansen - An long forgotten love interest of Tony's. She's also the inventor of the Extremis virus. Pepper Potts - Tony Stark's girlfriend. - Killian offers Stark Industries a place in his company. An altenative suit concept I came up with: - Just made this to kind of make the Lego head seem less massive. Thanks for viewing!
  14. Glitch System

    Galactus from Marvel comics

    Wow, that's really cool! I really like the mini Sliver Surfer for scale!
  15. Glitch System

    Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

    Wow, that looks great!