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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, Here is my completely re-designed Stark Industries Armory - Iron Man Hall of Armor Tony Stark is usually surrounded by cool holographic displays so I decided to add several more, including the Mark 6 & 7 projections from the Malibu Mansion set. Can't forget about the booze on the table! (Demon in a Bottle) Main floor: Mk. 1, Mk. 2, Mk.7, Mk.5, Mk.6 Top row: Stealth Artillery Suit, Silver Centurion Mk. 2, Deep Space Suit, Enhanced Reactor suit, Prototype Stealth suit Bottom row: Hot Rod Red (I wondered how all red would look haha), Deep Sea Hydro suit, Long Distance suit, Silver Centurion retro-inspired suit, Hyper Velocity suit Top row: War Machine 2.0 prototype suit, Prometheum-armor inspired suit, War Machine Heavy Duty, Godkiller armor, Bleeding Edge armor Tony's work area Top row: "Bones", War Machine, Mk. 42 prototype, Mk. 42, Iron Patriot Bottom row: Radiation-zone suit, Super Stealth suit, "Shotgun", "Gemini", "Heartbreaker" I decided to expose only the top-half of the HulkBuster Mk. 2 (World War Hulk version) I think it looks better surrounded by the walkway & repair bay Inspiration picture: Evolution & progress pictures: Alot of paint mixing! Makeshift drying rig for helmets and face masks Thanks for looking!
  2. Hello everyone at Eurobricks! I just recently got back into LEGO thanks to the Marvel Superheros sets (although I have been fiddling with LDD since a few years ago) and after deciding to collect Iron Man minifigs I realized I would need something to display them in. There are a few excellent minifig display MOCs that can be found on the web, but I wanted something a) I had made myself and b) would look indicative of the Iron Man setting while sitting on my desk. So, without further ado, here is my "small" Hall of Armor display / vignette, made in LDD and rendered in POVRay. I realize a Hall of Armor MOC is essentially an "everyone has done it" MOC, but I'm proud of how it turned it. This is the first MOC I have ever designed, so I'm taking a while convincing myself that it is finished before I decide to buy the pieces. The Hall of Armor "pods" are designed to hold any currently produced Iron Man figure, including War Machine and Iron Patriot with their turrets attached. Additionally, the upcoming Silver Centurion figure will be able to fit as well. Here's approximately what it would look like with the suits inside. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the minute details such as which suit has red or gold hands, for example, because I can't recreate them perfectly in LDD anyways. You can see these photos in 1080p in my Flickr album. Let me know what you think! Criticism is very welcome, as I am determined not to order the pieces to make this set until I am confident that it is display-worthy.
  3. Hello, I am starting to move away from build instructions and trying to build my own lego projects. So, I dont know what is the best parts/building technique to use on my project. Currently I am building Tony Starks "Hall of Armor", and the issue I am having is angling each armor housing modules. Here is what I have . Can you guys give me some suggestion? Thank you
  4. Hi everyone. I've just started thinking about compiling a small collection of Iron Legion suits, like the Gemini and the Shotgun. I thought some of you might have good ideas for mostly purist (some painting or decaying is possible if necessary) armours. To start us off, my idea for a purist Iron Patriot for those like me outside the US. Captain America torso, Iron Man helmet, War Machine visor/mask. (Credit to Hulk_Smash for the photo.) What have you guys got? P.S. Could a moderator please delete my other post with the trimmed title? I didn't realise there was a limit.
  5. Please support at :laugh: "Focus up ladies. Good evening, and welcome to the birthing suite. I am pleased to announce the imminent arrival of your bouncing b@d@$$ baby brother." - Tony Stark This is my rendition of the Hall of Armor, reproduce in 2 minifig scale and staying as close to the original design as best I can. Hopefully with your support this can be owned by many other enthusiast! If you like what you see here, don't forget to check out my other projects: Details of the single modular unit, designed to be combined into a set of 7. Set of 7 with movie accurate Iron Man suits design, starting with Mark I to Mark VII. Note the single wall in between each modular unit. Should the budget allows, a full set equipped with the center circular stage can be included. Of course, it would be best if the budget allows for the inclusion of Dum-E the robotic arm and the rest of the equipments, allowing fans to recreate the iconic movie scene. Please support at :laugh: