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  1. Artifex

    [MOC] Service Station

    Impressive! I really like it. I love the interior
  2. Artifex

    [MOC] These Romans are crazy..!!

    Delightful! I love it!
  3. Artifex

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wonder why a Modular pizzaria has not been released yet. Same about a Police Headquarters. Those are classic sets. My one hypothesis is that they would be too obvious.
  4. Artifex

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd love to see a Police Station (come on, we got a Fire brigade and a Bank already!), a Hospital (yeah, I know there's one being released this year, but it's not a modular one), a Train/Bus Stration (you know we need a big, modular one!) and a Theatre/Opera House (we have a cinema, so why not; an amphitheater would be great). I's also like to see a Post Office, a School, a Library and a Museum/Art Gallery (any combination of two or three of these would be nice), an Arcade (a very European one with lots of arches), a mechanical repair shop, maybe with a filling station and garage, a Marina/Boathouse, and some "farm/country" buildings like farm houses, barns, storage silos and mills -- why not a Zoo? And I do think we need more residential buildings: condos, high-rise buildings, town houses. A couple of commercial buildings would be nice too: pharmacies, malls, hotels and a skyscraper -- definitely a at least one skyscraper!
  5. Artifex

    There may be a problem with my Lego baby...

    It's a misprint, really. (To be honest, I hadn't noticed it before! Guess some posts/threads were deleted)
  6. So I finally found the time to build my Fun in the Park set. i was pretty excited about it, and I was especially excited about the baby -- my very first Lego one. But I guess there may be a problem with the baby. Or maybe it's just me. I guess I'll let you see for yourselves...
  7. A great revival of Classic Era, like the 2010 Kingdoms line. I can't believe it's been 6 years already. Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Forestmen, Wolf Pack. Both military and civilian buildings, ships, carriages, walls, towers and the good classic stuff.
  8. Artifex

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    Sorry for my ignorance, but do I get that figure if I spend $50+ in a Lego store? A physical, real-life store, not just on an online one?
  9. Artifex

    Eldorado Outpost

    Very nice! Not only the colors came out right, but so did the design
  10. #24 - 2 points #27 - 1 point #7 - 1 point #8 - 1 point
  11. Artifex

    My Tree House

    Auto-fave-MOC already!
  12. Artifex

    REVIEW: 41068 Arendelle Castle Celebration

    Interesting, colorful set. The design is bit dull and straightforward, though. It looks like a set from the late-80s/early-90s or is it just me? The box is definitely retro, going back to that time.
  13. Artifex

    Nexo Knights 2016

    The kid in me loves this theme. I'm glad to see the falcon, the wolfpack and all the logos there. Nice homage, and a nice way to bring them to present-day Lego. I hope that doesn't mean we won't see those logos back in reagular Castle at some point (a little Conspiracy Theory: the only reason Lego has released Nexo Knights is to make kids love the falcons, wolfpack and stuff and have them ready to grab the delicious new Castle theme that's to come! ). I'm still curious about the smaller sets.
  14. Artifex

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks a lot Klaus-Dieter. I love the ferry already. I suck for boats that carry other vehicles. My worse complain about GIJoe (another passion) is that they never had a naval carrier (apart from the USS Flagg, that is).