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Found 6 results

  1. "When Kopaka, Gali, and Lewa unite their powers and forms, they become the mighty Wairuha! With the strength and wisdom of three Toa, Wairuha is ready to protect Okoto from whatever threats it may face!" After building my own Toa Kaita Wairuha with the 2015 Toa last year, I was eager to give it another crack with the 2016 versions. Surprisingly, this year's Wairuha turned out even better, even considering difficult-to-use parts like the new torso armor! Of course, I doubt Akamai will work out nearly as well... but then, he didn't last year, either. This model uses only the parts from the three component Toa (not including their respective creatures). I'd love to try and build a Creature Kaita to go with this, but so far the even more limited parts selection has made that challenging. Pose 2 Pose 3 Front View Back View Weapons EDIT: Finished "Creature Kaita"! "Uxar, Akida, and Melum combine their forms and powers to form Haikara, the Great Creature of Wisdom! With the strength and wisdom of three elemental creatures, Haikara is ready to assist Wairuha in the battle against evil!" I finally succeeded at creating a "Creature Kaita" to go with Wairuha! This model not only manages to make good use of the parts from the three creatures, but also packs in some impressive functionality and augments Wairuha well when united. Back View United, Back View EDIT 2: Instructions for Wairuha are complete! Instructions for Haikara are coming soon! EDIT 3: Instructions for Haikara are finished as well!
  2. Takanuinuva

    Gali Nuva 2016 concept moc

    Just an idea if the lego group decided to go with a more Nuva design for the 2016 toa using some of the Star Wars contraction pieces. I chose Gali as the subject cause she was the easiest to make. Pictures http://www.brickshel...nuva_2016_1.jpg http://www.brickshel...nuva_2016_2.jpg http://www.brickshel...nuva_2016_3.jpg http://www.brickshel...nuva_2016_4.jpg http://www.brickshel...nuva_2016_5.jpg http://www.brickshel...nuva_2016_6.jpg Comments and criticism appreciated
  3. Combiner models need more love and the transparent blue elements from Kopaka and Gali plus Kopaka's ice sword elements cried out for an ice dragon rahi. I also experimented with the new gearbox and leftover parts and ended up with a golden ice scarab with nice gear-powered movement. What do you think? More photos here.
  4. REVIEW: 70786 Gali Master of Water So the last few days have been crazy for me. I had to go to a clinic due to a sudden increase in heart speed and drop of blood pressure, my computer glitched out, and then my car was booted. On top of this I have to prepare for a Spanish 3040 exam tomorrow dealing with "Subjunctive Verbs." *Shivers* So yeah, it hasn't been that fun the last few days. As an escape I have been logging onto BZpower and Eurobricks frequently, as such a certain siren came and caught my ABS loving heart. Gali, the Master of Water. So with my nostalgia running overdrive, and a desire to escape for a moment from the drudgery of irregular Spanish verbs, I hunted down Gali in a local Smiths. So there she is, that siren which robbed me of 15 dollars... Her ABS glory coupled to a high sense of nostalgia for my simple childhood in 2001, made it easy for Gali to take my heart. But first before I built her I had to procure some food... My plan for chips and salsa was killed by a super tough salsa can lid... Was this can of salsa going to stand between me and my Gali? Fortunately no, since Kivoda the Protector of Water offered an alternative dinner: the fruit of Ga-Okoto. Fresh StarKist Tuna, raised in Okoto, packaged in Ecuador! Kivoda was more than excited for me to save Gali from her box enclosed status, and did all in his power to release her from the carboard prison! I told you I was going to be studying Spanish tonight... Maestro oddly enough translates as both Master and Teacher. So maybe Gali is now the Teacher of Water! With a mighty relic from the stash of President Buisness, the mighty sword of "Kni-Fe de Booter!" I saved Gali from her boxed state. And there it is, Gali's pieces... As per Eurobricks tradition we must all stare at this photo of "New and Interesting Pieces." Please don't drool while admiring this. This is probably the craziest piece ever: Yeah, so anyway Gali's build starts of simple enough. This part should take Bionicle fans all of 5 seconds of intesne labor. You know, all of Gali was a simple build. I was hoping she could compare to the build of a modular building, but for some reason Lego expects us to have simple builds in 15 dollar sets (obvious sarcasm)... At least it didn't take me 4 hours like a modular does! I love that Lego has included gearboxes in Bionicle again, it is such a wonderful throwback to the classic 2001 sets. Here is Gali near completion, torso pieceless and headless... Her torso plate is a Hero Factory Breakout torso, so if anybody wants to remove her lovely printed chest piece to shove a small circle with an H into her heart... be my guest. And the moment we have all been wating for... Gali in the flesh! That mask really finishes it off, as soon as the mask is placed her character really comes out. She has a very sleek, feminine, war like appearance. As other reviewers have noted, Gali's fins can link so she can become a Bio-Mermaid and recreate scenes of Disney's hit classic "The Little Mermaid." Gali: "Up where they talk, up where they walk, up where they stay all day in the sun!!!" Gali's staff can become a battle axe, and as you may have noticed I put the fins on upside down... Oops. Kivoda is happy to have a fellow water tribe friend now... The Toa and Protector pairings look great together, very reminisent of the Toa and Turaga pairings in classic Bionicle. Of course with pieces from the Protector of water Gali can get some new equipment to battle for Okoto! Although not as complex as Bionicle G1's combiner models, this is a lot more visually pleasing than slapping Gali together with a green and white Toa to build a wide hipped three torso Kaita... Here is Gali with my entire 2015 Bionicle collection. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry. Gali stands out wonderfully, I like how her blue is contrasting with Tahu's red. So my thoughts on Gali are is that she is a wonderfull addition to the Bionicle range. The last time I bought a Gali set was back in 2001 itself, and I can see very plainly how Lego has improved on Bionicle in the past 14 years. Gali is a great figure, and stands out in a collection. She is a must have for anybody interseted in Bionicle 2015. What is that Kivoda? I have to return to reality now? Sigh... time to study those irregular verbs and subjunctive for that exam tomorrow. Hasta luego mis amigos!
  5. I came back from the Lego Inside Tour few days ago. One of my favourite items we got, beside the special set, was this exclusive Gali mask. It is made in limited quantity of 200. It was given to us by Bionicle designers. Although I'm not Bionicle fan, I love this mask!
  6. Hi Eurobricks! For your information : Feel free to share. Exo-6 BIONIFIGS Founder