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  1. Probably not, we usually have different promotions than the States
  2. Yeah, I hope more people will get a chance to add this mask to their collection. Maybe it will be re-released in one of the future sets. Lego did the same with Azog minifig from the Hobbit theme. Aanchir, I'm sure you'll enjoy the tour as much as I did, it really is a unique experience. Also, don't forget to buy the Architecture Billund Airport set at the Lego store at the airport. The guy who works in that store is the actual designer of the set, so you can get it signed. Even if he's not there, they always have few signed sets in the storage room.
  3. I came back from the Lego Inside Tour few days ago. One of my favourite items we got, beside the special set, was this exclusive Gali mask. It is made in limited quantity of 200. It was given to us by Bionicle designers. Although I'm not Bionicle fan, I love this mask!
  4. CroGo

    UCS Helicarrier

    It seems it's only for Europe at the moment. This is from Lego UK site: "Winter Soldier Minifigure (5002943) cannot be exchanged or substituted for any other item or cash value Winter Soldier Minifigure (5002943) not available for purchase. Winter Soldier Minifigure (5002943) available for VIP Members in North America at a later date."
  5. Available on US Amazon to pre-order:
  6. Will get this when it comes out, I like the Batzarro minifig. Here's the trailer for the ones who didn't see it yet:
  7. If this topic is not in the right section, can admin please remove it to the appropriate section. Is anyone from the forum going to one of the Lego Inside Tours next year? I was lucky enough to get the place on the first one, from May 5th to May 8th! Can't wait for it, this is going to be the longest 6 months wait in my life!
  8. CroGo

    [MOC] The Brickistan

    Great looking MOC, and very interesting subject. The only thing I would add are some walls between buildings. Those compounds are mostly completely closed, except for a gate where people and goods are going in and out.
  9. CroGo

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Argos in Slough has them as well
  10. CroGo

    Do you recognize them all?

    I got 7 out of 8
  11. CroGo

    [Review] Darth Revan polybag

    Thanks for the review, will definitely get one of these.
  12. CroGo

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Great, will check delivery tomorrow. If we get them, I may take home few 'samples' :-)
  13. CroGo

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Nothing yet. As soon as we get them in Lego shop where I work, will post it here.
  14. CroGo

    Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    Cool, just supported! Fingers crossed!