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  1. deakandris

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Oxygen tank, baseball hat and a mining pick. I bet this is just a custom minifig, not from any particular set.
  2. Combiner models need more love and the transparent blue elements from Kopaka and Gali plus Kopaka's ice sword elements cried out for an ice dragon rahi. I also experimented with the new gearbox and leftover parts and ended up with a golden ice scarab with nice gear-powered movement. What do you think? More photos here.
  3. deakandris

    Bionicle Toa Alternate Builds

    A less bulky version of Kopaka which resembles the original more and allows better movement of his legs and shoulders.
  4. deakandris

    Bionicle Toa Alternate Builds

    For those who are not fond of Gali's spaulders, here is a minor modification to make it more aquadynamic. Just attach them to the torso's ball joints. Good to hide the gap between the chest and the shoulders.